Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunshine Award!

A few weeks back my friend Melissa bestowed the Sunshine Blog Award upon me.
It's her way of saying I bring sunshine into her world. Well, she didn't actually say those words...but I know that's what she meant! Isn't that just the sweetest! If you don't visit her blog, then you are missing out!

Here are the rules of the the award...

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Pass the award to other bloggers who bring you sunshine.
3. List the Nominees in your post.
4. Let the Nominees know you nominated them by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person who gave you the award!

I of course can't list you all... even though I'd really like to. I can't list Melissa again, although she and her blog bring me great sunshine!

Erika - Her Blog
Paula - Her Blog
Jenn - Her Blog
Serene - Her Blog
Elaine - Her Blog

My list is in no particular order at all. I tried to pick bloggers that I haven't previously picked for other awards. Some of you I didn't pick because Melissa had or I knew one of the ones I've picked will want to pick you. I should actually put you all down because you ALL bring sunshine to my world! There are even a couple people who don't have a blog, but still help make my world all sunny!

Ok, that's it for now. I shall be back to tell you all that's happening in my world!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Melissa's CJ

Next in line for our Daily Numbers CJ is Melissa's. If you not ever wandered over to her blog then you are missing out. She is one super uber talented Stampin Whiz! I have to be careful when I go to her blog... she always has something new up and it's always so pretty.. and I'm thinking "Oh I can make that!". So... I order the stuff.... repeatedly! Then it gets added to my someday stack of things to do..... someday. **sigh** You guys know what I'm talking about. Most of you have that someday stack!

Here is the slide show of her album. Pretty great isn't it!

I've got to get busy! I've got more cj pages to get done... do some house cleaning cause Serene will be here next Friday... and I think Jessica is coming this afternoon.

Here's a reminder of the CJ's and order.

Kathi's - 4 things I must take when traveling
Paula's - 3 favorite book characters
Elaine's- 4 things on your door welcome sign
Melissa's - 5 things I can not live without
Serene's - 4 unusual things you've done
Emma's- 3 favorite actors or actresses
Courtney's - 4 things I've repurposed for scrapbooking
Jessica's- 3 reasons why I love summer
Jenn's - 5 reasons I love being a woman
Lisa's - 4 things I miss while I am out of town
Jean's - 4 Verses that have spoken to you

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I can't live without you Melissa!

What I mean to say is 5 Things I can't live without...for Melissa's cj!

Here are my pages for Melissa's cj. After looking at them for the last month I still feel like something is missing, but darned if I can figure out what to put there.

I made some of the organza flowers... and while they are neat little things... I think I need to practice practice and practice some more. Kathi's look so much better! I know... maybe a lesson from Kathi when I see her next week would be good!

I put a little twist on my theme... not the standard can't live without you items.
Hope you like them Melissa!

Looks like we are in for more rain. I stepped outside a minute ago just to test the temp. I quickly came back inside wishing I had a jacket. Now tomorrow it will be in the 90's and we'll have tornado's popping up.

Have a great day everyone. Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flip, Flop, & Complete!

Hallo All!
Yes I meant to say Hallo instead of hello...cause that's how Bones says it! Who is Bones you say... oh my! I'll let Paula answer that one.

I am hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I did!! We all went to my parent's house and had lunch. Jessia cooked a dish and it was most yummy. Afterwards we played a little cards. Let's just say Jess & Josh won...AGAIN... and I never managed to do #9 from my list below! :(

Here's a little slide show of a mini album I've finished. This is my first one ever to make for me and I'm thinking it's pretty great. I mean I can say I have finished it! It is done! I like being able to say that! It's just too cute! It was a gift from Serene,the kit.. oh about a year 'n a half ago... and yes I am behind in my projects thank you for noticing that! Everything you see comes from the kit, well except for the letters that spell Jess and Fun. I used my punchies from Stampin Up! to make embellies out of the paper. There were a couple of journaling spot stamps, a little bling, and my label machine. But the rest is all kit! It was really fun putting it together and it's perfect for a few of the pictures Jessica and I have from when we went to Florida back in 2007. It was a work trip for me... can't you tell I got a lot accomplished! I really like the way my little book turned out.
Thank you so much Serene for getting this kit for me.. I just adore it!
(no people...this is not the first time I thanked her for it! Come on... I'm not THAT rude!)

So, last week Melissa tells us that there are new items over in the clearance part of SU!. Of course I just have to go look...first page is some of the yummiest paper! Of course I had to have it! Ok, knowing that I'm not going to want to turn loose of it once I get it... I order 2 packs... ok...2! It was delivered today. First thing I think when I see my new paper...
"Oh my gosh... this is so pretty... I can't use it... I'll never be able to get any more of it!"
I've got it so bad with the paper I don't even think a 24 step program would help me!

I'm off to clean my scrap table now. How I make such a mess is beyond me!
As always... thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

My friend Susan, who loves the color orange as much as I do, has bestowed upon me (even if it was a few weeks ago)
the Ten Things That Makes Me Happy award! Since right now I am trying to focus on all things happy.. what better time to do this post than now!

Sooooooooo.... here is my list... although there are so many more than 10 things that make me happy!

1. Sunshine, green grass, and flowers blooming!

2. Weekends with nothing to do other than watch chick flicks while I'm scrapping!

3. Matthew's laughter and Jessica's smile. Watching a funny movie with Matt is funnier just because of his laughing.... it's a deep from the belly laugh and just makes me smile! Jessica's smile just lights up her whole face and you can't help but notice just how beautiful she is when she is smiling!

4. Scrapping with Jessica and Emma! I don't even mind them raiding my stash.

5. Motorcycle rides to no where in particular!

6. My Kiara puppy doing her "lets go outside" spin

7. Emails from David. Seeing his name in my inbox never ever fails to put a big smile on my face!

8. New Flip Flops!

9. Turning up the music when I am cleaning house and while no one is there. Dancing around like no one is looking and singing like I'm a star!

10. Sitting at my mom's table with all 4 of the kids... playing cards... everyone trying to talk over each other.... going out before Josh is down! Giggles and squeals... it's perfect!

Now it's my job to pass this one to 3 people.... I looked back to try and make sure I didn't double pick so if you've already been chosen I apologize and as always there is no pressure or obviously a time frame to do this! My 3 to pick are.....


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Retreat Happiness!

Eeekkkk... look how long it's been since I posted! What have I been doing? Nothing I'm sad to report. I've just been in a funk... and haven't wanted to do a darn thing. Don't know what is wrong with me, but it's about time this funk goes away! Today is a new day.... and I say let's turn things around!

Sooooo, this past week-end I went to Colleyville, Tx. and had myself some retreat happiness! My friend Kathi invited me to a scrap retreat. I have to tell you, I was really hesitant about going. The whole going to spend a couple of days with people I've never met... having to leave my scrap stash... driving to the metroplex all by myself which is something I've NEVER done...instead of being all excited about going I was nervous and dreading it just a little. OH MY GOSH! It was awesome! I had the best time and can not wait until the next one! The ladies there were just amazing and so awesome. I made some new friends and discovered that I'm really not that far away!

I guess I shouldn't rave about them all.... for not everyone was nice. "What" you say? No, really, I promise. One person, no matter how hard I tried to win her over, it just wasn't happenin'! "You can't be serious" you are thinking! I have proof! In black and white... well maybe a little green too. Below is a two page layout she made for me as a gift... I guess to remember our week-end. I was so excited when she gave it to me... then I started reading it!

Go ahead... I'll wait while you read it yourself.

Can you imagine someone you are trying to befriend giving you something like that? Why I was just in shock! And she really talked to me the whole time like that! And can you believe that I... me.... never said a word! I know, shocking! But it's true! She did say though that they would give me another chance and she did sign it love Twee.... so maybe there is hope yet! A girl can dream can't she!

Twee really was a lot of fun... and we got along perfectly. I'm not real sure what she was like the crop before because everyone kept telling me I'd brought out a different side of her, that she was always so quiet before?? Leave it to me huh?
She did make some yummy desserts and gave me something super that I'll post tomorrow! I sure hope she's at the next one.... cause I might just have to make her something a little special!

Don't we just look like we are having a blast! There's three of us missing from the picture. I didn't realize until I was loading the picture.

That's Twee on the far left. She doesn't look like she could be mean does she?

I really did have a great time. The place was so nice... the beds so comfy. I have a feeling that if they will have me I will be a regular! A huge huge thanks to Kathi and Kelly for putting it all together and being such great hostesses and to everyone else for taking me in and being so nice!

Thanks for stopping by and I promise not to take so long to get back here!