Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello Lover

I was really on a roll there for a bit, getting several layouts completed.  I'm glad too, because it seems I've hit a bit of a brick wall lately.  Guess that isn't entirely true, I've been working on my December Daily, a couple other Christmas crafts, plus it is the holidays, so cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning. 

This layout was a fun one to do.  Photo compliments of Serene.  I really liked
the photo, so I decided to ignore the fact that I didn't have a stitch of makeup on, hey, if I went out in public like that then I might as well scrap the photo and post it on the blog. 

This was from our little trip to the LSS, and probably the only fun thing that came from the trip to the store.  I saw this guy there and just couldn't pass up the photo op.  The owner was watching, and not very pleased, but we are quick!

Didn't do any journaling, not sure I need to for this one.  Not really much to say.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dog Gone Wild!

More pics of Zoey and Matt playing after a dip in the pool  I'm not sure which is more entertaining, watching Zoe run from Matt, or Matt chase her... cause we all know there is no way he is going to catch that little speed demon!

A bit of a different layout for me.  I didn't use hardly any paper, just two sheets.  The rest is either washi tape strips or embellies.  That is all washi strips under the pictures.  That tells me if I actually do run out of paper, which is my greatest fear, (it used to be drowning) buuuut, if I do run out of paper, I can use washi tape in it's place!

And that's another page done for the our new home album!

It is almost December 1st, and I'm still not sure how that has happened.  I've bought a total of 3 gifts.  2 for David and 1 for Jessica.  I need to get busy!  It's hard to get into it though, cause we've got 70 and 80 degree temps!  On Nov 29th!!  I am still wearing flip flops!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scrappy Do!

One great thing about being in a house with 6 or more scrapbookers.... they've all got cameras, and you are able to get pictures of yourself, that without them would never be. 

I'm not sure who I need to thank for the pictures below.  We all shared our pics online once we returned home.  I'm wondering if perhaps it's not Suze I should thank, the pictures are less than flattering and that is so something she would do and then giggle about!

It is what it is though, and normally, after we go out for dinner on Thurs night, I never leave the house again and my hair stays up on top of my head from the moment I get up until I go to bed again.

Can I just say, I love love love my scrappy time with my scrappy peeps!

Lots of layers here.  Mr. Huey misting, lace doily, wood veneer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have yourself a wonderful day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Where'd November go??

SERIOUSLY???  Where did November go?  Actually, now that I think about it, where did October go?  I swear it was just the end of summer 2 days ago, and now we are what, 30 days from Christmas?  That's crazy!  I always heard as a youngster that time flies when you get older..... I thought all those people were nuts, come to find out, they might have known what they were talking about!

It's time to play catch up.  I've gotten numerous layouts completed over the last month, just been letting them stack up.  I need to get them posted so I can get them in albums.

The pictures in this layout are from when we first arrived at the airport in Vegas, ummmm, back in 2008!  I am making progress! ha

I tried a little something different with this layout.  I've been seeing lots of strips while surfing blogs, not sure anyone persons blog inspired this, but more like several.  Thought I'd give it a go, and think I might just like it enough to do it again.

The picture here is from our first meet up of the Memory Maker Forum peeps in Texas.  Of course we had to visit a LSS there, thank you Kathi!

Used a Studio Calico mask and Mr. Huey mist here.  Some wood veneers, washi tape and sequins. Lots of layers!

This is the cover of my December Daily 2012 Album.  Don't you just love that paper!
Having fun getting this ready.

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting in the holiday spirit! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scare Wha?

Aren't they just sooooo cute!!!   Three grown women go to a pumpkin patch in Texas, and this is what happens!  We had a fun time, got to eat some really good BBQ, and possibly cause a few people a little concern while we were playing in the corn maze.  I think one
man possibly thought we were on some kind of high... which we were.... it's called
imaginary friends come together high!

I have to admit, it was my first time at a pumpkin patch, and I can promise it will never be forgotten!

I just used bits and pieces laying around my table to make this layout.  It came together rather quickly, and I smiled the whole time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Attack of...

and just so you don't think I'm going through a period where I'm not liking anything I create right now, that's not true.  I've really made several layouts I like, some I like a lot.  I think it was in July, I got on a roll, and I know I completed over 20 layouts, which for me, in one month, that is pretty super amazing! 

 Some I liked, some I didn't, but my mission was to get them done.  Which is a good thing, because in August it started drying up to the point that I completed nothing from about the middle of August through all of Sept.  Matter of fact, we were so busy working on the 8th street house for my MIL that weeks went by and I didn't even touch a scrappy item.  Sad isn't it.  

  While my mojo was on over drive I was taking advantage of creating and spending less time posting. Plus, I was being super lazy taking pictures of the finished product.  With all that being said.... here is a layout that I do like.  I'd had it in my head for some time, on paper it's not quite how I envisioned it, I ended up going in a different direction, but I still like it.  I like the tone on tone, using the negative part from the cut (got my cricut machine out), little pops of color, I just like it.  It was really simple, and just flowed together so quickly, you gotta love that! Did some inking and some stamping, used some of my beloved wood veener embellies from Studio Calico. 

Plus, I'm pretty fond of my subject matter, even if he might possibly threaten me when he discovers these pictures.  That's the beauty of the kids being grown and gone, they can't say oh don't use that picture, don't put those in the album or post online... cause by the time they see it, it is done!

The blue sure does stand out doesn't it, and a year ago you wouldn't find in blue in my pages.  Isn't if funny how what we like or are drawn to changes.

Have a peaceful happy day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoey goes swimming

Happy Monday Everyone!  I'm not sure how Monday's seem to get back around so fast, but they do.  I do have to admit though that sometimes the weekends are so busy, I'm thankful for Monday to arrive! That was not the case this past weekend, I had a most wonderful and much needed restful weekend. 

Here is a layout that I made at the last retreat, it's another one that if I sat and looked at it for 2 minutes I could find many things about it that I do not like.  Please understand, I'm not putting that on here for anyone to think I'm looking for support or encouragement, only to say to myself that it's ok to not love every single layout, because I do come back and read through my old posts.  It's kind of like a diary, without being all personal, if that makes sense.  It's a way for me to look at the way I've grown as a scrapbooker, to see the things that I did or did not like, the trends at the time.  My point is, I hesitated even posting these layouts that I'm less than thrilled with, because I didn't want anyone to think I was hinting for approval.   I'm ok with not loving all of my layouts, as long as the memories get recorded and into an album, that's the most important thing.  Life is short sometimes, and I want to get as much of our life recorded as I can.  There will be a day that the kids and their kids are thankful I did.

OK, with that out of the way, here's what I'm not loving about this layout.  It's a little lackluster for me.  It doesn't have my usual "stuff" all about it.  I was trying for the less is more approach, to see what I thought, give it a try, KWIM.  Well, I can say I did it and that it's not my thing!

These are cute pictures of Zoey and the boys in the pool.  I did break out an unused stamp set that I need to use more, it's pretty awesome.  Used a couple of my newly acquired flair buttons.  Discovered that I like putting parts of the title on the pictures.

Wishing you all a nice calm week! :)  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

as is..

Here is another one of my layouts that I'm not loving, and while looking at it, I am thinking that there are certain parts of it I'd have done differently.  One such thing being the tags with sprinkles of confetti.  I'd punched all those, planned to put them in a vellum baggie and sew it on the layout.  It just didn't work, not sure if it didn't work for me or for the layout, but it didn't work!  Not wanting all that to go to waste, instead I glued the confetti dots to the tags, with my thinking being I didn't want to cover up all of the tag.  I wanted to be able to see that it was tags on there, I'm not sure why I wanted that, just remember wanting to know they were in fact tags.  Now looking at it, I wish I'd put more confetti dots on there. 

Throw on a bit of washi tape, some chipboard butterflies, and a mistable sun from Studio Calico, along with an old tag out of my stash, and  put it in the done pile.  Not sure if I really thought it was done, or I was just done with it for the time being.  There's no title and no journaling, and again I'm not sure if I'd planned on leaving all that off or not.  Because of where it will go in the album, it will be fine with no title and no journaling.  Perhaps that is what I feel is missing, maybe that would help.

Sometimes, on the projects that I seem to just "not know", it's better for me to walk away from it and then look at it later.  For now, this page is in the album as is, if it's still bothering me in a month or so, then I'll see about adding something to it.  Chances are, I'll leave it as is, because I only have another 42,683 pictures that need to make it on a layout.

Thanks for taking a little of your time to stop by and read my rambling.  I do appreciate your time.  :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to being right...

Think things are starting to calm down a little on the home front.  I sure hope so, because I've been totally zapped of all mojo!  Seriously, I've done nothing creative in about 6 weeks.  Good news is some ideas are starting to gather, and that makes me smile!  Thankfully, I've got several layouts that I've completed and not blogged, because for a few weeks there the mojo was flowing fast and furiously, and I wasn't about to stop it!  Something else I realized a couple of days ago, not only have I not done any playing with paper, but I've not touched my camera in at least that long too.  I'm ready for my world to get back to being right!

Here is a layout that somehow it didn't turn out on paper the way I had it pictured in my head.  I'm pretty sure that's because I got a little finger heavy with the mist!  I believe I'd like it better if there were less misting on the left side, but, I'm keeping it as it is.  Who knows, heavy misting might be all the rage in a year or two.
Besides, my main goal was to get this pictures of Jessica scrapped, and I did.  Honestly, when I look at this layout, I see her bright smiling face, and that's all that really matters.

The picture is dark, and I apologize for that, it was late when I took these.  The sun had already gone down, and I know better.  In the picture of the 4 of them standing, do you see how tiny she is compared to the other girls.  You'd think she was years younger, no, just months.  Matter of fact, she may not even be the youngest one there.

I've been wanting to get started on some of the kids pictures when they were babies/toddlers, and I finally took the plunge.  I may not be thrilled with the design of the layout, but I am thrilled to have these pictures down.  One down, forty-nine thousand to go! :)

Miss Zoey after she took a dip in the pool.  She is a one of a kind dog, there is no doubt about that!
Another layout for the house album.  These pictures were from the first day we got the keys to the house.  Yes, even Zoey came down to go swimming.   What can I say, our dogs don't really know they are dogs.  To this day, if Zoey is there, while she doesn't just jump in the pool if we are in it, she does come down the steps like a person, and waits at the edge of the water with this eagerness that is too funny.  I really think she wants to get in, but she wants us to chase her first, and then put her in.  She is a mess!


Friday, September 7, 2012

New Friends

I really had a lot of fun with this layout.  It did not go in the direction I had planned for it to, but that's ok, I'll save that idea for another day!  I've been wanting to create a layout using just some strips of paper and also a layout using the negative parts of a die cut.  Think I used chunks instead of strips, and the butterflies were punched, not a die cut, but I really like it.

Panic mode has set in.  I leave for KY and a U-haul in 19 days. I still have a house not ready to move in, a full household to pack up, and husband determined to drive 13 hours straight through.  Which traveling in a U-haul will probably make it at least a 15 hour drive.  But, I am not stressed!  Yeah, right!  It's all great, going to be one big adventure.  Why I've never driven this far by myself.  And truly I will be by myself in the car, even though I'll be following the U-haul, I'll be myself all alone in the car... and I can sing as loud and as long as I want!  Anyone have any song suggestions to keep me pumped up and energized... oh and calm for when I get lost.  Because I have no doubt, I will get lost, at least once!  And while I'm lost, I wanta be singing fun window rattling songs!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Splash

It was only fair that D took the first splash in the pool.  He is the one who wrote the big check, sure wanted him to feel as if he was getting his money worth! :) hahaha

Yes, I used pink on this layout!  Yes, it's about my husband! Nope, I don't see a thing wrong with it!  Honestly, it's just what I seemed to be feeling at the moment, what was working for me, and I didn't even give it a second thought. 

Lots and lots of things going on in the house.  Change can be a good thing, right? 
Ozzy doesn't think so.  We've had a guest dog for almost 2 weeks now.  Seems Miss Nikki has discovered that sleeping under the bed is the best.  Since that is Ozzy's spot, and he is a creature of habit, he's not thrilled with sharing his comfy place.  When Nikki goes down under, Ozzy starts pacing. He's on the bed, he's off the bed, then back on the bed, he sighs, rather loudly I might add, with his displeasure.  I'm sure next week I will find this funny, but for now I'm just sleep deprived!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome Home

  I got up a little early this morning, thanks to Sir Ozzy not being able to be still. I'm telling you, he is just like a 4 year old!  And huge, I really need to post some pictures of him.  Yorkies are supposed to be small, and he was supposed to be a tiny one like all of his brothers and sisters, tiny is not a word used to describe him.  It's not just that he is big, he is stout!  I mean thick kind of stout.  I swear him flopping on the bed when you are asleep is like someone walking in and throwing a tree trunk right smack in the middle of it! But, I love him so!!  Anyway, Oz and I got up a little earlier than normal, got some coffee while he went outside to wake the neighbors, then uploaded a new layout.

I really enjoyed creating this one.  It all just seemed to flow so easily.  Plus, and here is the best part, I was able to use items from a kit I've had for, oh, hmmmm, I don't know... couple of years maybe! Shameful I know!  What's shameful about it is that I didn't use more! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm late I'm late, for a very important date!

Ok, I'm really not late, just behind!  So very very behind.  I've got layouts created and ready to post, and pictures to share, but I've no time.  When I do have time I'm just to flippin tired lazy to even log in on the computer, plus it's baseball season still!!  And the pool has been so nice during another really hot summer.  And by golly I'm busy!  There be some needy people in my circle right now!
You should see my dining room table.  There is no eating going on there, instead the cricut has set up home there and being used almost nightly, cutting out 491 little pieces of animals for Jessica's classroom.  I've even had to change my mat and blade!  That baby is getting a workout!

I went to the Lakehouse for a long weekend a few weeks ago and created the layout below.  I had been wanting to start my album of the house.  I want to document when we first bought it, moved in, and some of the changes I we make in it.  I thought I better get started on it before David puts it up for sale!

My plan is to use crumb cake as my background page throughout the whole album.  I've never done that before, so it will be something new for me.  This is my cover page, no journaling.  I enlarged my picture to a 5X7,(something I need to do more often) and just had fun misting and layering.

now, if anyone wants to find me, I guess they can.... have my address and name out there in cyberland, along with a picture of my house! good thing I'm not being stalked!

Thanks for looking!  More pages to come.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Show Me....

  It really is going to snow in July... In the last 24 hours I've cheered for the NY Yankees and created two blog posts!  but... it was Jeter I was cheering for, and I like him, and he was playing in the All Star game... so that really doesn't count as cheering for a Yankee does it? 

Trying to get caught up here.  I've got a stack of layouts I need to get posted so I can get them in albums. 

Show me the food.... a fun layout about a buffet we had in Las Vegas.  The picture isn't much, but the memories are... and it's the only picture from there I have.  Casino's are funny about picture taking.  Almost had my camera taken from me while there. 

I love this layout.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it... and a few weeks ago you would have heard me saying that you'd never see me putting the strips of paper at the top like this.... but I like it.  Much more than I thought I would. It's just a simple clean layout... strips of paper and very few embellishments, but I like it.  It works here. You know I had to do some punching.

I am in love with this woodgrain paper.  Total love.  It's a good thing... I've got a couple more sheets of it I think.

This layout was also made using a Studio Calico kit.  April again, I do believe... City of Lights.  I'm determined to get this kit killed.  I'm also seriously rethinking how many add-ons I should purchase in a month... or rather shouldn't purchase.

Have lots and lots of scrapping planned for the weekend.  Wonder how many layouts I'll actually get done!  Thanks for stopping by!