Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oh My!

Lions & Tigers & Bears!!! Oh My!  It's been over a year since I've blogged. 

To be honest, I've missed it, but to be even more honest, I've not had much to say.  Shocking I know.  I'd like to tell you I have taken a vow of silence, but please, who'd believe that!!!  Instead I'll tell you the truth...

The company I work for sold a year ago next week, and since then, it's been a crazy... busy... hair pulling.... little bit of screaming... very tiring year.  It's not over yet, we are still some kind of busy, which is really a good thing with the price of oil right now, but I've been a bit tired.... yes, for a year!

I have been in  a total creative dry spell!  No scrapping, no picture taking, and unless you can count stripping wall paper and painting my bathroom, there has been nothing creative taking place in my house!

Another fun fact, the cupcake. Most of my weekends are spent with her, and truth is, I'd rather be coloring or playing princess castle with her than back in my corner scrapbooking! 

Times are a changing though, and I'm feeling the bug biting me.  Last week I remembered why I love my camera so....  I'm wanting to play with the pretty paper again.....  and this dry spell shall too pass!

And because I have to post a picture.... even if I don't have many to pick from... this is one of my favorites!

and now I'm off to get creative!!!!