Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shooting Sparks!

it's no secret that cleaning house isn't fun, but it's something that must be done.  I prefer to do it though when no one is at home.  That hasn't been a problem in the past, D would leave for work before I did and get home well after I was at home, then be gone half the weekend.  Not anymore, now he is there all the time.  He isn't one to complain, some men would rather you do all that cleaning when they aren't around, and perhaps it is because I grew up around such men that I prefer to do it when no one is home. I realized I was just going to have to suck it up and clean with D there, because he didn't appear to be going anywhere. I did some grumbling about it, but started anyway, and just as I was almost finished vacuuming the hallway, the vacuum started shooting out sparks and died.  Just died!  I've no doubt that if I'd been happier about performing that chore, the vacuum would still be alive.  It reminded me of another time that I'd blown up a vacuum cleaner and sat in the hall with my arms wrapped around it crying.  That was my Kirby, you know, the vacuum cleaner that could take anything, until it met me.  All I could say is "oh, this is not good!"  I know D thought I meant the vacuum, but I actually meant the fact that we were going to have to get a new one, and today!  It couldn't wait.  He just looked at me, and I know he was getting ready to try and reason with me, but I was quick, because we are talking about clean floors here.  I told him that if we didn't get a new one so I could keep the floors clean, then when we went to sell the house people were going to ask for a $10,000.00 carpet allowance to replace the nasty/dirty/filthy carpets we couldn't clean.  I'm not even sure I finished the sentence before he was out the door.  Guess who has a new vacuum cleaner!   It's really kind of ironic, because a few weeks ago I'd been making plans to spend this past Saturday in Dallas with friends and going to a scrappy expo, but decided to stay home and not spend any money.  I should have gone to Dallas!

These pictures are darker than what I realized, that's what happens when you are up extra early and taking pics before the sun is up.  It looks grayish, but it's really all white.  Pretty crisp white.  I've been wanting to do a total white layout for awhile now, and even though you can't tell from my photos, it's really pretty in person.  So much so that I'm thinking each of my albums needs an all white layout!

And, if you were wondering, I didn't get a snow day today.  It snowed for good 3 hours or more yesterday, but it just all melted.  The roads were nice and clear this morning, so off to work I came.  Probably my last chance for a snow day this year too.  Oh well, if I'd stayed home, I'm sure I'd be glued to SUV reruns with D!

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's snowing, I think!

really, I think it is snow.  It's been raining all day, and I hear the blizzard isn't going to hit us, but, these rain drops look awful fluffy!  Oh, to get a snow day tomorrow, how sweet would that be.

D told me I was just looking for an excuse to stay home from work, this coming from the man who is now home every.single.day!  and yesterday, we had temps in the high 60's.  I was standing outside thinking we'll get this pool open soon and put this house on the market, and today we have snow!

we still aren't sure what we are going to do as far as job and house.  I did come up with a plan, even though D says it's a good back up plan, not sure what he means by backup!  it's my if you are moving more than a 2 hour drive from the children, I'll see ya on the weekends plan.  I was so grumpy last week, and poor D caught most of it.  I think I may even owe a certain peach in KY an apology.  I finally realized the source of my grump was because I'm a bit worried I'll end up living 8 hours or more from the kids/the parents/ and THE LAKEHOUSE!  now you understand my grumpy!  I've been praying for patience, because that is really what I need.

and, no post is complete without a layout.  I used some very neglected SU! ribbon here.  pulled a few things from my old stash.  attempted to cut out some chevrons. I have to say that the idea for this layout was inspired by Lilith Eeckels.  http://lilithandscrap.blogspot.com/  If you've not checked out her layouts before, you need to.  Right now she is my go to when the mojo is missing.

Now, I really must go, it's snowing for real now, and even though it's melting as soon as it hits, I'm feeling a snow/ice/Lisa is to dangerous for the roads day coming!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have a twin

so, I have this friend and sometimes I swear she could have been/should have been my twin.  she sends me random texts and says the most off the wall stuff, while some people might think "what is wrong with her???" I sit here and think, she is reading my mind!  I've decided she is my twin, never mind the fact that she is about 20 years younger than I am, or lives a days drive away, or even has different parents than I do, she's my twin and that's all that matters!

I got to bed late last night, again.  we DVR everything we watch, everything, because we don't like the commercials!  OK, maybe not everything, but we should, because sitting through the commercials is a bit painful.  some shows we don't watch the day they come on, but a few... oh yes, we do, for we must.  they are usually the intense ones too.  last night I watched Monday nights Castle, and his daughter was kidnapped, and it was a 2 parter, I didn't get a ending, which left me a little ummm, high strung maybe.  I needed to unwind, because lets face it, I was wound pretty tight already yesterday, off to play a little fb game.  that worked, but then it was time for Justified, and that is a must watch, can not wait until tomorrow show for the mr.  and it's a good show, it really is, but it's intense, and fast, and at times has you on the edge of your seat.  I'm telling you, it is the fastest hour on tv!  I have to talk about it after, tell D what I think Raylan should do next week, because we are tight, Raylan and me. there is no early to bed on Tuesdays!

this morning, it's raining, and I just want to stay in bed, but that's not happening! I've got a dog at the foot of the bed doing a twirly dance because the alarm has done gone off 4 times and she needs to go!  up we go, let the dogs out, pour some coffee, go turn the heater up, and what?  where is my heat? please someone, tell me you are kidding!  suddenly going to work doesn't sound so bad after all! I'll just let D deal with that mess!

Love these pictures.  Our first meet up of the imaginary peeps in Texas!  This was our first night together and doesn't everyone look happy happy happy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

14 months

can I just say it's been a rough 14 months.  while it's not all been rough, seems the last couple of weeks the rough stuff is all I'm thinking about.  each day I feel my mood and attitude get a little bit more angry,  probably because I feel so out of control.  while I'm not a CONTROL FREAK, I'm a bit of a control freak, and those of you that are, will understand that.  I'm really thinking I need to just go somewhere and scream!

Instead of being happy that I think Jess is finally ok, I'm mad about all the misery and grief that Mr. JG put her through.  I find myself wishing she were 5 so I could tell him to stop it!  or that I could ground her for not making the right decision.  when in truth, I'm mad that it went on for a couple of years and I didn't see it.

Instead of being thankful that Matt is still in school, working on his future, I'm thinking about these insane charges still looming over him, those crazy women who followed him for 20+ miles running him off the road, how he called 911 for help then ended up in jail. how much money it has cost us and not about the fact that in 9 days it may all be over.  providing our lawyer doesn't jack it all up again.  if you are ever in OK, and in need of a lawyer, call me, I will tell you who NOT to get!  actually, I'm probably the maddest because even though they said arresting him was not right, no one will admit it because we could then sue them.  that's just insane to me, and now that he was arrested, oh let's just all get a piece of the pie.  I truly believe that is what is going on.

In 6 weeks time, give or take a few days, Matt and Kristin will have a beautiful baby girl.  while I really am excited about that, I can't help worry about the how & what.  I think about how he has no job and still in college, she's halfway through college but is sitting out a year, they don't have a place of their own, how hard it's going to be.  I seem to forget that they have an awesome support team, and how not too many years ago we made it, the kids and I.

and... the big one, I'm going to have to move, and I'm not happy about it!  I should be jumping through hoops, right!  let's face it, I've not been happy in this town.  6 years now and I do not have one friend here.  I get emails, phone calls, texts messages, but none from anyone who lives in this town.  these people have never been nice or accepting, and trust me, I've tried.  the owner of the dealerships where D works, he sold them in December.  he told his employees about 7 days before it took place.  as the saying goes, the new broom makes a clean sweep, can I just say I hate that flippin saying!  so, about the first of the year, managers started dropping, D made it 4 weeks into the first of the year.  we knew it was coming, but that didn't really make it any easier.  so, now, I really feel out of control, and it's starting to freak me out a little.  we are hoping to move me back to Texas, that is what D is trying for... cause he is going to come too, but I don't know if it will happen.  I'm just hoping and praying and pleading that I don't end up in MN. 

moving south would be great, right, I might get closer to my peeps, right  could be closer to the kids, could live where your neighbors say hello, right.  so why am I not excited? I did forget how big Texas was though, and going south could mean way south, but still, it'll be ok. oh my, how bad will I freak out if we end up going north?  I have no patience, I'll be the first to admit it, D will be the second, so this waiting and waiting and waiting is going to drive me bonkers.  Nothing is for sure right now, except that come May, we will open the pool, and put the house on the market. and am I ok with that because I'm ok with it, or is it because May isn't here yet.  how on earth can I be prepared for something if I don't know what the something is!

I really do need to find a place that I can go and just scream!

and because I like to post a layout when I post, this picture is from 2009 and I'm just now scrapping it.  let me tell ya, when you know that you are going to put your house up for sale and the real estate agent is probably going to tell you that you've got to get your scrappy space clean and less stash cluttered, you start scrapping a little faster!

and because I don't like to end on a grrrrr note, since D isn't working, that means no grocery shopping for me, no cooking for me, and most times no dishes for me.  ya can't help but love that!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gossamer Blue January Kit

and, here are my 4 layouts with my January Gossamer Blue kit.  I'm telling you guys, I'm going to get a free album!  These layouts were a little more rushed than I would have liked them to be, and I'm not totally in love with them all, but, it's all good!  Most of last weekend was spent making baby shower invitations, and not working on my layouts, so I had to hurry hurry.

The exciting part about it, there are 4 pages to go in 4 different albums! That my friends is progress! 
I'm back to handwriting on most of my layouts.  There is nothing at all I like about my writing, because I can not seem to make myself slowdown enough to have it neat, but, it's me, it's always been this way, and one day I believe my family will look back, see that writing and smile.  I think this, because when I find things with my Grandmothers writing, it makes me smile.

The New Mexico trip with my family.

                                                   One for the new house album.

                                                Woot Woot, the Sr. Album!!

                                               Let's go to Vegas and get married album!

AND, in case you missed this on my facebook!  The grandpups have been spending lots of time at our house over the last couple of months.  Seems someone got into my scrappy supplies, so we had to make a sign for her momma to see what happened.  She really is a sweet little doll!  And seriously, does she not look just a little remorseful!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME.....

I so love these photos, because they just make me smile and all full of the warm and mushy happiness!

It was Sondra's birthday, well, not her actual birthday, but close enough.  I'm thinking Melissa came up with this idea, because it is something she would do.  We decided to get a cake for Sondra and celebrate her birthday while we were all together.  Somehow we managed to pull this off while she was with us.  I'm not sure if she thought we were talking about her or just didn't notice us all being, well nutso I guess, but I can tell you that it's a good thing Sondra likes sparkle and lights, cause we had to divert her attention a few times so we could get the cake ordered, paid for, and in the trunk of my car!

The best part, when we brought the cake out for her, and by this time, the whole house knew we were doing this, we bring the cake out and start singing happy birthday, look over, and Sondra is singing it the loudest and the happiest of all of us!  I knew at that moment that I hearted her!! We also knew at that moment that we managed to pull it off!  Although, from the looks I'm getting from her in one of the pictures, I'm not so sure she was as thrilled as we were about fooling her.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your day!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

Glitter Girl???

I captured this picture of  Lora and Kathi in deep conversation about something.  I'm guessing it's something that is just simply scrappy wonderful!  What it was, I don't know, but it sure has their attention.  Which wouldn't have been hard at this LSS, it was full of amazing layouts that were on display.

Have yourself a great day!