Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week #23-One Weekend Two Shots

Week #23 is upon us, and let me tell you... I've taken plenty of pictures the last few days! It was a busy weekend and if not having had 4 days off, well I'm not sure I would have survived it!

This shot is of a tree in my Mother's bedroom. I love the colors she uses on this tree... and of course it matches the colors in her bedroom.

This next shot...can you tell what it is?

Cotton! Growing in a field not to far from here.

You should have seen me getting this shot! I've got to get this scrapped so I can remember the story! I drove a little way down the dirt road, parked on the side, and trudged up the embankment to the fence... was not happy with that shot at all... it was the whole field and nothing I could do to change it. So finally, I got back in the car to head home and thought...nope, I'm getting the picture I want! Drove down the road a bit, found a gate that went into another field, not this one...and thought I'm getting this shot! Did I tell you I had on boots with about 3 inch heels? Spike heels at that! Oh, and a pretty white sweater? Out I go with camera in hand... found a place in the fence that the barbwire was loose... down on my butt I go and started crawling... had to take the sweater off, it kept getting caught...don't worry, I had on another shirt... into the pasture I crawled... minus a bit of hair...but I'm not liking the hair right now anyway, so that's ok... and man was the dirt soft! There was a little stumbling going on, because lets face it... I'm not to steady in spiked heels on a flat surface! You know what though... I'd do it again... it was so worth it! I did wonder how I'd explain myself if the farmer happened to show up while I was out in his field!

Anytime I see cotton growing it gives me such a warm feeling in my heart... reminds me of my grandparents and trips to their house!

Wishing you all a nice warm Tuesday evening! I'm off to work on my December Daily some more.

Monday, November 29, 2010

December Daily

Alrighty, had to post a few pics of the December Daily so you guys would really know I'm doing one! Plus it's been some time since I posted any scrap projects... I've really been working on stuff. Why this weekend I even finished one set of my ATC's for Lora's swap! How about that, me....ahead of schedule! HA!

Anyway, the pages are a little plain for me... at least compared to what I normally do... I'm sure I'll add a few embellies as I add pics and journal spots...it's so hard to know what to put on it when you haven't added the main part yet, and I just know myself...I'll be kicking myself because some embellie over here works better or some sort of silly nonsense.

My cover... the tags are in a pocket...my first pocket ever to do!! Woot Woot!
Another first...versamark and a stamp... I need to start using all these techniques that Melissa takes her time to teach me!

The tags... thank you Mr. Cricut

Inside cover... not sure if I'm going to leave it as is with nothing on it or not

I'm having a into page... so...my intro page. Think I'll just simply put a pic of the outside of the house here

I'm doing 2 page layouts... 25 of them... so 50 pages.. I must have lost my mind! It was dark when I was taking the pics last night...I didn't feel like messing with the lighting and trying to make it work, so I just scanned the pics. For now, they are in a single line, cause it was 1am people... and they may just continue on this way... but, just so you know.... they will be in sets of two... thank you for understanding!! :)

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

I've gotten more done... but will wait to post. I'm not to sure about posting them all with no pics and then coming back and posting with pics... but ya never know.. I may run out of things to post and they'd come in handy. Unlike now...I've got so much to post that I don't know where to start!!

I must say, I am having fun with this project... I feel like I've got a little bit of pep back in my scraphappy step! And that's a good thing!

Thanks for stopping by...wishing you all a wonderful day!

Monday, November 22, 2010


The International Honor Society of Education at Midwestern State University

Not only was Jessica inducted in, but also as Vice President! I must tell you though, she was asked to be the president but declined the offer due to her busy schedule.

To say I'm proud of her is putting it mildly!
She's doing so well, and I must say I am not surprised! I've always known she would succeed at whatever she decided to do!

I love you baby girl!

Waiting to be introduced

Signing the book

Her certificate

Pops and Mimi were there to watch

The candle passed to the officers

Josh & Jess

I made her pose with her name, for when I have the madcow!

After the ceremony, we went to eat. It was my Daddy's birthday as well, so we had lots to celebrate!

Isn't she just so pretty!

Josh making a face

Matt, Kristin, and me

David, Jess, & Josh

Matt & Kristin

Momma, Daddy, and Matt

It was a busy busy weekend, but so enjoyable. Josh & Jess had just signed papers on a house on Fri, so Sat I went into Wichita Falls... went to see the house... it's really nice and I know they will have may happy years there. Then I was off to try something new with my hair... oh that went bad... and did a little shopping. Got myself a new Tim Holtz die and ..... shoes!!! YEA ME! Hey, I had to have a little therapy after the hair disaster! Out to eat with Josh & Jess before heading home. Then Sunday back to Wichita Falls to celebrate with the family!

Don't ya just love those kinds of weekends.

That's all for now, just wanted to share our weekend with you all!

Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends! Love to you all!

Week #22 Shots

My photo's for week #22

Santa's Hand

My Daddy on his 67th Birthday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost finished.

Ahhh, last night I started getting out my Christmas Decorations. While it might be a tad bit earlier than I normally put them out, I need to get the totes emptied so we can put them up in the attic and out of the way. No need to take them up, only to bring them back down in a few days.

After I started unpacking I looked around and thought, I've never taken any photos of the living room and put them on the blog. I mean after all, Barb needs to know what the living room looks like in case she wants to color coordinate some clothes!

I'm really not yet finished with it, but I wanted to go ahead and post pics, I'm sure I'll post some of all Christmas decorations after I get them up.

And please, see the 3 piece picture on the wall. You can really tell me if you think it's a bit too much. I understand, really!! I think it's a bit too much with all of the blue, but David loves it... and when you are married you have to give a little. He's really so very good to me, so agreeing to this set was really a no brainer for me.

We are going to lower the pictures. I think that would help a bit if they are lower. Think I'll look for different pillows, not sure yet, but think that might help. I have a bit of mixed feelings on the pictures. While I do like them and really like the abstract, I just thought the colors didn't work with what I had going. But... they do keep the room from being so dark.... they do bring a bit of vivid color into the room, and we all know how I love color! I did add some blue flowers to the vase below the pictures, and am thinking perhaps if I put another vase with flowers and straw stuff over in the corner behind the table and lamp that will help take some of the color to the other side of the room. I've had mostly reds, golds, and browns going in there so far. I wasn't overly crazy about the gold at first, but it was what was used on all the fixtures. Unless you are very wealthy, you work with what you have, and if you don't like it, then slowly replace it. Although now, I'm kinda liking it. The furniture isn't leather. It's that microfiber stuff, but it's so comfy!

Here I'm standing over by the back door.

This wall paper was already there. It's another thing that I'm not so crazy about.. but David likes the 3D look of it. It does work with my colors and makes me think of the North Pole. With the holidays approaching it works perfect. However, it might just find itself replaced in a few years. We'll see. In these next two photos I'm standing in front of the fireplace.

Behind the couch is a tiled entry way I guess you can call it. You can see the gold light hanging down. In the picture it looks as if it might be hanging over the couch, but it's not. In front of the window there, I've put a sofa table.

Here I'm behind the couch. This is another area that needs a little more added to it. I'll have framed photos up on the mantel and top of the tv. David is wanting to get a new tv, a flatscreen I think along with a stand, so that will change. It's not going to be anytime soon, so until then I will have photos on top of the tv as well. I absolutely love the art work over the fireplace. I need to take a close up picture of it and post it so you can see it better. Of course the plant by the fireplace will be moved before long.
These next two pictures I'm standing over by the front door, next to the doorway going into David's music room. You can see the hallway, if you take a left you go straight into the guest bedroom.... which is now Matt's...but he's willing to give it up for Barb! Take a right down the hall and you will find the guest bathroom... keep going and you end up in my scraproom!

Behind David's recliner is a built in bookcase that I forgot to get pics of. I'll show you that after I get my Christmas decorations up.
Honestly, I'd love for you guys to tell me what you really think. I'm struggling a little with trying to get the picture to blend in. As I said, I think maybe different pillows will help, or possibly a vase behind that one end table. The pillows are what came with the furniture and I'm not attached to them. Part of the reason I've made this post is for your input. The pictures are there to stay, for several years anyway, David truly loves them, so I just need to find a way to make it work. If you think it's fine now, then you can say that. All I ask is that you don't tell me it looks fabulous if you are sitting in front of your computer saying... OMG, how atrocious! No smoke blowing up my rear!
I think it's really coming together. I've had fun looking for pieces to put in the house... just wish I had all the money to do it RIGHT NOW! I am not known for my patience. I do know that I've got to get as much of it done these next few months as I can....for when spring hits... all my monies will be being spent on the outside!! But then again, adding pieces here and there over the years is what normally happens in most homes.

I'm really looking forward to reading your comments... so please, don't be shy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week #21- One Weekend-Two Shots

Here are my photos for week #21. I realize my photos have been lacking a little these last few weeks. While I'm still excited about this challenge, I know I haven't been giving it the attention I should! I must admit I'm feeling a little guilty about that.

This past weekend I really wanted to take some photos of color. Wonderful, glorious, can't live without it COLOR! I think I managed to capture some of that!

Buttons! I love buttons, though I must admit that I seldom use them. Digging through the bowl that I had them in just hasn't been appealing to me. This past weekend I went to my Grannie's house and came back with 7 vintage pieces of glassware. One of them even belonging to my great-grandmother. At first I had thought I'd clean them and put them in a cabinet in the kitchen.... then thinking how sad is that, they'll never be used. On the drive back home I thought...buttons! I can sort my buttons by color and display them on my new cubbys! (I'll be showing you those soon)

They work perfect! And... I Love Them! Now my buttons are sorted... out where I can see them, and, hopefully use them more!

This next picture, while I'm not sure if I used the correct setting on the camera, you can see how the sun is hitting half the pot and the other half is in the shade, the picture itself excites me! These are in my back yard, the geraniums have more blooms on them right now than they've had since May... and it's November 14th! (well, the photo was taken on the 14th) It should be cold outside and the flowers are all usually dead by now...but here it is, the middle of November, and I've got wonderful pink blooms!

Seeing these out my back door just makes me smile! I walk out there each day and just stare at these blooms! I'm so anxious to get started on this yard!

I did some creating over the weekend and worked some more on my scraproom. I have to say, it's all coming together. I'm waiting for a couple more things to arrive and then I think I might be nearing the end of it! Can't wait to get it finished and show you guys!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. As always, thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week #20 shots

Here are my photos for Week #20.

A splash of color to go with the painting.

A little something sent home from my Grannie's.

I really need to get a picture of the living room now that it has almost reached it's finished stage. I'll try to remember to do that this weekend during the day when the lighting is better. Plus, I do need a picture of it now for my album that I will someday make.... hmmmm, hope I'm still living here when I get it made and the kids haven't moved me into some home.

Speaking of kids, they are all doing just great! So good in fact, I find that right now I'm not having to worry about them any. Ahhhh, no wonder I've been sleeping so good the last few days.

Jessica is doing well in school, and the days she doesn't have class she's getting to sub. She is actually getting paid to teach! She's been elected vice president of the NHS at her campus and we will be going to a ceremony for it later this month. Josh has been hired by a company on base and is still able to take the classes he is in. He is officially out of the air force and just returned from his first weekend with the reserves. Matt is doing well in school also. He seems to be enjoying it which is a blessing. He's met a nice young lady and seems to be returning to his old self again. It's a nice feeling, not being so worried about one of them or all of them. While I don't like having to watch them stumble or fall, it is a pleasure to watch them through this journey as the become adults.

Right now, life is peaceful, and that is a wonderful thing!

Blessings to all!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A wall of delightful goodies

It is delightful, this wall of mine. The board is filling up with cards from all my friends. There is so much inspiration in that one little spot!

You can see the gutter David cut to give all my ribbon spools a home! I love it!! My ribbon is right there at my fingertips and it's just so easy to remove a roll, take it to the table so I can cut what I need, and just put it back in place. I'm not sure who the person was that thought of this idea, but it is pure genius! I think it will look much better though if I get end caps for it. Plus it will help stabilize it a bit too, I think. Did I tell you how much I just love love love it!! Only problem that I see with it right now, there are blank spots!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Playing Catch-up Weekend shots #18 & #19

Jess & Josh cooking lunch for us... can't get any better than that!

Copic Markers... love seeing all the colors in that tin can

My shrub with red berries. Glad I waited and didn't dig this one up. I'm going to like looking outside in the winter and seeing the hint of red.

More delightful goodness of color!