Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Glance at November....

I'm really stinking at blogging here of late, and I know I'm going to look back in a few years and wonder why???  So.... as a reminder to me, this is why I can't manage to find time to do the things I enjoy....

but really, what a super cute reason!!  I mean, who can resist this squishy little slobber face!  She is almost 8 months now, where does the time go?? and curious about everything!  David gets golf magazines each month, along with Rollin Stone and some other music one... I keep the current ones on the coffee table, and she makes such a game of pulling herself up and pulling them off... and then she beats on the coffee table.  I'm thinking she just might be a drummer girl!   

We also think the house might be haunted, and she is the only one who can see "them", because she is forever talking to someone, in some other language.... and it appears they answer her back.

She has discovered that there is more than just the living room and kitchen to this house, that there are hallways and bedrooms too! When I take her into my scraproom, her eyes get so big and she just looks in utter awe at all the stuff. I really think the wall of ribbon hypnotizes her! I'm still waiting for the moment that she discovers the music room and starts trying to play with the guitars. Wonder how fast David will move??

She has 4 teeth, with 2 more about to break through, and knows when you have food!  She hasn't been very fussy while teething, but you can tell when she doesn't feel good, because she just wants to cuddle.  She is just a mess, and I had forgotten how much work babies are!

I have managed to get in my scraproom to work on a few things that I'm planning to give as gifts.  Yes, I know I am running out time... but I'm not going to stress.  This is going to be a stress free holiday.  Stop laughing, really it is.  I was remarkably calm at Thanksgiving.  I mean strangely so, plus it's the 5th of Dec and I have a total of 3 gifts bought... and I'm not stressed. Bwhahaha.  Care to place bets on what day it is that I totally wig out?

So let's take a quick glance at November.   My semi-annual girls 4 day weekend at the lakehouse was fun.  With the help of a friend I made a church out of paper. (it's really cool and I need to post a picture of it)   My daddy turned 70, which is so hard to grasp.  Matt got hit from behind, on the ice, on a overpass, and put his pickup into the railing.  It's most likely totaled, he is just waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster. Thanksgiving was at our house again, minus Jessica and Josh, who went to Georgia. I slept in on Black Friday, didn't get out in all the craziness!  One weekend the temps were in the 80's and the next in the 20's.  My photographer workshop wrapped up, and I think I spent more time being confused than saying "ohhhh, I get it".. but that is ok, because it means I'm on the road to understanding!  

 My highlight moment....  my last picture I posted for critiquing... Karen Russell said

Exposure - Perfect

White Balance - Perfection

Let me tell ya, this girl got up and did the happy snoopy dance!  I think I might have even punched David in the arm, which he does not love, but I was so stinkin' excited!  BECAUSE, I've been struggling with my exposure and white balance.  Granted, the picture was taken outside, BUT, you still have to get it right.  AND,  it was straight out of the camera for critiquing, no editing!  Just thinking about it still makes me do a little happy dance!

And that folks, is a wrap on November.  I shall leave you with this picture of Cupcake in a box.  She loves pushing it around the house.  Ahhhh, to be amused by the simple things in life.    Now on to December, and time to get all the Christmas Decorations out!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick Glance at October

October seemed to be either really busy or go by really fast or both! truthfully, I'm going with both. November seems to be moving at the same pace, and so far, I've just not been able to find a way to slow it down.

October found us in Wichita Falls, Evelyn got to meet Devia and loved playing with the chairs in the salon. really, what child doesn't! then we were off to the pumpkin patch and Uncle Josh bought Evelyn her first pumpkin.

love love love her laugh
she wasn't too sure about sitting on the straw
I spent 4 days in Louisville, KY with some good friends. we went out messing around downtown. took some silly pictures with some metal birds, under a bridge, in kiddie cars at the mall, yes, we just had a silly fun good time! it was the middle of the day, the sun was playing havoc on my thinking and my pictures, and I spent a good portion of the time more than a little frustrated over my sudden inability to remember how to operate a camera!
yes, everyone was looking at us, and we didn't care!
again we didn't care who was watching!
Suze showing her love for the peeps.  couldn't keep the sun off her face
back home, and things did not slow down. took the girls, all 3 of them, to Oklahoma City to Affair of the Heart, in the rain, but we had fun. we also spent a little too much money, but really, you know that is going to happen. anytime Jessica and I are out shopping, too much money gets spent! I did get started on Christmas Presents and bought the cupcakes holiday outfits! winning!

then off to Wichita Falls to do a photo shoot for a young family. KL and Jess have been friends since high school, the went to the same college, both with a degree in education, and even though life is busy they stay in touch. KL wanted some new family pictures, her little one is about 8 months now, and it was time. I was thrilled to go do this for her and hoping she lets me again!
aren't they sweet!
KL and her family
Halloween arrived, and the kids dressed up. M and K both have jobs where the dressing up is required, which works out great for a little family trick or treating. they only went to a few houses, the ones down our block, then came back, sat out in the driveway and started handing out candy. somehow, I didn't manage to get them to understand to not give out ALL the candy, save some from D, so he isn't grumpy, and by 9pm three huge bowls of candy was gone. all that remained were 4 little pieces of bubblegum. Jess dressed up for her classroom and I wish I'd been able to get a picture of that, I'm going to have to figure out how to be in two places at once!
everyone goes, even Fruitloop is dressed up
the little princess, ready to go
if you don't know, that is a Dallas Cowboy tutu she has on.  Her daddy is a huge Cowboy fan, and her momma is becoming/has become one.  E has her little foot lifted up, her eyes squeezed shut, and is giggling here.  I've had this tutu for some time now, been dying to get pictures of her in it, but she can't stand alone yet.  this is a chair that one of my snowmen sit in, and I thought, hey...  it's not very pretty, I might paint it, but then again, she will be standing alone just fine in a few months.  anyway, it's not the photo I have pictured in my head, but it'll work for now.  :)

the holiday season is almost upon us, retailers seem to think it already is, and the weekends will just be getting busier. that is ok, because I'm really determined to get out, create memories with the kids, and give them traditions to remember, because you just never know what tomorrow brings.

one last note, it is Nov 7th, and I still have a yard full of flowers, pretty blooms, and color. how crazy is that!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October what?

someone please tell me how it got to be October the 8th already? little miss E is going to be 6 months old on Friday, summer/pool season is over, if I lived farther north, my trees would be turning, and wasn't it just Easter yesterday???

maybe time seems to be going so fast because life is crazy busy?? I don't know, but I feel as if I should be doing something as the days speed by, something other than playing Candy Crush! :) kidding!

I have been taking a lot of pictures, David informed me 2 weeks ago that I've taken over 5000 pictures of Little Miss in 5 months time. I said "is that all", he thinks I'm insane, I think he just doesn't understand. and the photography workshop, I'm loving it, but it is kicking my rear! I should have taken a leave of absence from work, grandma duty, and hired a maid before signing up. the forums are fast paced, the information makes my head spin, and I have discovered there is a lot of info out there that not only I didn't know, but I needed to know!

I was thinking about my blog this morning, and how a group of us all got started, think there were maybe about 10 of us... of the 10 only a couple still regularly blog themselves or even visit the blogs anymore. It's a bit sad, because it used to be a great way to keep up with what everyone was doing... and now, it's pretty much just me rambling about a whole lot of nothing, which I understand I'm pretty good at.

gotta run.... work is supah supah busy..... have my girls retreat next week! woohoo! and the workshop which has taken over my life, at least I'm not saying I'm bored! :)

here is Mr. Neurotic, A Giant Among His Kind Oz! This is one of the photos taken for the workshop... I excited to read Karen's critique later this week.

Have a super great Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Run Run Runaway...

just an FYI... I've not runaway... my computer, yes my new only 5 months old computer, it got, well it's kinda jacked up. I kept getting these error messages, and when I tried to upload pictures it would freeze. That is just not cool, so I took it to the shop.... and they don't seem to understand my NEEEED to have it back a week ago.

:( maybe tomorrow.....

Friday, September 20, 2013

say hello

say hello to....
a day filled with rain! a day with cooler temps! Friday! Date night! Texas Rangers in the win column!
ok, that last part is wishful/hopeful/positive thinking :)

today I was one of those people... who when I drive by their house I shake my head and think what are they thinking? I've had our sprinkler turned off all week, waiting for the rain. there would be a drop of rain here and there, but never anything more than a few drops. last night I turned the sprinkler on, so that it would come on at it's scheduled time this morning, and when I get up, the sprinklers are going and it is pouring down rain! in my defense, my sprinklers come on at 5am, who knew it would be raining then, and seriously, I am asleep! at any rate, I just shook my head and thought, what are you thinking!

I've not had our cupcake much this week. I go pick her up, then someone is there to get her within an hour. we do not get to spend much time together that way. she misses me too! I'll ask her, do you miss me and she just grins so big her body wiggles... that means yes in babyland. tomorrow though, we are all going to our hometown in Texas, watching the big float parade. horses and firetrucks and school marching bands. craft show on the courthouse lawn. we'll meet Jess and Josh there, along with my parents and my brother, and spend most of the day in town just hanging around. I'm thinking I better charge my camera battery tonight. can't wait to see the look on little missy's face as everything goes by.

here is a say hello layout. lots of layers, misting, washi tape, even some sewing. I do think now that it would look a bit better with a second color misted as well, but it works fine like this. I sill like it, and the picture makes me smile. isn't that what it's all about!

thanks for stopping by! have yourself a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can I get a WooHoo!!

really! seriously!! I wanna woohoo! while it is a Monday, it's also the first day of the photography workshop with Karen! woohoo! (ok, so now it is officially the second day because I didn't get this post finished yesterday!)

here's a little picture I took of just a smidgen of the flower beauty in my backyard. I seemed to play with my camera quite a bit over the weekend, and it felt good! I have no idea if the picture is correct, but I like it!

and now for a couple of layouts that I've finished. slowly I am getting back into scrapping. the desire is there, just seems to be so many other things needing my attention. anyone else feel that way?

and.... how could I not include a picture of cupcake! her momma is a big time couponer, and Sunday spread out over the living room floor cutting her coupons. miss cupcake thought her momma needed help! does she not have a look on her face that says, "do you mind??? I'm trying to read the paper". she is a hoot! and such a happy happy baby, except when she is fighting her sleep, like last night. even then she makes me laugh!

I have a feeling Karen's workshop is going to keep me pretty busy over the next 9 weeks... but I'm pumped! I'm ready! I'm excited and ready to get snapping! Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

He & She

we've made it to Friday again. ya know, I used to get really excited when Friday arrived, because the week seemed so long and it meant two days of not going to work, but now, I think, what??? Friday again?? where did the week go? now instead of it being woohoo the weekend, it's we are one week closer to another new year! it really is true, once you reach a certain age, the years seem so just fly by, and that is just one more reason to live while you can! enjoy while you are able, because the years, they be flying by in a hurry!

it's 4 days after labor day, and I'm wearing white jeans! ha, take that fashion police. I know that no white after labor day isn't so much a rule anymore, but growing up with a mother who was up on all the fashion and fashion rules, and did not wear white after labor day, it's hard to do. but, I did it today, and I'm am looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to point and gasp! "she has on white!!!" I have issues!

I love this layout below. it is a lift, and I've spent the last couple of hours trying to find where I lifted it from. not sure if it's right to post on your blog when you can't remember where you lifted it from, so forgive me if it's wrong. I'm almost positive that it was Jen Jockisch, but it might have been Jenni Hufford, except I can't find it anywhere. I'm still looking for it, because now it's driving me nuts, and hoping to find it so I can come back and include the link to it. I really did want to share it though, and hope no one is offended, because that is not my intentions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Look!

Hey y'all!
I've got a new look! and I like it! I soooo needed it! Kristine Davidson made it all pretty for me, and she was so great. I can't say enough good things about her! She answered all of my questions, and that is saying a lot! Really, if you are wanting a blog update and need someone to do it for you, she is your woman!

it's still hot here, temps in upper 90's and low 100's, which is great pool/tan weather. had a little get together on Sunday for Kristin's birthday. everyone played in the pool a little, will share pics soon. played some games, ate some dinner, and then it was cake an ice cream!

Matt and Kristin are back in school, and I see Miss Evelyn daily. Pretty rough stuff being a grandma.

Jessica has started her second week with her new students, and she is just as excited this year as she was last year.

the dealership that David had worked at, that sold in December and then told him see ya, yeah, that guy, he seemed to be using company money to buy a house and new furniture and paying for family vacations for 6 to Disney Land. the investors didn't seem to like it much, a judge was brought in to sort things out, and the judge says you either sell it or I'll put it on the auction block. this was last week, bids are due by tomorrow, if needed will hit the auction block next Monday I think, he's not wasting any time. who knows what will happen, David could be back in town soon, time will tell.

and me, work is busy, drilling new wells. home is busy, have the baby lots of evenings, and can't seem to step away from candy crush. I seriously need me some rehab! CCA Candy Crush Anonymous!

and a little layout from our corn maze trip! I'm still surprised no one called the cops on us! sorry for the light glare on the picture, this is what happens when I wait til midnight to take the photos of my layouts.

Friday, August 23, 2013

the story

it has been a busy summer! I can't believe that it's almost over and September is 9 days away! it really is true, the older you get, the quicker the days fly by, cause I'm thinking I just took my Christmas decorations down last week and it's almost time to get them back out!
it's been a good summer though. we had that pool party, and I was a little OCD like I said I'd be, BUT!, my yard has never looked so good! I was tired after it though, so tired I stayed tired all during the week, and last weekend, I never got out of the chair! haha It went so smoothly though, and was a lot of fun, so much so, that I said I'd do it again. I think though maybe I'd had just a little too much rum & coke!
Jessica is starting her second year of teaching next week. she's met most of her students and it is just awesome to hear the excitement in her voice! I hope it's a good year for her, even if she has spent the better part of the summer telling me I am crazy and blaming me for all that is wrong in her world. I think she needed more spankings as a young child.
it's been a bit of a strange week this week. I always turn on the tv and listen to the today show while I get ready for work, and to hear them talking about our quiet little town, it's just surreal. you pull up yahoo and see Oklahoma shooting as #3 or #4 on what's trending now. it's still hard to believe that 3 teenagers just on a whim decided to kill someone, and that it happened right down the street from my office. I knew something major had happened when all the police cars went flying by, but never imagined it would be something like a 23 yr old being shot in the back just because he happened to be jogging down the street. It's sad and tragic, and hard to wrap your head around. then a bit later I looked up and noticed two patrol cars out in our parking lot talking and you could see patrol cars driving around the area. I remember thinking it's like they are looking for someone, but still never gave it another thought. until I saw it on facebook later that evening, and then the local news. and this week, everyone in the country, and other countries, have been talking about it. there was a fund set up, to raise money for his parents to come to Oklahoma I think, they people responsible for it had hoped to raise $15,000.00, last I looked, it was over $100,000.00. it makes no sense how something so horrible can happen when there are so many kind and caring people in this world, and raising that amount of money is just proof that there is still good out there, and lots of it. I for one am cheering for the good to keep shining through.
the story
this picture was taken out at my parents a few years ago, at least 4 if not 5. It was shortly after my mom had her first back surgery and she needed help putting out all of her Christmas decor. off we went to help, and at some point, Matt was trying to stress to her that she was over working him and he was to tired to do anymore. when she wasn't buying it, he put on her back brace and took her walking cane/stick and hobbled into the kitchen, like a 90 yr old man, to sit at the table in peace with my daddy. my daddy just looked up at him, shook his head, grinned his sideways grin, and went back to just sitting. there they sat, just sitting, no words, just sitting. it warms my heart to look at that picture of the two of them at the table.

I did lots and lots of stitching on this one. I like it, but it reminded me why I don't like to sew. it was almost like sewing a dress, all the stitching. ha wishing you all a great weekend. I'm headed down Dallas way tomorrow to spend the day with my posse of girls! We are going to a cocktail to colors event in Bedford. I'm thinking Bedford will never be the same again!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Can you believe it is August 5th, already! It's almost time for school to be starting back, winter clothes are now all over the stores, and we are still having 100+ degree temps, which makes it hard to think about coats!
But, I must get in the mind frame of winter/coats/holidays, for I really do plan to make some Christmas Presents this year! It's something I've thought about for a couple of years, and before the unthinkable happens, I want to get this done. So, I need to get busy!!
Not this week though, my darling husband, he's really been wanting to have a get together/cook out/pool party, and in a weak moment I said you should go ahead and plan for one. He jumped ALL over that! What was going to be about 8 people, has now turned into 16 and counting. My thoughts, if I've got to clean for 2, might as well make it worth it my time and be 20! And because I'm just a little to OCD, with an outside party, you have to do the inside and outside. This girl has been busy! The yard is looking really good though. :)
 Here's another layout I created this past week. It was for another challenge, while I had it completed by the deadline, I did not get it uploaded, and it's ok. I still posted it on thier site the next morning saying I just wanted to share. Our little cupcake, in the pool, appears to have turned her head and be fussing at someone, and this little caption just came to mind when I saw the photo. She is a mess and I'm afraid going to be really spoiled, but by her Aunt Jessica, not me. The layout, it was a lift a member challenge, and you can see the blog post here if you like along with a link the the member I lifted in the comments section.Gossamer Blue Member Lift
I really liked this layout, and now that I've lifted it, have to say I love it! So many great layers.

Wanted to include a little picture of our cupcake, to mark time, for when I look back on the blog. By the way, have you all noticed that there is not near as much traffic on your blogs as there was once before. I know people are still blogging, so we are all still out there, guess just not many leave comments anymore. AND, blogger is not my friend this morning, so please forgive everything being all together, with no paragraphs. Some exciting news for me, I've been wanting to take Karen Russell's photography class! I have such a crush on her and her style, I finally signed up. It starts next month, and I'm super excited! Wishing you all a good Monday, and great week!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dream Weaver

Can you believe this little beauty is almost 4 months old and this is the first layout I've made with the 2000 pictures I've taken of her.

This layout was created with Fancy Pants Wonderful Day Line.  I'm entering it in the Fancy Pants/Gossamer Blue Guest Design Team Spot.

There are lots of layers going on with this one.  I even used vellum to create a layer and a softer dreamy feel.  I stitched a few things down, and really like that added touch, and of course there is some misting.  This is the first contest I've entered, so wish me luck, and even if I don't get picked, I've still got a really nice layout completed of Cupcake!

I think this is the first layout I've completed in some time now, still staying pretty busy with the yard, and of course the baby, but I have to say, this was fun.  I realize how much I miss playing with paper!

Thanks for taking a minute of your busy day to stop by! Have yourself a wonderfully fabulous day!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tomorrow will make 2 months since...

I have posted on my blog!  I wish I could tell you I'd been off doing most exciting things!   But, sadly, that is not the truth!  I have been playing with the baby, a lot.  I've been watching Ranger ballgames, a lot!  I have been on the computer, a lot, this dang laptop seems to be able to go where I go.  I've certainly not been blogging, or processing photos, nope, I've been playing Candy Crush and Farm Heros!  Someone please save me now!!!  Guess what, admitting you have a problem does not make you feel better!

I've also been working in my yard most days, until dark for the last month.  Seriously, month.  The amount of shrubs and trees to trim or weeds to pull in this yard is crazy insane!  There are 46 shrubs, that is no lie, then Crepe Myrtle trees, and flower beds that seem to never end.  What was I thinking when I said oh I must have this place!  It is all starting to look much more like I want it to.  In the back anyway, I still need to do some work out front.  I personally think that if I work the beds on the east side out back, that it should be a rule that no weeds grow back in all summer long!  You move over to the west side, and just when you are almost done, yep, weeds be growing on the east side!  That is just not right!

So, between work, baby, yard, house, dogs, Ranger baseball, and husband, when is a girl supposed to blog?  My tan is looking good though!

Now that bloggerville knows I'm still alive, I'm hitting the road.  Heading to Jessica's to help her this afternoon.   I'm not sure just yet if these kids are going to keep me young or put me in a early grave.
Guess I can rest when I'm no longer alive, right! :)

But, before I go, you know I've got to post a picture or two.  or maybe more :)

I was doing so good burning through my old kits, cranking out the layouts, then, summer.  sigh, I'll get back in there soon.

These pictures are courtesy of either Sondra or Susan, or both, from when 3 grown women went to the corn maze at the pumpkin patch. 

and because not everyone facebooks and has seen this little cutie.  This was from last weekend, she is growing fast.

and we can't forget this little diva!  She is a rockstar!
And since that little cutie in the last picture just jumped in my lap, I'd say it's time to sign off.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 29, 2013

no words needed

think she doesn't have him wrapped around her little finger already!

two weeks old and a head full of hair!

I have a confession

I have been super lazy the last couple of weeks.   seems it all started about the time I got the laptop.  thinking that might not have been so smart!  I was on a super roll creating layouts, cranking out several a week, then poof, it all stopped.  all because I can now sit in the recliner while playing candy crush on facebook!  it's dreadful, and I say to myself, get up get up, go do something, and then myself says, oh but you have a life left!  Not tonight!  Tonight I am going to work in my flower beds, I think, depends on how much willpower I have come 6pm.

Here's a layout about Tommy the Toad, who lives in my backyard each spring, summer, and fall.  He was there when we first moved in, loving the pool I guess.  I even had to kill a few snakes to keep him safe.  I really didn't expect to see him the following year, but as we opened the pool, we found him under the tarp, his home for winter.  He's been in our yard ever since, and yes, it's the same one!  I even made him a house 2 years ago, and last year, Tammy came to live with him and they had babies.  I'm really a bit surprised at my fascination with this toad!  I'm sure the entire neighborhood is as well, because they can all hear my screams of excitement when I yell to David, "Tommy's Back, Tommy's Back!!"

The lighting on my pictures isn't the greatest, because I didn't worry about it, thinking I'd adjust it with photoshop, except I'm too busy playing Candy Crush to figure out photoshop!!  See a pattern here!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

easy day

it's a beautiful day in Oklahoma today. sun is shining and I need to get outside and do some yard work but can't seem to.   my laptop arrived this week, and while I was excited to get it, getting everything loaded onto it is really time consuming. :)  I've downloaded a trial version of photoshop elements, so I've been playing. and playing. and playing some more.  it's safe to say that I'm hooked!
I haven't even been in my scraproom to play for a few days, but am planning on getting in there during the Ranger game.  do a little scrapping and watch some baseball. 

I've actually set myself up a fantasy baseball team this season, and it's been fun.  David and Matt have one in the same league too, and Matt has been leading in scores since day one.  it's funny, he'll call and we'll talk baseball.  just one more memory we are making.  I think it's cool that he calls me to talk baseball.

it's a bit strange, but I've not much to say.  very unusual for my chatterbox self.
I needed to get my 4 Gossamer Blue layouts posted by today.  so far I've done the 4 each month to get my free album.  one more month to go!  woohoo!!

wishing you all a peaceful week!