Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thunderstorms & Rain

Woke up to thunder and rain this morning. Made me a little nervous since I had to get in the shower. I still have nightmares about being in the shower last year when the town decided to test the tornado alarms! Not to mention the day I moved here and thought I was going to drown. My friends get a great kick out of this story, me not so much!

I've had a busy couple of days. First David and I had to finish the Soprano's!
I now understand what all the uproar was about. I've had program issues at work which I hate. I am not happy at all about the fact that I am starting to understand the inner workings of computers and programs a little better. I do not want to understand all of that, it requires to much thinking! I want it all either to work, I can call support and they take care of it, or I can call DA and he takes care of it! Just as long as it's not me having to deal with it.

I managed to get back in my room last night and do some scrapping. DA was feeling inspired and I scrapped while he worked on one of his songs. Of course we didn't start all this until 10:30pm, so it was midnight when we got to bed. I did almost finish a tag swap that is due....ummmm.... tomorrow! I'm pretty sure I can get it finished at lunch but don't think it will be there by tomorrow. I am not springing for overnight postage.

I am in swap H-E-Double L! I've joined them just to be joining I think. Actually I believe I joined them because I was bored, having Spring Fever, Winter Blues, whatever you want to call it. Plus so many of them are due right now. Don't get me wrong, I love the swaps. Well some of them. The ones that don't really have anything to do with scrapbooking or that I can't use on LO's, think I'm going to stay away from those. At any rate, I should be getting a few of them back soon and will post pics here of all my goodies.

I did get my front flower beds planted on Saturday. Just waiting now for the plants to bush out a little. This is the part I wish I could just skip. The newly planted, gaps in the beds, waiting for it all to fill out. I did see something this year that I have never seen before and is making me think that Oklahoma may not be so bad after all. I had Gerber Daisies that I planted last year come back this year and have been blooming for a few weeks now. I've never had a Gerber Daisy survive the winter. Actually though, I'm not sure if I've ever planted them in the ground, think I just planted them in containers. Still, I didn't think they were annual plants. I'm excited about them returning this year though. Matt gave them to me last year and I'm a little sappy like that. I look at them and think of him.

Wishing you a peaceful day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is why!

I haven't been posting here. I can't get my posts to show up. There is a learning curve here I can see. Much like with the Pazzle. I do not like learning curves. I want to either know how to use it right away or have someone explain it to me. I don't like having to figure it out on my own... cause I'd rather be scrapping!

Well now look at this. It's working! Have no clue E??? to wake up with coffee, maybe some Sopranos, and then out to buy some flowers and I think a bicycle today.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting My Feet Wet

My first post on the blog. The blog that I created almost a year ago. Back when I wasn't working and right before my big trip up north. I have to admit I created this puppy and then let it intimidate me. Ah, there's the reason it has taken me almost a year to post on here.

Now with the gentle pushing from my friend Elaine, I am going to give this blogging a try. I know I've got plenty to say, if I can just keep from getting frustrated while trying to figure out the blogging world. Not to mention my fear of forgetting how to spell and write. Being married to man who not only has a brilliant mind but also a massive knowledge of what I call million dollar words, punctuation skills, and the ability to not write a run-on sentence can also be a little intimidating. I blame it all on spell check and texting! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Today is Friday. That means date night. I'm going to go flower shopping when I get off. My first flower purchase of the year. Today is a good day!

Ok E, it's not much but it's a start!