Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunshine + Music = Fabulous!

Hello Bloggers!

Ahhhh, it's a beautiful day! The sunshine is streaming in my big window here at work... have some music playing that's making me dance in my chair... doesn't get much better than this!!

Ok, have a bit of a problem here... I'm doing it again... getting too many projects going! Still haven't finished my DD... of course I started on the NYC pics, but there's no timeline for those to be finished.. it's good cause there are only about 5000 pics or more waiting in line to have some attention paid to them! Anyway, I've now started a new project...without finishing the others... for shame! I don't think it will take that much time, and only be added to occasionally.. so maybe it wont be so bad.

Here are some sneak peeks at it. Can you guess what it is?

See my little flower I made? Just a little time...some ribbon and folding... a bit of glimmer mist...and look how perfect that jewel button works on it. I've had those how long now, not knowing what to do with them! I was so excited.. I was squealing and David was crying "my ears!"

I've got a couple of challenges I'm hoping to complete this weekend, plus a special project that must be started! Then I'm going to work on ... ummmm, perhaps Jessica's album. It'd be nice to get her High school Sr album finished BEFORE she graduates college! But then, if I finished it... hmmm... what would she have to hold over me saying "you never finished mine"!! I'd sure hate to take that away from her! It would be sad...

Have a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All I want

Is to be able to go from blog to blog right now and post for all the dadgum give-aways everyone has this week! I mean since I can't go to CHA it's only fair, right??? But noooooo, I have this thing called a job... (yes I know it's cause I need new scrappy supplies all the time)... and this month I'm actually having to earn my paycheck! Yes, I realize that not all weeks are like this one at work...but can't we please please please move it so that it does not coincide with the week everyone has giveaways!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSEE! AND YES, I do know that we don't always get what we want...but this is all I'm asking for!! today anyway!

I mean seriously, have you guys seen all that is being given away this week? It's scrappy goodness everywhere you look! All ya gotta do is post on the blog and SHAZAM! you are entered for their give-away! I am going to be up all night long tonight!

Choose Happiness!
Here is a page I created to hang on the wall in my scraproom. I originally was just going to use a picture of myself on it...but changed my mind at the last minute. The "L" was to be for 'Lisa'...but works just as great for 'love'. The lines are stitched, from my sewing machine. They aren't very straight...but I think it fits me well... I'm pretty lopsided most of the time! I've written the words Blessed, Thankful, and Grateful on there...because I am.

I just love looking up and seeing this on my wall. It's true ya know...happiness really is a choice. You can choose to be happy or not. No matter what you've got in life, a big house or not.. a nice car or not... your dream job or just a job... it's your choice to be happy .. or not. David has this saying when things happen that might be upsetting or aggravating... he says why be mad about it, it's not going to matter in 40 years. I just love that about him... and I love that he chooses to be happy! You know what else... Matt & Jess choose to be happy too, and that... ahhhh, that makes my heart sing!

Gotta bounce... I have blogs to hop.. and wouldn't ya know... Matt's got the laptop at school tonight... **sigh** ... I sure hope I win something! Ya know...if I could win enough supplies...hmmmm, stay with me here... then... I wouldn't have to buy them and that means I wouldn't have to work!! Hey, we may be on to something!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Then, 2-1/2 years later!

I went to New York City ...and took like 400 pictures... in June of 2008! I'm just now scrapping them! So I'm a little slow in some areas!

Then a couple of months ago I joined the Little Black Dress Kit Club. They have the most wonderful kits full of yummy vintage goodies!

Then, Melissa, who gets the kit also said... "Let's challenge each other to use our kits by the last day of the month!" It'll be really cool to see what we each create using the very same products.

That brings me to now... wanting to scrap my NYC pics, using the kit, and not waiting until the last minute like someone I know will! heehee!

So far I've managed to get 4 layouts out of this kit, and still have plenty of paper and embellies left for several more pages.

LUV this ribbon and must be finding me some of it!

A little stickles on my flowers just makes them come alive!

I love the layering, and am not sure why I've gotten away from it.

I wasn't sure about using the yellow, but it really makes the page pop!

I'm actually working on the next page, almost have it finished...and just super excited that I've started on them. Who knows, perhaps I'll have these pics all scrapped before my next trip to NYC!

Other news in the household.... I'm roasting my first chicken ever today! It's gonna be goooood! I'm also having another go at dressing, since the Christmas one was such a fiasco! This time, I've got the right cornbread!!

Off to see who is winning the football game. I hear Matt yelling, can't tell if it's a good yell or a bad one?? Oh oh oh... David and I were looking on the Texas Ranger site this morning...picking out what games we wanted to go to. I'm soooo looking forward to that! It's gonna be a good year folks!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Difference

2 days can make!! And I do mean H-U-G-E difference!! But, normal for Texoma!

Tuesday...we had sunny skies, temps in the upper 60's, and I jokingly told David.. "think it's time to open up the pool!" To which he said I don't think so... hey, I said jokingly. Today... TODAY.. there are icicles hanging off the diving board! Me thinks a fire would be a great idea for tonight!

It does need to warm up though...not only am I so very over the cold...but I need some pictures.. of the kids and all of us together, some recent, not having a bad hair year, with green grass and trees in the background pictures! I'm wanting to put them on the mantel and on my sofa table. They are both looking a little bare right now!

Here are my pics from my 1 weekend 2 shots that I'm doing. Yes, I am still doing it... no I've not posted my pics for a few weeks. I could go into major explaining..but it'd really just sound like a broken record... so lets just say I had to do some prioritizing... while I took my pics still, I just didn't post them. I could go back and pull them up and post them now...but I'm trying to be so about living in the moment!

bahahahahaha......Talk about B.S.! I really just don't want to mess with it! Besides, they will be in the book. Yes, the book! I'm pretty sure this is week #30. Has it really been that many already? WOW!

My most favorite coffee cup! I got this about... oh my, back when Jessica was in Jr. High. She's a Sr in college now! How crazy is that! I think that came from my last trip to New Orleans. I love visiting there and hope to go back someday.
Shhhhhhh, don't tell Matt it's sitting on the laptop.

Batch like #42 of the choc chip cookies that David & Matt would devour within a couple of hours. There was no having a couple the next day!

I do plan to make a book with my weekend shots in it. I really think that will tell so much about me for the last year. It's on my list to do.. after the DD is done...which is close people! Anyway, I got to thinking earlier that it just might be smart to go back and send the pics I have already to Walgreens. Trying to print a year at once will be crazy stupid! I'll spend days trying to make sure I've got them all.

I've still got Jessica's album to finish.... yes bug, I haven't forgotten! And my mothers. Ya know, all kidding aside...just thinking about the albums I want to do exhausts me! I'd best get busy! Why oh why can't I be one of those people that will only scrap a few pics from each event? Why must it be so many that I scrap? I'm talking hundreds. Like if we go on vacation or to the races, or even Christmas.. I'll take 100's & 100's of pics, and scrap at least 100 of them. Well, I'll want to scrap them...most of them are sitting waiting! There's no point in crying over it... that certainly will not help any at all. I'll get done what I get done I suppose... and I'm thinking this is my year! There will be much accomplished this year!! This is the year of Lisa Accomplishments!

Alrighty, I've rambled enough I do believe... there's work to be done!

Thanks for stopping by. Send some sunshine my way if you've got it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Boom Boom!

Boom Boom??? ha.. yeah, the title means nothing...except that ummm.. I couldn't think of a title and the Black-eyed Peas are on the radio! It was either Boom Boom, or... If ya want to get down! Yes, I know, no need for you to tell me, I admit it... I really need help!

Once again it's been a few weeks since my last post. I'm just not feeling very social I suppose. I really do not like the winter... I can not stress to you how much I hate the cold. It's not that I love it hot so much, matter of fact I can't take the heat like I once could...but the cold.... ugh! It's like it gets in my bones and just makes me miserable. AND, no comments about needing meat on my bones.. that is so not what it is. Anyway, the cold makes me cranky and tired. Very very cranky! Like I will say something mean to you on purpose if you even try and speak to me cranky. I do come by the mean-ness honestly..and if you knew my grandparents you'd think I was a saint! But anyway, I've been super busy at work... cranky from the freezing temps.. and just trying to get a routine going again after the holidays!

I have been busy creating though. Even if in spurts. I've been working on my December Daily album. Nope, I didn't get it finished before December.. or even in December! You do realize I'm the Queen of late, right? I've got half of it done... pages complete with photo's. I changed up the front cover... took out the tags I had there and made new ones...never liked the tags I had anyway, which is a good thing...cause I left them out and Ozzy found them. They are in pieces under the bed... along with I think some missing thickers and a sheet of Jolee's Christmas embellies. Man I love that dog!

I'm still not sure how I'm going to bind my DD. It's mighty thick already! I need like some 9" binder rings! I've posted a few shots below... little snippets of the DD until I get it all finished, then I think I'll do a slide show of it. Who knows, you may come back tomorrow and find 15 pages of it. It's a good thing there are no rules in posting projects on here...cause I'd be breaking them all!!

Here's one of the three new tags I made for the front. The snowflake embellies were from Sandi! Awesome right!

Some of the pages... do you see the burlap? I got that I think right before Christmas... it arrived in the mail and was a huge surprise from a wonderful friend! Who by the way I can't thank enough! This just goes to show it does pay to whine! heehee!

I'm really working on taking better shots with my camera. I know that it's not about the camera you have and that good shots can be taken with any kind of camera...but I'm trying to manipulate my camera more, instead of letting it be in charge. Which now that I think about it, it's really surprising as I've been told I have control issues! haha. Think next time I'll say that's not true... I always let my camera be the boss! I've got a class coming up the first of next month and I'm super excited! Hope it's not cold!

Alrighty... gotta bounce... auditors are calling!
Thanks for taking time to stop by.