Monday, August 8, 2011

Memory Makers Magazine Blog Bounce - Ch-Ch-Ch-CHANGES!

Welcome to the August edition of Memory Makers Blog Bounce!

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Our theme this month is about ch-ch-ch-Changes! I must admit I struggled with this one a bit, but then in the middle of having a heat stroke and thinking why oh why can I not take the heat mind suddenly turned to this months theme and an idea was born!!

I'm hoping you can read my journaling. While I tried to keep a little humor in it, it is from my heart.

My pictures aren't the best tonight, hope to retake them tomorrow.. if life will give me a five minute break! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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Road Trip!

I'm not sure what we were thinking on Saturday, but with triple digit temps we left for a little biking adventure. This was our first bike run with people! We normally take off by ourselves and just ride to no place in particular. I'm happy to report that we do play well with others and have been invited back again!!

Out of the group, we actually knew 3 people, well 5, but we'd only met two of them the weekend before. That would be our host and hostess. They are both two of the nicest people you could ever meet. So genuine and real, and fun! We had such a good time.

I do wish I'd gotten more pictures. I was just a little timid about going up and snapping pictures of people I'd never met before. I know, hard to believe me being timid. That didn't stop some people though... it's funny to see how some people react when they see a bunch of bikes together. Everyone was posing for a group pic up on top of the mountain, I'm standing there taking pictures and look over to see complete strangers taking pictures of us too.

This was really a great group of people! I believe we went away that night with some new friends!

This was the view in front of us....

and behind us....

on top of the mountain...

coming down...

The group before we took off...

I didn't get any after pictures...don't think I had the energy left to even hold the camera. It was a long, brutally hot day, but I'm glad I went!

Hope you guys are having a great Monday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How many days did he say?

I know this morning I heard the local weatherman say we've now had 63 days of temps in the three digits! I believe, except for a 30 minute sprinkle on the 4th of July, that is the only rain we've had since back in May sometime. I also believe now that I have figured out my sprinkler system, my grass will not be the greenest around and my utility bill will go down! One can only hope?

Have you ever driven by somewhere and seen someones sprinkler system going while it's raining.. or just right after it rained? I used to laugh at them... thinking don't you know to turn that puppy off. Well, if it had rained any this summer... I'd be one of those people. Who knew there was an A & B section to the this puppy, and that each section has 3 phases. I set it for 6am, 3 days a week. What I didn't know is that it was also going off at 11pm, 1:30am, & 4am... 5 days a week!! We are in the middle of a drought, triple digit temps, and I've got water standing?? When I discovered that, you should have seen me trying to get it all deleted before David came outside to see what I was doing. I don't know who would scare me more, him or the water police!!!

(Note: I'm really not afraid of David... he just has a way of transforming into a growling bear when spending money is mentioned!)

(Note: I should probably also mention that I know this, that he turns into a growling bear...and sometimes I make a game out of seeing how many times in a week I can transform into that bear... and yet, he still loves me so!)

Here's another layout for Kristin's album. Remember, I'm leaving all the journaling for her to do.
This little cutie loved the food table. I think the cupcakes were her favorite...not that you could tell from all the icing on her face!

A few more supplies from my out of control stash were used on this layout. You just have to love that!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have yourself a fabulous day!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Sorry.... Bi-WHAT?

Happy Monday People!
(I could be Lady Gaga and call you my little monsters! But I'm sure someone would not be happy about that!!)

So, Friday I went to the eye dr. A new one... determined, I was determined! I wasn't crazy about my last one...he was a bit dry and the lady at the front desk very snotty and rather brash. (I'm allowed to say this because it's my blog!!) Anyway, I didn't care for them...but I hung in there for 3 years.... until the dr just wouldn't listen to me...and I said "poof, there goes my business"! I even took David with me! So, I begin the search for a new dr.

I like this new dr.... well until he said the dirty word...but I like him! He's young, has some personality...we chatted about photography, internet connections, the hot weather and high elec bills we are all having here, and....wait for it..... about My Texas Rangers!! Woot! How can I not love a dr who will talk about my Texas Rangers with me!

We are talking and he is handing me this little cardboard thing to read... I'm slowly moving it away from my face so I can see it better. He brings down the little cardboard thing from above and says read line blahblah... I have to lean back to see it... yep... he said you are ready for BI-focals! I just looked at him for about 3 seconds...said "oh wait a second".... doubled over in the chair and went NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I looked back up at him and said..."ok, go on" in the saddest voice you can just imagine. Poor man didn't know if he should laugh or hand me a tissue.

Anyway, very long story short... my main purpose for going was to get contacts. I didn't like the kind my last dr had me in...they really bothered me. But now... I don't think I'm liking this either. Evidently, I have a astigmatism...I may even have one in each eye, I just don't know at this point! Which means, I get this different type of contact than what I was getting 3 years ago. PLUS, one contact is to see near and one to see far...and I DON'T LIKE IT! I'm squinting my eyes so bad I swear I look drunk! My BFF says just get the normal ones and use reading glasses to which David says just go get new glasses. I seriously thought about just going back to my old dr... the one I had before I moved here. He understood me..but I probably didn't have the stupid ole 'stigmatism back then!

So now, I feel drunk all day, but without the buzz, which sucks!
I could take my contacts out, but my new dr tells me it will take some getting used to, so I'm trying to give them a chance. And I'm weighing the pros & cons...well that's not true, just the pros. Contacts are a must have for the motorcycle rides... glasses seem to hide the age that has attacked my eye area. 20 years ago I didn't really like the glasses...but now the styles are so cute...and let me tell ya... I rock them puppies!

I really think though.... that I just want my eyes back from when I was in my 20's. They were firmer, no 'stigmatisms, no darkness or lines... and Jessica has them!

Here's another layout that is finished for Kristin's baby book. I've not used naked chipboard really before, but I'm liking it. I have a feeling it might just be showing up in more of my pages. We've got some punching and zinging going on here, along with some layering.  This page was just fun for me!

Ok, time to get some work done, that is if I can see! 
Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday!!