Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi All!

It's a wonderful sunny beautiful day here in Duncan Oklahoma! People are out walking in shorts and ya know, I really think I belong out there! My boss just got a new puppy and he's not been sleeping well, so if he'd just take a little nap I'd run outside and play!

I did a little more work on my layout for Elaine's cj and wanted to share it. The guitar just looks so much better... at least I think so. I did have to make a minor/hmmmm major adjustment to the neck. It was way to skinny! I added some brads on it along with the string.

The overall layout is still pretty stark compared to my normal... but I like it. From the picture you can't really see the colors in the printed paper which is a little sad. The one paper looks white but it actually has pale pink flowers on it. I did try black ink on the vellum and didn't like it as well. Anyway, I'm calling it done and moving it to the stack!

Monday, March 29, 2010

85 Today!

My Grannie turned 85 today. I called to say hello and tell her happy birthday. She said she was doing good, just moving a little slower. I told her I could understand that...she laughed and said oh just you wait! Somehow I feel there's a lot of truth to that statement!

My goodness how I've been MIA for some time now... but the audit is over the audit is over, until next year anyway, but for now... the audit is over the audit is over! Work is almost back to normal. This whole concept of having to work while at work is maybe just an itty bit wrong. Wouldn't you guys agree.

I have been getting some creating done, just haven't been getting it posted. Hopefully I can change that over these next few days and get it all posted. For now, lets start with my pages for Elaine's CJ. Her theme is "4 Things on your doors welcome sign". A really super cute theme. I scanned my pages in and it did not do them justice. I promise Elaine, they look better than the pics.

My first page is my welcome sign, because I normally do have a welcome wreath of some type on my front door. I've used pinks because I really like pinks.. my wreath is a flower and we all know I love the flowers... I've used more pink and light green because those colors together just scream SPRINGTIME... and the flower itself is purple cause that is Elaine's favorite color! It's very simple... no fancy-ness... but my front door wreath is usually simple without all the overkill of stuff.

My next page is again very simple. So out of character for me. I like lots of "stuff" on my pages. No pictures, which is another thing I never do... but I like the look of it as is. I pieced together the guitar. I mean we had to have a guitar on the page. You can not come into our house and not see guitars.

I printed my text on vellum, a first! WooHoo. It's not so hard when you have the right stuff. Not sure I'm going to leave that though. You really can read it much better in person. The color of the ink was to be purple, that's what I selected...but it doesn't look very purple. So I may change it to black ink. And... I'm thinking I'm going to add some 'strings' on the guitar. Other than that, I am pleased with my little contribution to Elaine's cj and am sure she will be too.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog.

Monday, March 8, 2010

True That!

Do you ever feel so behind that you will never catch up? That you are being pulled in 10 different directions? That the day will never end? That the day will end before you've accomplished all that you need to accomplish? That sometimes people expect the impossible?
If so, then you know how I am feeling at the moment. But, as Matt would say, it's all good!

And it is all good..... cause........ today......... in the mail..........

I got............


and it's signed! To me! He wrote my name! I'm so excited! Don't even tell me if you got one also that is personalized to you.... cause I don't care! Well, I do care... but not right now! Let me bask in the moment!
guess who is coming to an event near me? YEP! I am so giddy with excitement! Why I'm even willing to postpone the vacation for a day or two! I mean seeing Tim Holtz is just as important as a golf tournament right?

so........ regardless of all that is going on and all that needs to be done I'll be taking a moment later this evening... curling up... and reading through my new book.
I mean, after all ... I deserve it!
As Matt would say..................... True That!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 Favorite Book Characters Slide show

Paula's cj is all about your favorite book characters. That is just perfect for Paula since she loves to read. Let me tell you, when you love to read it's a very good thing having a friend who also loves to read.... she can tell you which books are good! Thanks for all the recommendations Paula... you haven't led me astray yet!

I'm terribly sorry I'm so late in getting the slide show posted. I've had probably the worst migraine for the past week that I've had in years. My husband and my mother are telling me I need to back off the caffeine... I am ignoring them! I even missed work and I never do that! The head is better... not 100% yet, but I'm hoping by the weekend it will be. I've got all these scrappy ideas I'm wanting to try and afraid if I don't soon I'll forget them.

The forgetting is no joking matter either. My memory has gotten so bad. Several months ago I bought a scrap related item. I don't even know what the name of it is.. but I remember buying it! After it came in I was like now why did I buy these? Put them in one of my many drawers thinking I'd never use them. I even saw them a few times looking for something else and each time would pick them up and ask myself...what were you thinking? Well now, I've got this idea..... 'cept I can not find these puppies. I've torn apart my scrap room and still nada! It's driving me insane. And now, that I've gotten this vision in my head.. I can't get it out. Nothing else will work except for these little babies....that I can't find! And the really bad thing... I can't buy anymore cause .....
1- I've promised myself no scrap supplies except whats absolutely necessary until April... and
2- I don't even know what they are called!
Just for the record... I'm blaming Emma! :)

Thanks for looking. Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world!