Friday, July 25, 2014

3 months to the day!

since my last blog post!  what's with that?  I wonder, do I suddenly have nothing to talk about?  wait, me not talk, now that's funny! perhaps it is just that there are not enough hours in the day!!!  yep, that is the story I'm going with!

sitting at home this Friday morning, waiting for an electrician.  we are starting to replace the light fixtures in the house.  they are ALL gold, gold, and more gold.  which, to be honest, not my thing.  lots of work going on out in the yard. this girl bought herself a chainsaw, even if it is a small electric girly one, it still works, and truthfully, anything with more power would probably be a danger to me and the neighborhood!  I am excited to get my new light fixtures in, and about all the things we (read me there) have planned to do to the house !!

we've spent a lot of time outside this summer with the cupcake in the pool! she loves it, and I really think could stay in all weekend.  she doesn't even care when the water is a bit on the cold side!


just a few pictures from summer.  that's Jessica and Brett in the picture with Evelyn, Jessica flopping off Brett's legs into the pool, and us celebrating Matt's birthday last month.  been a busy summer so far, but one full of great memories!