Monday, December 27, 2010

Leftovers & Letters From Santa

What do you do with your leftovers? Wrapping paper leftovers that is. I don't normally save mine...well sometimes I might save some of the wrapping paper if I just really love it. Always before I'd throw most of what was left, if not all of it away, telling myself it was a space issue. Now, I've got the space, just not sure I want to take it up with leftover wrapping paper and bows. I know it's a waste, and that stuff is soooo expensive! For some reason I save and reuse the bags...but not the paper or bows. Just wondering what you guys do with yours.

Santa came.... and must have had a little extra time this year. He played a little trick on the kids. Instead of leaving their gifts under the tree as he always has in years past... this year he left each one of them a letter in their stocking with clues as to where to find their present in the house.. well, except for Josh. Josh had to go find his in the garage. The kids didn't know this was happening, although they did corner me asking as to why Santa didn't leave their gift!
Below are the pictures of them as they are each reading their letters.

It was too much fun, and the kids really enjoyed it.... although there seemed to be moments of frustration from not being able to find what was literally right in front of them at times!

It's been a busy month. We had a wonderful Christmas, all of our families together. This was the first year that both mine and David's family celebrated together and it was really nice, even if David and I were sick.

I've had this nasty mess of coughing, sneezing, fever, sore throat for over a week. It's better now, but there were some nights with very little sleep this last week due to constant coughing. I only worked one day last week due to being sick and then off for holidays, at least I know I'll have plenty to do in the office for the next few days!

I must run... want to do a quick post... it's been weeks since my last I know, and I've truly missed it! It's time for David and I to watch one of our favorite shows.. "The Closer". We luv it! Maybe now that I've stolen Matt's laptop I'll post more. It's pretty cool sitting in the living room with David and being online.... hmmmm, I think I see a laptop in my future! Is it to early to start asking Santa for next years present?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season

To be merry and bright and fun and loving and .... send me presents!! HA!

Tis also the season for all the blogs to be doing giveaways! How exciting! If you can keep up that is! I can't! I'll admit it! With trying to work and play and cook and take care of the puppy and answer the phone... oh and shop... I'm starting to feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions... so... the cooking must go!

I've gotten some more pages done for my December Daily... and hey, today is Dec 1st! Woohoo! Be sure you check back soon for the first page to have the picture attached!

But first, a pic of Josh, Jess, and Zoey...taken at mom's this past weekend. I purposely did not blur the background, wanting to capture the lights and Santa's.. but now wondering what it would have looked like if I'd played with the aperture. Should have done both! Either way, the picture turned out really good...could be because of the subject matter!

Pages 4, 5, 6, & 7! Pg 7 seems to be missing it's number at the moment.

Here is a canvas wall hanging that I've made. It's hanging on my scraproom wall. Slowly but surely I'm starting to get some things made for that room... I do mean slowly! I've had this for over a year and glad I saved it. I love it...and love seeing it on my wall!

Alrighty.... gotta bounce peeps! Lots to do!
Have a blessed evening!