Friday, September 20, 2013

say hello

say hello to....
a day filled with rain! a day with cooler temps! Friday! Date night! Texas Rangers in the win column!
ok, that last part is wishful/hopeful/positive thinking :)

today I was one of those people... who when I drive by their house I shake my head and think what are they thinking? I've had our sprinkler turned off all week, waiting for the rain. there would be a drop of rain here and there, but never anything more than a few drops. last night I turned the sprinkler on, so that it would come on at it's scheduled time this morning, and when I get up, the sprinklers are going and it is pouring down rain! in my defense, my sprinklers come on at 5am, who knew it would be raining then, and seriously, I am asleep! at any rate, I just shook my head and thought, what are you thinking!

I've not had our cupcake much this week. I go pick her up, then someone is there to get her within an hour. we do not get to spend much time together that way. she misses me too! I'll ask her, do you miss me and she just grins so big her body wiggles... that means yes in babyland. tomorrow though, we are all going to our hometown in Texas, watching the big float parade. horses and firetrucks and school marching bands. craft show on the courthouse lawn. we'll meet Jess and Josh there, along with my parents and my brother, and spend most of the day in town just hanging around. I'm thinking I better charge my camera battery tonight. can't wait to see the look on little missy's face as everything goes by.

here is a say hello layout. lots of layers, misting, washi tape, even some sewing. I do think now that it would look a bit better with a second color misted as well, but it works fine like this. I sill like it, and the picture makes me smile. isn't that what it's all about!

thanks for stopping by! have yourself a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can I get a WooHoo!!

really! seriously!! I wanna woohoo! while it is a Monday, it's also the first day of the photography workshop with Karen! woohoo! (ok, so now it is officially the second day because I didn't get this post finished yesterday!)

here's a little picture I took of just a smidgen of the flower beauty in my backyard. I seemed to play with my camera quite a bit over the weekend, and it felt good! I have no idea if the picture is correct, but I like it!

and now for a couple of layouts that I've finished. slowly I am getting back into scrapping. the desire is there, just seems to be so many other things needing my attention. anyone else feel that way?

and.... how could I not include a picture of cupcake! her momma is a big time couponer, and Sunday spread out over the living room floor cutting her coupons. miss cupcake thought her momma needed help! does she not have a look on her face that says, "do you mind??? I'm trying to read the paper". she is a hoot! and such a happy happy baby, except when she is fighting her sleep, like last night. even then she makes me laugh!

I have a feeling Karen's workshop is going to keep me pretty busy over the next 9 weeks... but I'm pumped! I'm ready! I'm excited and ready to get snapping! Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

He & She

we've made it to Friday again. ya know, I used to get really excited when Friday arrived, because the week seemed so long and it meant two days of not going to work, but now, I think, what??? Friday again?? where did the week go? now instead of it being woohoo the weekend, it's we are one week closer to another new year! it really is true, once you reach a certain age, the years seem so just fly by, and that is just one more reason to live while you can! enjoy while you are able, because the years, they be flying by in a hurry!

it's 4 days after labor day, and I'm wearing white jeans! ha, take that fashion police. I know that no white after labor day isn't so much a rule anymore, but growing up with a mother who was up on all the fashion and fashion rules, and did not wear white after labor day, it's hard to do. but, I did it today, and I'm am looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to point and gasp! "she has on white!!!" I have issues!

I love this layout below. it is a lift, and I've spent the last couple of hours trying to find where I lifted it from. not sure if it's right to post on your blog when you can't remember where you lifted it from, so forgive me if it's wrong. I'm almost positive that it was Jen Jockisch, but it might have been Jenni Hufford, except I can't find it anywhere. I'm still looking for it, because now it's driving me nuts, and hoping to find it so I can come back and include the link to it. I really did want to share it though, and hope no one is offended, because that is not my intentions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Look!

Hey y'all!
I've got a new look! and I like it! I soooo needed it! Kristine Davidson made it all pretty for me, and she was so great. I can't say enough good things about her! She answered all of my questions, and that is saying a lot! Really, if you are wanting a blog update and need someone to do it for you, she is your woman!

it's still hot here, temps in upper 90's and low 100's, which is great pool/tan weather. had a little get together on Sunday for Kristin's birthday. everyone played in the pool a little, will share pics soon. played some games, ate some dinner, and then it was cake an ice cream!

Matt and Kristin are back in school, and I see Miss Evelyn daily. Pretty rough stuff being a grandma.

Jessica has started her second week with her new students, and she is just as excited this year as she was last year.

the dealership that David had worked at, that sold in December and then told him see ya, yeah, that guy, he seemed to be using company money to buy a house and new furniture and paying for family vacations for 6 to Disney Land. the investors didn't seem to like it much, a judge was brought in to sort things out, and the judge says you either sell it or I'll put it on the auction block. this was last week, bids are due by tomorrow, if needed will hit the auction block next Monday I think, he's not wasting any time. who knows what will happen, David could be back in town soon, time will tell.

and me, work is busy, drilling new wells. home is busy, have the baby lots of evenings, and can't seem to step away from candy crush. I seriously need me some rehab! CCA Candy Crush Anonymous!

and a little layout from our corn maze trip! I'm still surprised no one called the cops on us! sorry for the light glare on the picture, this is what happens when I wait til midnight to take the photos of my layouts.