Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Everyday Life

I knew some time had gone by without me posting any new creations... could be that I haven't done much over the last few months. Guess I've been a little preoccupied with the whole moving thing.... so I thought, it's time to change that.

Here's a mini book, I guess you could call it that, that I created at the retreat, I should probably say that I finished at the retreat. I'd already started it, sort of, before the retreat. The album is canvas and part of a kit I bought, along with the class from Pamela's World of Scrap
I love her blog, love her work, just love everything about her. One of the things I got from her class was to use what you have. All of the canvas pages are glimmer misted and I mainly used items from my scrap stash as the masks. The style here is so "less is more", which we all can agree is not me. This helped me to step outside my comfort zone a bit, and I really liked that. The last few pages have been created but have no pictures as yet. My goal was to do the album about our everyday life right now in this year 2010... and we still have some days left of this year.. not to mention I still have some pictures unprinted... so I'll add pictures to those pages later.

We are getting a bit more settled into the house, it's starting to look and really feel like home. Sometimes I still wonder if it's all a dream. It still amazes me how it all came about. Now I'm wondering just where I'm going to put my Christmas Tree! No, it's not to early to be wondering about this.... something has to keep me awake at night!

Odd as it may seem, I'm in a bit of a quiet mood right now. Have been for a few days, ok many day... I think I know the reason... but knowing it and doing something about it are two very different things. I seem to have this uncanny knack for when I try to do something about whatever it might be, I put both feet in my mouth... sometimes even spare ones that might be in the room too, and then I just make the whole situation worse. Ahhhh, the problems of the world!

My Texas Ranger's play in 47 minutes! If they win today then they go to the World Series. Even if you are not a baseball fan... cheer for them... not only have they NEVER made it to the World Series, but they have never won a Division Series either, which they did last week! (Sorry Barb) Right now they are one win away from winning the Championship series! I'm just so excited!

Thanks for taking time out from your day to stop by! Be sure to give a WooHoo for the Ranger's!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

One Weekend-Two Shots #17

Hello Bloggers!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I know I did. I spent Saturday for the most part on the couch reading a book... I couldn't put it down! Then Sunday in my scraproom playing. It was just a great weekend!

While I've got lots to tell, I seem to have no energy at the moment... so I'm just going to post my weekend shots and come back later when I feel more talkative! I know, it's hard to believe I'm not always feeling the need to yack yack yack!

Look at all this color! Isn't it just glorious?

My little storage boxes I covered. I'm pretty proud of them!

Hope you are having a great Monday! Tonight my Rangers are taking on the yucky Yankee's in game three of the series! LET'S GO RANGERS!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Shots-Take 15 & 16

Hello Friends,

It's been a few days since I've been here... and I have to say I've missed it! I've missed scrapping and creating too! Ahhhh, but this weekend, this weekend I didn't pack, unpack, or paint one single thing!(Glimmer Misting doesn't count!) I did hang up a couple of pictures, but other than that.... nada!

Saturday I spent the biggest part of the day cleaning and straightening. We had our first dinner for friends here and while it took some preparing for it, it was really nice. It's not that the house was so messy, just house chores had been neglected for a couple of weeks it seems like, that included laundry. Going to the retreat last weekend took some time away from daily duties. First I had to get ready to go... oh the thought and energy that requires. Then I went!! Then, I had to rest from it! I got there Thursday afternoon, didn't go to bed until Fri., well Sat morning at about 1am. Then back up at 7:30 am on Sat., bed at 4am Sunday... not much sleep was had that is for sure! It seems as though this past week I did nothing...and that made for a nice change.

I have however taken my weekend shots. I believe I've failed to get weekend 14 up, but I can assure you... pictures have been taken!

Here is a picture from the retreat last weekend. Think this was actually taken Fri, but I am using it for my Sat one because I wanted this on here.
This baby is called the "Big Nasty"!

My Sunday shot is of a house that burnt down long ago I'm sure. I pass it on the way home when we are coming back from the Dallas, TX. area. I always wonder when I see houses like this one or ones falling down, what ever happened to the family that lived in this so many years ago. Have they all moved away? Was anyone injured? Did they farm so many years ago? Of course I never have any answers. Can you see the different colors of stones that are in the house?

This Sat pic... the first stage of the stuffing for the chicken... mushrooms and onions... oh it sure was good!

Today's picture... my new toy. Oh if Miss Firestone could see me now with a sewing machine!! I love it! It's so fun! This machine is perfect for scrapping and card making... and that's perfect for me! Cause sewing on clothes is so not my thing, will not happen!

That's about all for now. I've spent the bigger part of my day in "my" room.. trying to get over being depressed about the Rangers losing again...(shhh Barb!). I have played most of the day, packing up swap items and finishing some others. I'll get pics up of my canvas album that I made last weekend in the next few days. Things are almost back to normal here at the homestead.... why this coming week the curtains and wall decor for living room shall be arriving! Cool huh?

Ta-ta for now my friends!