Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been A Long Time

Hello friends! Wow, can you believe how long it's been since I posted. I know... terrible. Wish I could say I've been out busy creating or making millions... or even moving into my new dream home...but that's not it. I have to admit I have an addiction. That's the first step right, to admit there is a problem. My new addiction is FarmTown. Yes, a silly game about farming crops. You would have thought I got enough of that growing up right? Guess not. I don't even really understand what the fascination about it all is, except that right now David is beating me in points. See, you take a few minutes off to scrap or do laundry and your husband just plows right ahead of you!

I have been creating in the last few days. Working on my swaps and have some things to share with you all. Just need to get pictures taken. I got some new card candy in and fell in love with it. I also got several of mine back due to people dropping out I am guessing. I hate that, but what are you going to do? So, I'm going to turn it into something positive and pass it on to a few friends. Sharing the love.

While I don't have any pictures of scraps and swaps to share right now.. I do have David's Father's Day gift from Matt & Jess. Any of you that know me well, know what David's first love is, so you can imagine how much he likes this. As a matter of fact he even went and bought the batteries for it! You did good kids!

For those of you who know the clock story... you will be happy to know that this clock is now hanging in my living room! How about that!

Here's a picture of Josh. He likes to make funny faces when we take his picture! So maybe this will cure him! Josh had to leave for awhile but hopefully he will be home soon. I know we've missed him at the last couple of get-togethers we've had. I do so love picking on him. He's a good sport and puts up with me! Miss and love you Josh!

That's it for now. Not much after being gone all this time I know... but farming is hard work and takes lot of long hours! What can I say.

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a Mystery Box

It's been a few days since I've posted on here. I'm not sure why. I haven't been really scrapping. Haven't worked in my flowers, although I sure need to. I just can't seem to find any motivation to do anything. I have a bad bad case of the "I don't cares". I'm fairly certain I know why I have them, just not sure what to do about it.

I have however been working a lot lately, which is a good thing. I did take off work early Friday, only to come home and clean house and do some laundry. That's ok, it meant I didn't have to do it over the weekend. David was able to work on music Friday and it went well. I was very happy for him. Looks like he may start making some progress on his project. Plus, the cable company gave us free HBO and Cmax. I believe it started Friday and goes through tonight. I have been taking advantage of that free thing, let me tell ya. That's why I didn't get anything else done... good thing I cleaned house on Friday isn't it!

I haven't really made much in the last few weeks to share with you. I did however place an order today. Some friends gave me a gift certificate for my birthday and I ordered a whole parcel of paper today with it. Mostly Bazzill, it's my new love...but I did order a few sheets of Bo Bunny and a few of Basic Grey. They had some pretty stripes and some nice summer pages too. So I can't wait for that to come in. Oh oh oh... and I ordered two new stacks from DCWV a couple of weeks ago and those came in too. The summer line, very pretty. We can thank Carrie for that one!

I also received this nice big box in the mail late last week. It was from a swap I am in.... A Mystery Box is what it is called. Thank you Jessica! She made all the delightful items for me. She is getting quite good with her scrapping skills. Jessica comes from a family of scrappers. Her mother Joy and sister Carrie. (Yes that's the same Carrie that causes me to spend half of David's money on scrap stuff. The other half gets spent thanks to Elaine. They are the world's biggest enablers.) Sorry, got off topic there didn't I! Jessica did a fabulous job on everything that was in my box. I was so very thrilled with it. And here's the best part.... I can use everything in it! So let this show you that joining a swap with 100 people in it and getting partnered with one of 3 you know can be a very good thing! Thanks Jessica! You ROCK Girl!

This first picture is of cards that she made. We were to make 2 boy birthday cards and 2 girl birthday cards. They turned out great Jessica.

We were to also make 2 each of inchies, twinchies, and trinchies that coordinate. Jessica used a beach theme which will come in great for my Florida beach layouts. The trinchies are below.

Here are a couple of Tiggers, who I love. Two dice die cuts and two Vegas layouts. These will be great for my Vegas book. Thanks so much for doing those Jess.

Now in this picture are the trinchies, an altered picture frame, (see the guitar.)Two other altered boxes, one of them the heart. A mini album. The journal tag/box, my name cut out and embellished with buttons....isn't it too cute, another card, and a tag. Did I leave anything out? I didn't even get everything in the pictures. She did a great job didn't she!

Now this little gem was in the package as well, but made by Joy for my birthday. It was for the birthday swap that we are doing and is just precious. I don't know yet what pictures I am going to put in it, but I can't stop looking at it. I just love it. I've got the pictures backwards and to lazy to change them right now... but if you look at the bottom one you see how it's a pair of flip flops. Notice the colors. Then when you open it up it has all the places that you can put little thumbnail pictures. It's just so cute.... so cute!

Jessica also made me an altered lunch box with a mini album inside for my birthday. It's really cute and I'm hoping to get pictures up of it later this week.

So to the Smith Ladies, thank you so very much for giving me such an enjoyable box to dive into. You are a couple of very talented ladies and I'm proud to be your friend.

Also, in case you didn't know.... it's awesome having scrapbook buddies when it's your birthday!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

I can't believe that it's almost Monday again. It's been a busy weekend, busy doing what I'm not exactly sure! I do not think I've accomplished much.

I did sort a swap that I was hosting, and that was a chore. It was in groups with several in each group. The problem was that some of the swappers didn't send in enough items, which left me short in a few groups. There's that question that all hostesses ask, what should I do. I didn't want to send any back or make a big issue about it.. after all it is supposed to be fun! So, I tried to fix it best I could and and I think it will be ok. We are a pretty laid back understanding group of swappers at Memory Makers. You sure don't ever find anyone there calling someone out, but enough of that! The swap is swapped, no longer taking up space in my living room floor and going postal!

Yesterday David and I went for a motorcycle ride and were out looking to see if any new houses were up for sale. Discovered another one that I liked had sold. It's just as well, it wouldn't have worked for us, but oh the things I could have done in that yard! We were out in one area of town that is really pretty and has a country feel to it. We do like it out there, one of the reasons being that your neighbors are not on top of you. Going down a dead end road there was a house at the end of the road that was for sale. I didn't even see the for sale sign because I was feared for my life at this point. There was a dog that was out and he starts coming for us, chasing us and barking. He was right there at our legs and I didn't know if he was going to bite us or run in front of the bike and cause us to wreck. Since the road was a dead end right there we had to deal with getting by the dog twice. Needless to say neither one of us has a clue what that house looks like!

In other doggie news, Ms Kiara got a bath yesterday. She pouts so when she gets one.

Until you put her down and she gets to shake and rub herself on the floor. She's a silly little thing! Here she's out on the front porch, got her eyes shut and about to go in that full shake sling water everywhere! You know what I mean.

I have something to share with you. Something most wonderful. Jenn from Memory Makers is quite the talented scrapper. I had already figured this out a few months ago when she was my secret sister. She made me the cutest mini album from paper bags. I need to put pics of it up for you all to see. But this month for the birthday swap she sent me what I think is called an exploding box/album??? I'm not sure of it's name and feel free to correct me someone. Anyway, it's adorable. I have to admit that when I first took it out of the box I thought that it was a small box like you would put something inside. I thought it was very cute, I love the colors she used. When I took the lid off, I squealed and clapped my hands! Really.
Just look... I haven't put pictures in it yet, but I will be soon.

Isn't it just too cute! Thank you so much Jenn! I just love it! And now, we are in a picture swap together and I get to send my pictures to her for her to create the layouts. I just know they will be amazing!

I should start getting things ready for bed. I'm afraid it's going to be a long days at the office this week.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy is good. Right??

I made it through the day.. not sure how. It has been so busy at work, I can't even describe it. It's so busy at work I'm having to actually work.... ok. Not that I don't work all the time.... hmmm I'm hoping no one reads this....eeekkkk.

I was trying to tell my scrappin' sista's how busy I'd been... just cause I don't think they believe me. I have been using this excuse for a few days now and one of them even made mention that she thought I'd found new friends. I wont say which one said that, but she lives in Canada and her blog is called Courtney Embellished, you can find it on the list to the right. Anyway, I thought by golly I'll just take my camera back to work with me and take pictures of all these stacks. I think the whole thought of taking pictures came about because I was making mention of how I even had stacks in the floor! See the pics below... look under the table! Well after I took the pictures, then I thought oh my I can't put these on my blog. Someone will see them and think I keep my office like that all the time....which I don't... I've just been so busy. But then I thought, well if I don't post the pictures then they really wont believe me. So that you understand a little of it before you see the pictures this is just one aspect of my job.... but each paper gets handled 5 times by me before it is done.... crazy I know.

But it's not all bad... I do have a really nice window to look out all day long. Which prompted me to take these next pictures. This is my view all day long. I love it in the spring and summer. It's not to bad in the winter either. They decorate for all the holidays. Probably not as much as I would if I had that yard. Oh Wow! Anyway, it's a B&B and I love looking at the flowers during the day.

Not a bad view huh?

And...... I wanted to show you what the UPS guy brought by today at lunch while David and I were home. The UPS, such a nice man, knocked on the door and outside I found this box.....

Looks mighty big doesn't it? YEA ME!! So I bring it in and David is going what is that? At first I wasn't sure and then I was like it's my Purple Cow! Of course David has this look on his face like I've lost my mind.

I know... cool huh! I'm about to wet my pants in eagerness because I can't wait to get it out of the box!! But I wanted to write on my blog first and post my pictures of the office so Courtney would know I haven't found new friends.

Ok, off to try and go take pictures of this most fabulous birthday present I rec'd in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Jenn. She is so talented...wait until you see it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Come On Universe!

Can we catch a break please?? PLEASE?

It's not even 9am yet and already my frustration level is at a +20... and that's on a scale of 1-10!

As some of you know Matt's been without a job since oh I don't know... a good 4 months I think. At first he wasn't looking because he was going into the Navy, they turned him down for medical reasons. I have mixed feelings over that but it is what it is. So now he's been looking and has an interview scheduled ok... you with me so far. Well he got a ticket a couple of weeks ago for not wearing a seat belt because even though it's the law it doesn't look cool! Right now the town he lives in has the clicket or ticket program going on. Since he didn't clickit... he got the ticket! Anyway, I tell him go down to the city and see about a payment plan or an extension cause I don't have the money right now... summer tuition, need I say more, didn't think so. He goes down there, gets an extension for a month....great...but then this man says do you have a job? Matt tells him no, the guy says we have this program, you work off your ticket. Matt says tell me more. Sooooooo, Matt says sign me up. Calls me and says MOM... you don't have to pay my ticket. I'm going to work it off, I'll only have to work like a day an a half. He goes back to the city to sign up.... so much for the day an a half... it's now 3 an a half days. Well ok, he has nothing else to do and this will keep David and I from having to pay the ticket. Then he gets the call, can we schedule an interview. So Matt not wanting to tell his potiential new boss what he's having to do schedules the interview for Thurs morning at 10am. Good plan he thinks. He calls me, we talk about it. WRONG! He shows up at the city this morning and tells them he has this interview to go to in the morning and should he come in afterwards, if they offer him the job can we pay the difference on the ticket or do we pay it in full, how does this work? Well this is how it works....
Lady: I'm sorry sir you will not be able to take off and go.
Lady: You can not miss for any reason at all except for illness and then you must bring a doctors note.
Lady: Those are the rules sir.
Matt: Ok, well then maybe I should just stick with the payment extension because I need to go to this interview tomorrow.
Lady: No sir. If you do not stay and work as discussed you must pay the fine in full immediately or go to jail.
Lady: Those are the rules sir.

Text message from Matt to me: This stuff is so stupid I so regret this decision and they said no I cant go to interview in morning
Text message from me to Matt: EXCUSE ME?

I mean come on people. Do you not realize that he is there because he DOES NOT have a job and that he NEEDS a job! A good way to get one is to be able to go to the interview. HELLO!

After exchanging several text messages with Matt, his final two to me say: I am going to try an alternate plan. then: We are good dont worry.
Ok, I'm a little worried!

The one certain thing I know, I threatened his life if he ever fails to put on his seat belt again!