Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next in line for the CJ's ~ Ms. Elaine's

~ 4 things on your door welcome sign . That's the subject for Elaine's CJ.
Elaine's instructions

It's due next Monday, March 1st. Here are Elaine's pages.

Have fun with it... and remember... the messier you get the more Elaine will love it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday Tag Challenge #39 Cutsie

Can you guys tell I had a productive scrap weekend? Let me tell you, my mood is much much improved for a Monday because of it! Plus, I'm all caught up... wait, are we ever really caught up on scrapping?

Here's my tag entry for Tuesday Tag Challenge over at Kard Krazy . The theme this week was cutsie and I've been dying to use this little cutsie stamp. Perfect combo if ya ask me. I'm just excited to have it done in time instead of sitting and thinking... hmmm I really want to do that!

Doesn't it just put a smile on your face!

As always, thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paula's CJ Pages

Here are my pages for Paula's CJ. P, I hope you like them. I did something new with your pages... and prayed it turned it out ok. It's different and I like it. I'm not sure how well it shows up in the pictures.... but.... this is what I did...

I took white card stock.... covered it with mix-matched letters. Different sizes/shapes/colors, then painted it. I tried to cover as little of it as I could with pics and pp so that the letters would show through. I thought this was perfect, you know... books, reading, letters.

My sign in item. I know you asked for books, but again I felt the need to be different. Ok, not really, I just like this idea and thought you'd be ok with it.
But instead of a book, it's the little pocket that library's put inside the books.
Cool huh!?!

I really enjoyed this subject a lot more than I expected to. I'm also enjoying seeing who everyone is picking. And while I know others have picked some of the same characters, we love who we love, eh?

As always, thanks for looking!

Slide show

Here's the slide show for Kathi's CJ. What great looking pages! Bet she can't wait to get them. You can find Kathi's blog here .

Due tomorrow are the pages for Paula's CJ.
Her blog here .

Her Instruction page for you to read.

Can't wait to see what you all create!

How exciting it is when we see it starting to come together.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scrapping The Music I Could Not Ask For More

Here's my newest layout for challenge #122 over at Scrapping The Music. This weeks song is "I Could Not Ask For More" by Sara Evans.

It wasn't hard at all for me to pick out which lines to use or which picture.
This is David and I in the limo riding back in the limo right after we got married.
I'm not real sure what it is that I am telling him here, but I'm just sure it is something sweet!

Here's a close up on of the flowers. I word stamped a couple of them. All the others I Glimmer Misted.

Also if you'll notice small bursts of color on the background piece. That was done using the Color Spritzer Tool from Stampin Up and a Stampin Up marker. I also spritzed the word stamped flowers.

I really had a lot of fun with this layout. Thanks for looking and if you haven't taken a peek over at Scrapping The Music, then I encourage you to do so. It's a fun blog.

Kathi's CJ Pages

Here is my 2 page layout for Kathi's cj. 4 Items I take with me when traveling.
It was hard to pick which 4 to include. I wanted something other than the normal makeup and pj's. I enjoyed your theme Kathi, it was fun. I went outside my comfort zone and worked with blue. I must admit that I almost gave up on it a couple of times, but I stayed with it and am pleased with the finished product and hope Kathi will be as well.

Here is my suitcase tag... thank you Ms. Cricut. You can't tell from the scan but the bling around the edges is pink and not clear as it appears in this picture.

Thanks for looking and I should have the slide show up later this evening with all of the pages complete for Kathi's cj. I'm so glad we are doing this and want to thank you all for playing along!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Missed Sketch

Back before the Oklahoma Ice Storm of 2010, but after the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009
I was scrapping along ever so happily. Working on entering challenges and excited about it! Somewhere in there I just lost my mojo.

Melissa, who's blog you can find here put up a sketch challenge over at the MM forum. I did the layout for it and really loved it, but then poof went the power, down goes the internet for days and days and more days, and I never got to post it. So now, 3 weeks later, I am posting it here.... but who cares right!

It's another layout for Jessica's Sr Album. One day I shall have it finished... hahahaha. I think it turned out really cute.

I used my new cricut cartridge Songbird to cut the turquoise cardstock shape. I love that cartridge! My Big Shot was used to make the flowers. Stampin Up butterfly punch and stamps. DCWV and Bazzill paper.

I left the journal spot blank, thinking that Jess will write what she remembers about the night.

Thanks for looking!

Your thoughts?

When someone comes to your blog, yet doesn't leave any love (ie: comments)...
does that mean they don't like what you've created or said?
they couldn't think of anything nice to say?
they have no time?
they are wondering how in the heck they got here and how do they get out?

hmmmmm... I must go ponder on this!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Things I Miss While I Am Out Of Town

My CJ pages. The sign in and my 2 pages.

I have plans after I've gotten everyone's sign in tags to decorate my pages more with various road sign.

My 4 things I miss... Our Kiara puppy... my facebook games... hey no judging here!
My Sweet Tea!! and my coffee mate.

I should could would write more but we've been watching the Olympic's and it's late. And I really wanted to get these posted before I went to bed. So here they are!
As always, thanks for stopping by.

And at lunch today....

I made a couple of cards. But only took pics of this one. I had the other all packaged up and in the box before I realized I hadn't taken a pic. Maybe once it arrives the receipent will take a pic for me.

This card is for a special someone and I can't wait for her to get it! I think it turned out rather well for a 20 minute card. I've been taking a few lessons from a very talented card maker and want to be just like her! I'm thinking as soon as I get a few more punchie tools I'll be good to go!

I've been meaning to get these made and out and just didn't get to it. I still haven't managed to figure out how to add more time for the fun things in life.

Think I've finally got my mojo back and my scrappy world all back in alignment. This cold weather has just had me in a mood and it's not been pretty. Plus my friends are all showing me the love again and that just gives me warm fuzzie wuzzies! So keep an eye out...I've got lots to get posted!

OH... and the most fantabulous thing about today! I found my camera manuel. I know I know, I said I don't like manuels...well sometimes you just have to have them. So now, I can complete my camera class that I signed up for. I was so excited... I was do my little happy dance... waving my arms in the air, wiggling my buttocks, bopping my head, as I'm raising up on my toes... Jessica knows what I'm talking about! Many times she has run in embarresment while I'm in the middle of some store doing my happy dance! I've been hunting for this puppy for 3 weeks! And today, there it was... poof... right next to my Big Shot. Not sure who put it there but I've got it now!

Hope everyone is having a day full of sunshine!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

A few weeks back my friend Melissa bestowed upon me an Honest Scrap Award. The person that this award is given to is to tell 10 honest things about themselves. As you can see, I'm a little late getting it posted. I've thought about it every single day, and kept planning to get it done.... but as you can see I'm a little late. Imagine that!
So, here goes!

1. While I may have the best of intentions I am often late... haha... deadlines are not my friend!

2. I am not a big fan of the words sugar/honey/sweetie. Unless we are related by blood or maybe even marriage or you are a dear good friend of mine... DO NOT call me sugar/honey/sweetie/precious... I hate that and will seriously cringe. No, it's not a southern thing. I am from the south and I don't do it!

3. I don't like manuals. I like getting new gadgets and toys but please please please don't make me read how to work them. Just show me or tell me, please I beg you! I will whine all day long if I have to figure it out!

4. I stomp my foot when I'm frustrated or trying to get attention! If I'm trying to get attention I will chant "ME ME ME" while stomping my foot!

5. I bore easily! Very easily. That's why I love scrapping... there is always something new to learn or play with.

6. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors bug the heck out of me. I also worry that I've made one or a dozen. Yes I worry with every single post/email/letter. That's why I do this ...... cause I'm thinking hmmmm should a period go there or a comma or a, oh heck I'll just do this ....... Wow, can't believe I just admitted that! When I catch David reading my blog I never ask what'd you think, instead the words coming from me are "how many errors did I have"!

7. It is impossible for me to say the word wash without an 'r' in it unless I concentrate! I really feel like I'm way back in time wearing petticoats when I pronounce it correctly.

8. I really really miss having friends near by. At times it feels like I am the only person in this town and not only does it make me really sad at times, but I do not like it!

9. When I say Bless Your Heart, I'm really not blessing your heart. It actually has a whole different meaning!

10. I say what's on my mind. You very seldom have to wonder what I'm thinking or feeling. (unless you are David) I don't pretend, and don't believe in it. I don't think I could ever be called a fake friend. I'm not the person that is going to tell you oh those shoes are great while thinking to myself or worse telling someone else oh my gosh how ugly! With that being said... if I tell you that your shoes are too cute, you know I mean it! I really and truly struggle with this, more than anyone would know. But, I am who I am.

You know, I really thought this was going to be hard. I could actually list about 5 more things. I'm sure more than that, but at least 5 that are so me! I'm supposed to pass this on to 3 people... so I need to go take a peek at who I want to pass it on to. I'll be back to add that in a minute.

Monday, February 8, 2010

CJ Instruction Page

Oh my goodness I am feeling so rushed these days. I've got too much to do for some reason.

I've got just enough time to say here's my instruction page. I'll get the rest uploaded tonight I hope. I normally take my pictures around 1ish... the lighting is great back in my little room at that time of day.

Today though I didn't have time to get them all taken. I was having camera issues... operator not equipment... plus I have Zoey right now and I didn't want to put her up this morning... it made me sad so I left her out.... for some reason she has now taken to tearing things up. She didn't the first year of her life, but now, she is acting out I guess. Anyway, I didn't put her up... I had a little mess to clean at lunch.

And now, I must work so that I can fund my habit.

So, here's my instruction page... more to come later tonight.

Thanks Melissa for my Sweet Pea items. They are awesome! Felt flowers and leaves from Stampin Up.

Friday, February 5, 2010

CJ Order & particulars

Here's the order the cj's will be in. Remember our plan is to complete one a week.
They will be due each Monday. After you have completed the weeks layout post it on your blog.

I'm not sure what I am going to do yet, but thinking that I will do a weekly slide show of the layouts along with a reminder of which one is due next. Yes Elaine, I will post a link as well.... have the phone near you!
Remember, all welcome pages, sign in sheets, and your layout for your own cj is due by Monday Feb. 8th. After all of these are completed I will put up a slide show..... (I hope)! This will be my first go at getting all fancy schmancy with slide shows and such so have a little patience.

Kathi's - 4 things I must take when traveling
Paula's - 3 favorite book characters
Elaine's- 4 things on your door welcome sign
Melissa's - 5 things I can not live without
Serene's - 4 unusual things you've done
Emma's- 3 favorite actors or actresses
Courtney's - 4 things I've repurposed for scrapbooking
Jessica's- 3 reasons why I love summer
Jenn's - 5 reasons I love being a woman
Lisa's - 4 things I miss while I am out of town
Jean's - 4 Verses that have spoken to you

Kathi you get a free week right off!

Can't wait to see what you all create!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Anyone?

I'm not sure we are thawing out yet, but we are getting connected with the world again. As you can see our internet is back up. Can I get a WOOHOO! It has been a long 4 days. Everything is working in our house and at work for David and I both. Think it all just got up and running this afternoon late. However, LouAnn's is still not working and I'm sure she is ready to get back home to her own bed.

Here's a look at a little of the damage. The first 3 pictures were taken Fri morning about 11am. The last 2 pictures were taken on Sat morning after it snowed
some on Fri night. I must say after the snow it all was so pretty, but not much fun!

This first picture is along the Country Club. These were all Bradford Pear Trees and really pretty during the spring and summer. As you can see many of them are nothing but just a few twigs left. David kept saying it looked like an ice tornado went through.

This is all that is left of one tree along that line.

This tree was huge, just huge. Not only did it just snap the poor thing, but the weight of the ice also pulled up the roots.

Now isn't this pretty? It would have been anyway if it weren't for all the damage that was left behind.

Just another shot out over the golf course. Poor David may not get to golf for days and days now!

That's it for now. Wish I could say that these past few days off seemed like having a mini vacation, but no. Or that I'd gotten a lot of scrapping done, but no. There's always tomorrow!

Wishing you all a very warm night.