Friday, March 15, 2013

Approach with Caution!

I really needed to be wearing a sign with that warning on it around my neck yesterday!  I truly felt for everyone that had to cross my path.  I am blaming it on the time change! I want to start a petition to do away with time change!  Who is with me??  I've been tired all week long, and not just oh it's been a busy day tired, but tired as in I need sleep!  I'm going to be early enough, maybe, it's the time change, I'm telling you!  When I'm tired like that, I don't even want to talk, I know, those of you that know me are shocked right now.  Me, not want to talk, sure you are thinking.  It's true though, and if you say something to me that is going to require and answer from me, well, you should duck!  Plus, I think part of it might be a little stress related, but I'm ignoring that part! Cause good things are a'coming! In 3 weeks, give or take a few days, we'll all be loving on a baby. Spring is on it's way with warmer temps, how can I not be happy for that. 
AND,  it's 8 weeks until I'll be at the Lakehouse for 5 days!  5 wonderful, responsibility free, no worries cause it's all good, hanging with my gals, doing what I want DAYS!
Over the last few weeks as D and I've talked about where we might end up living and all the uncertainty of what is going on, I just keep saying, "as long as you know, I'm not giving up my twice a year lakehouse retreats!"  We may not have money for food, and I might have to walk, but I'm a going to the lakehouse!!  I mean, I'm pretty sure that we signed something in blood, and it's a commitment for life, that it's just not an option to not go.  Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Here are a couple more layouts I finished up last week. They are both from my Gossamer Blue kit, that was so full of love and Valentines.  I really did struggle with them, but, they are done and I'm happy with that.  I've not been as productive this week, but I feel my mojo returning.  It's just the dogs and I tonight, who knows what might happen!

Have yourself a delightful weekend!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

neurotic love & facebook friends

neurotic love and facebook friends, typing those together just seriously made me giggle.  my ramblings today were going to be about facebook friends, and my layout below is about my neurotic dog and how I love him, but after typing my post title, I though wow, neurotic love and facebook friends could certainly be one and the same.

first things first, facebook.  for me facebook is mainly about playing a few games when I'm bored or lazy, or to try and win free scrappy happy things.  I don't post my life business on there.  you'll never know when I am mad at David by reading my wall.  I've been known to use facebook to track what's going on with my kids, but honestly, it just usually ends up putting me in a foul mood when I see something I don't like, and that's been happening a little too often lately I might say. I will sometimes post pics of dogs to share with Jessica and her friend. I truly get tickled every time I use the words, "well, facebook says".  my point is, facebook, for me, does not define nor represent my life, but for some it does, and while I know that, I don't necessarily understand it.  so, when I see that I've been deleted from someones friend list, should I be crushed?  is it wrong for me to find this funny, that a grown adult has taken time from their day to delete me??  and let me tell you, it's not because I'm posting political ramblings or pictures of abused animals, or anything at all.  it would seem that in the last 3 months I've been deleted from 2 facebooks, and I guess I'm just a little shocked at how immature some can be, and maybe confused because I don't know what this is supposed to mean! I do say that with laughter, so please do not think I'm distraught!  these people who have deleted me, they are not just random people, our lives have been entwined, for petes sake, they have places in my scrapbooks!  I'm sure it is supposed to mean something, there is some message they are sending me, like perhaps I don't like you!!! but seriously, why not just come say hey, I don't like you, or I have a problem with this.  because you're deleting me from facebook gives me the giggles!  I'm just saying.  Oh, I should probably say it also lets me know just exactly what type of person they are, and that is much more important than being friends on facebook! :)  and if you are wondering if this is perhaps a message to them, neither read my blog, they are too busy deleting people off facebook! haha

now, on to more fun things, neurotic love!!  my ozzy, he is so neurotic, but I love him so!  neurotic or not, he's mine and I wouldn't change one thing about him!  In this picture, he was not even a year old, and you can see how big he was already.  I'm telling you, he is the biggest yorkie in the history of the world.  The boy is weighing in at 29 pounds and he should be about 7 pounds.  David says he is a giant among his kind, and he is!

This layout is one of the four I need to do with my Gossamer Blue Kit, to get my free album.  I struggled with last months kit, because it was lots of hearts and love and Valentine, which I don't use much of.  I'm not a big Valentine fan, and it's not because my heart was broken on Valentine's day, but more that I see it as a day that merchants want me to spend money to tell some I love them... and please, that's not how I roll. which I think David is secretly happy about because it takes the pressure off.  so, here I have this kit that I'm struggling, thinking I'll do my 4 layouts, but, they will not be ones I just love, and then this!  I came across this picture of ozzy, and he is so stinking adorable.  it's just perfect, and surprise surprise, I love it!  I have to add, this picture of him was before he became neurotic about the camera, now, I have to sneak in and usually I get one shot with the camera.  once he hears the little click, he's gone.

and that is my story of neurotic love and facebook friends.  just remember, if you ever think about deleting me from facebook, it's probably not going to produce the results you wanted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

looking for xanax!

I know, strange title... but at 1am I was trying to think of anyone in driving distance that might have some xanax!  Then I remembered, last summer I had a house guest for a few days, someone I hadn't seen in 20 years, she had some, and even offered to leave me some.  I'm not real sure why she offered, I wasn't that stressed out!  This morning at 1am, I was kicking myself for disposing of what she felt the need to leave behind!  Not that any of that matters right now, my brain is just sleep deprived and that's how my brain works, or doesn't when it needs sleep.

Guess I should explain the need for xanax, it wasn't for me, although now that I think about it, I could have gone to the ER and faked a panic attack??? It was for Zoey, yes, sweet calm Zoey, who the vet put on xanax several months ago.  She seems to have panic attacks when a storm is approaching, or here, or just when the wind is blowing so hard that one would expect a storm to develop!  Yes, there was sarcasm there. I even remember thinking when Jess was telling me about the vet giving Zoey xanax, how silly is that!  The dog gets a little nervous when it storms, lots of dogs do, people too, but they aren't on xanax. 

 Oh my goodness, there is no way to describe the terror poor Zoey must have been feeling.  You know the chairs they have in nail salons, the ones you sit in when you get a pedicure.  The ones that massage you and vibrate, you know what I'm talking about, that is what my bed felt like last night from Zoey shaking!  I kid you not!  At first I didn't know what was going on, I was almost asleep, then when she climbed up my side, it started to make sense.  It was awful, all I could do was sit and hold her, for almost 3 hours!  We never had a thunderstorm, it was just crazy howling wind, and I think there was thunder off in the distance.  Honestly, by that time of morning, who knows what we were hearing.

It was well after 2am before I got to sleep.  I'm still not sure if it was because Zoey stopped shaking, or that I just passed out.  The alarm was buzzing bright and early, and on my way to the kitchen for coffee, I wondered what my boss would think if I called him and said my grandpuppy had me up half the night with a panic attack and I needed to sleep a few more hours.  Thunderstorm season is approaching, I think I need to keep some of Zoey's xanax in the house!

Here's a layout from when we all got together in KENTUCKY (for you Court) last year.  The great thing about us girls getting together, you get pictures of yourself that you normally wouldn't get.  I mean, when you are in a group of women, and they all have a camera, there are going to be some great shots.  Not just the standard pictures, but some that actually show of your personality, which I'll be glad to have one day!

This was outside of this really awesome restaurant, I can't remember the name so could some one help me out here?  We took so many pictures there!  It was great! This is me, loving on the Elvis bear!  I'm really looking forward to returning in October, well not the restaurant, it's no longer there. :(

Have yourself a great afternoon!  I'm going to see about getting some caffeine!