Friday, April 25, 2014

find myself

in a bit of a quandary, and I don't like it.  I'm a talker.  as if some of you didn't know that.  I can talk all day long, if I'm in the mood.  talking is good for the soul, the brain, and the heart.  oh and your nerves too!  there is a person, that while I don't see them often, our lives are connected. this person does not like me. period! I'm not sure why, I think I know why, but most likely they would tell me I've got it wrong, if they would talk to me! I've tried. I've reached out. I've made gestures. nothing, I get nothing back, except ignored. ok fine, you don't like me, that is ok, but could we at least try and be civil to each other!!! I think if we could just communicate a little, get things out in the open, we might find it was just a huge misunderstanding. she still doesn't have to like me, but she could sure be a grownup about it!  I know I just need to pray about it, and let go of it!
A bit of good news!!  Everyone remember Jan 2013, when David was suddenly let go from his job, after the dealerships were bought out and the new owner was cleaning house??  David was let go, because they didn't like him! (what is with people not liking us??)  anyway, that guy who bought the dealership, well he was using company/investor money, to buy and furnish his home. take his large family to Disney World. he and his wife took a few vacations.  in 8 months he about had them all bankrupt. it was a mess!  the dealership sold again, a few months ago. the new owners called David. he starts back next week.  do you all know what that means???? it means he will be home before 7pm at night, way before, AND, he will be cooking dinner again, not me!  can I get a woohoo!!  it's really great news for us. there are plans for him to step into an upper management role, and I can't even begin to tell you how much he is looking forward to it.  
and now, a few pictures from a couple weekends ago.  went out with Matt, Kristin, and the cupcake.
the pictures I really really wanted, it just didn't work, the cupcake needed a nap and was cranky! when she gets her stubborn on, it's just not going to happen.  always another day, and my camera isn't going anywhere!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

do you....

snapchat?  cause if you don't, you should!  it is like one of the greatest things out there today!  my kids will send me a picture on snapchat, and you have to look quick, because it's gone, forever, in 10 seconds or less! they will make silly, crazy faces.  or sing to me.  or write me sill notes. and I do it back, and I love it! 
there is dance dance Monday! I have a friend (I know, shocking) that on Monday's will video herself dancing and send it to me through snapchat! I've even done it back a time or two.
snapchat is all about letting your silly side come out, and sharing it with someone, who will never be able to use it against you cause it's gone in 10 seconds. so you can bump and grind to Pour Some Sugar on Me, send it out to 12 of your closest friends, and go to sleep that night knowing it will not be up on youtube tomorrow!
only problem, when your friend ties a plastic bag on their head and dances with a broom, you can't use it against them either. or when your son sends a darling picture of your cupcake, it's gone in ten seconds.
we just got with the smart phone world about 7 weeks ago, so it's been a little slow going for us.  but now, I snapchat!  my husband loves getting snapchats of me singing!!!!  I instagram! I don't twitter yet, but there is always tomorrow! need to make changes to your fantasy baseball team and forgot, no problem... use the smart phone!
so how about you? do you snapchat??
I am loving circles on my layouts right now.  we might be seeing a lot of them over then next month or so.  good thing I bounce around from album to album, so when I get into one of these phases all the pages don't look alike in one album.

I really like the layering here.  not sure you can tell, but I did some stitching too.  it was in the middle of the afternoon, harsh lighting, when I took these photos, so some of the detail was lost.

this layout holds a special place in my heart, and my scraproom!

it's back to work now.  wishing you a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

always be my mother

texting conversation with Matthew yesterday... 4/7/14

Matt: we are heading to the city soon as K is off to shop.

Me:  OHMYGOSH, your baby is about to be one!!!

Matt: Yes she is, crazy how 1 year has went by in a snap.

Me:  Crazy how almost 27 and 25 years have gone by.  (that's how old he and Jessica are going to be)

Me:  Did you ever think you could love someone as much as you love that little girl?

Matt: Nope! Thought my mother would always be it.

Yep! right there, I got tears in my eyes! Love that boy!!  and yes, even if he is almost 27 and has a child of his own, he is still a boy to me!!

and because I have to have pictures when I post..... an afternoon at the farm!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A year already??

Really hard to believe that this little bundle of energy will be a year old in 3 days!
She doesn't miss much, always on the go, and by the time she goes home on Sunday, I am seriously tired!! I can't seem to get in my scraproom, not sure how I'm going to work in the yard, the house is a mess and laundry needs to be done, but we sure have fun!!
She is watching a little Saturday morning cartoons here, while she has some cereal.  As you can see, the tv had her attention. (for all of about 6 seconds)
She sure does love her Papaw!  David had come home from golf, when he came in the garage door she looked up, got a grin on her face, went toddling over to him. He picked her up to hug her and it was just so stinking adorable, I had to get my camera! 
First she hugs him.
Then she looks up at him.
And then she would start this process all over again.  Hug, look up, hug, look up... she must have done that half a dozen times!  And if you were wondering, her Papaw sure does love her back!!
I've signed up for another go around in Karen Russell's photography workshop.  This time I am auditing it, and already I'm so enjoying it.  She has come out with a new Make The Shot issue, this one about focus, which I'm needing.  I'm telling you guys, I am going to get good at this photography thing before much longer!  I am I am!!!!
Wishing you all a sun filled week and many blessings!!