Saturday, January 14, 2017

I thought I'd be...

back sooner than now, but hey, 3 months is better than a year or more.

It's almost midnight, and I could crawl in bed, but seems Ms. E took a late nap and now, well she's pretty wide awake.  This is going to hurt come morning since Ms. L was asleep about 9pm and she will be up early.  At least I'm making good use of my time and uploading pictures will we are still up.

We are still plugging away here. I'm still learning in my new position at work. It's different. When I think about how I've done the same type of work for 15+ years and now, it's something totally different.  I started working 2 days from home. Then it turned into 3 days, some weeks 4 days.  I've grown lazy.  My alarm will go off and I'll think if I stay home I don't have to get up and do hair and makeup.  I can't believe how lazy I've gotten in that department!

David's job is a bit unstable right now, and we aren't sure what next will bring.  It's a little stressful, but it happens.

Christmas was good.  We had it here at the house again this year.  Daddy was feeling well enough to make it.  He didn't at Thanksgiving and I'm really glad he was feeling better. 

We were late this year in seeing Santa.  As in we went to see him on Christmas Eve.  It was a bit rushed and it did not go well at all.  Last year Evelyn crawled right up in Santa's lap and was all excited to talk to him. This year, not so much!!

The girls are growing like weeds! I can't believe how fast time goes by.  They are so much fun, but let me tell you, the wear me smooth out! I can't keep up. Especially with the little L.  She is so much more active than Ms. E ever was at this age.  And mischievous! Oh this one, she is something else.  If you tell her no, this child will literally growl at you!

The things they come up with and say, sometimes I'm like what?  This afternoon Ms. E strolls in and asks where Papaw is. I tell her he is at work and she looks at me a little funny and asks... "why is your husband at work?"  What? Where did that come from?

 Little L was having Papaw hold her snack while she played.  She'd go back every few minutes for another refill.  It was like a drive by snacking.

Ms. E getting her pout on.  Apparently she wanted me to use pink play dough and was using a different color.  This is my I'm going to sit here and be mad until you do what I want!
Wishing everyone a beautiful day.  Until next time.................

Friday, October 14, 2016


anyone out there? 

I'm not even sure I remember how to do this!  If I figured it out once, then surely I can again.  Well except that crazy HMTL stuff, yep, that is permanently gone from my brain!

I actually miss blogging, and reading the blogs I so faithfully read a year or so ago. So why did I stop? I have no idea.  I spent more time on facebook.  I got an ipad and spent more time playing games on it.  I stopped finding time to be creative and that's normally what I posted.  Actually, I miss scrapbooking and making stuff!  I haven't even made Christmas Cards the last two years, but that is going to change this year.  Just don't remind me the year is almost over! :)

So, what is going on in my life these days?

I've joined in a year long journey with 150+ women, hosted by the awesomely inspiring Karen Russell, and I am so excited about it.  It a place for loving, caring, uplifting women to come together and form bonds.  I am so ready!  This is what has been missing from my life. I like people. I like having people.  More importantly, I like FEELING that I have people! Here, on this journey, I'm finding people. 

Everyone has gotten a little older.  Jessica is still teaching, and still loving it.  Matt should be in his last year of college. We hope anyway.  He and Kristin got married this year.  They went to Vegas, and we watched the ceremony online.  Kristin is still her goofy self.  She truly fits in so well with our family!  Evelyn is a little taller, a little sassier, a lot more beautiful!

Let's see, seems like I'm forgetting something.... oh yes....

We added Little Miss Lily to our family!  She is a spunky mess.  Where Evelyn was calm, Lily is all over the place! She is a dare devil, and I do mean devil.  She doesn't throw fits, she growls at you!

Life is busy and life is fun! My house is a mess, my yard is a mess, heck my hair is a mess most of the time.  I wouldn't trade it for anything! I was made to be a Lolli to these little ones!

That's it for now, I promise to be back soon, and by that I mean like in a day or two, not a year!

Much love!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oh My!

Lions & Tigers & Bears!!! Oh My!  It's been over a year since I've blogged. 

To be honest, I've missed it, but to be even more honest, I've not had much to say.  Shocking I know.  I'd like to tell you I have taken a vow of silence, but please, who'd believe that!!!  Instead I'll tell you the truth...

The company I work for sold a year ago next week, and since then, it's been a crazy... busy... hair pulling.... little bit of screaming... very tiring year.  It's not over yet, we are still some kind of busy, which is really a good thing with the price of oil right now, but I've been a bit tired.... yes, for a year!

I have been in  a total creative dry spell!  No scrapping, no picture taking, and unless you can count stripping wall paper and painting my bathroom, there has been nothing creative taking place in my house!

Another fun fact, the cupcake. Most of my weekends are spent with her, and truth is, I'd rather be coloring or playing princess castle with her than back in my corner scrapbooking! 

Times are a changing though, and I'm feeling the bug biting me.  Last week I remembered why I love my camera so....  I'm wanting to play with the pretty paper again.....  and this dry spell shall too pass!

And because I have to post a picture.... even if I don't have many to pick from... this is one of my favorites!

and now I'm off to get creative!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

3 months to the day!

since my last blog post!  what's with that?  I wonder, do I suddenly have nothing to talk about?  wait, me not talk, now that's funny! perhaps it is just that there are not enough hours in the day!!!  yep, that is the story I'm going with!

sitting at home this Friday morning, waiting for an electrician.  we are starting to replace the light fixtures in the house.  they are ALL gold, gold, and more gold.  which, to be honest, not my thing.  lots of work going on out in the yard. this girl bought herself a chainsaw, even if it is a small electric girly one, it still works, and truthfully, anything with more power would probably be a danger to me and the neighborhood!  I am excited to get my new light fixtures in, and about all the things we (read me there) have planned to do to the house !!

we've spent a lot of time outside this summer with the cupcake in the pool! she loves it, and I really think could stay in all weekend.  she doesn't even care when the water is a bit on the cold side!


just a few pictures from summer.  that's Jessica and Brett in the picture with Evelyn, Jessica flopping off Brett's legs into the pool, and us celebrating Matt's birthday last month.  been a busy summer so far, but one full of great memories! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

find myself

in a bit of a quandary, and I don't like it.  I'm a talker.  as if some of you didn't know that.  I can talk all day long, if I'm in the mood.  talking is good for the soul, the brain, and the heart.  oh and your nerves too!  there is a person, that while I don't see them often, our lives are connected. this person does not like me. period! I'm not sure why, I think I know why, but most likely they would tell me I've got it wrong, if they would talk to me! I've tried. I've reached out. I've made gestures. nothing, I get nothing back, except ignored. ok fine, you don't like me, that is ok, but could we at least try and be civil to each other!!! I think if we could just communicate a little, get things out in the open, we might find it was just a huge misunderstanding. she still doesn't have to like me, but she could sure be a grownup about it!  I know I just need to pray about it, and let go of it!
A bit of good news!!  Everyone remember Jan 2013, when David was suddenly let go from his job, after the dealerships were bought out and the new owner was cleaning house??  David was let go, because they didn't like him! (what is with people not liking us??)  anyway, that guy who bought the dealership, well he was using company/investor money, to buy and furnish his home. take his large family to Disney World. he and his wife took a few vacations.  in 8 months he about had them all bankrupt. it was a mess!  the dealership sold again, a few months ago. the new owners called David. he starts back next week.  do you all know what that means???? it means he will be home before 7pm at night, way before, AND, he will be cooking dinner again, not me!  can I get a woohoo!!  it's really great news for us. there are plans for him to step into an upper management role, and I can't even begin to tell you how much he is looking forward to it.  
and now, a few pictures from a couple weekends ago.  went out with Matt, Kristin, and the cupcake.
the pictures I really really wanted, it just didn't work, the cupcake needed a nap and was cranky! when she gets her stubborn on, it's just not going to happen.  always another day, and my camera isn't going anywhere!