Friday, September 7, 2012

New Friends

I really had a lot of fun with this layout.  It did not go in the direction I had planned for it to, but that's ok, I'll save that idea for another day!  I've been wanting to create a layout using just some strips of paper and also a layout using the negative parts of a die cut.  Think I used chunks instead of strips, and the butterflies were punched, not a die cut, but I really like it.

Panic mode has set in.  I leave for KY and a U-haul in 19 days. I still have a house not ready to move in, a full household to pack up, and husband determined to drive 13 hours straight through.  Which traveling in a U-haul will probably make it at least a 15 hour drive.  But, I am not stressed!  Yeah, right!  It's all great, going to be one big adventure.  Why I've never driven this far by myself.  And truly I will be by myself in the car, even though I'll be following the U-haul, I'll be myself all alone in the car... and I can sing as loud and as long as I want!  Anyone have any song suggestions to keep me pumped up and energized... oh and calm for when I get lost.  Because I have no doubt, I will get lost, at least once!  And while I'm lost, I wanta be singing fun window rattling songs!