Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dog Gone Wild!

More pics of Zoey and Matt playing after a dip in the pool  I'm not sure which is more entertaining, watching Zoe run from Matt, or Matt chase her... cause we all know there is no way he is going to catch that little speed demon!

A bit of a different layout for me.  I didn't use hardly any paper, just two sheets.  The rest is either washi tape strips or embellies.  That is all washi strips under the pictures.  That tells me if I actually do run out of paper, which is my greatest fear, (it used to be drowning) buuuut, if I do run out of paper, I can use washi tape in it's place!

And that's another page done for the our new home album!

It is almost December 1st, and I'm still not sure how that has happened.  I've bought a total of 3 gifts.  2 for David and 1 for Jessica.  I need to get busy!  It's hard to get into it though, cause we've got 70 and 80 degree temps!  On Nov 29th!!  I am still wearing flip flops!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scrappy Do!

One great thing about being in a house with 6 or more scrapbookers.... they've all got cameras, and you are able to get pictures of yourself, that without them would never be. 

I'm not sure who I need to thank for the pictures below.  We all shared our pics online once we returned home.  I'm wondering if perhaps it's not Suze I should thank, the pictures are less than flattering and that is so something she would do and then giggle about!

It is what it is though, and normally, after we go out for dinner on Thurs night, I never leave the house again and my hair stays up on top of my head from the moment I get up until I go to bed again.

Can I just say, I love love love my scrappy time with my scrappy peeps!

Lots of layers here.  Mr. Huey misting, lace doily, wood veneer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have yourself a wonderful day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Where'd November go??

SERIOUSLY???  Where did November go?  Actually, now that I think about it, where did October go?  I swear it was just the end of summer 2 days ago, and now we are what, 30 days from Christmas?  That's crazy!  I always heard as a youngster that time flies when you get older..... I thought all those people were nuts, come to find out, they might have known what they were talking about!

It's time to play catch up.  I've gotten numerous layouts completed over the last month, just been letting them stack up.  I need to get them posted so I can get them in albums.

The pictures in this layout are from when we first arrived at the airport in Vegas, ummmm, back in 2008!  I am making progress! ha

I tried a little something different with this layout.  I've been seeing lots of strips while surfing blogs, not sure anyone persons blog inspired this, but more like several.  Thought I'd give it a go, and think I might just like it enough to do it again.

The picture here is from our first meet up of the Memory Maker Forum peeps in Texas.  Of course we had to visit a LSS there, thank you Kathi!

Used a Studio Calico mask and Mr. Huey mist here.  Some wood veneers, washi tape and sequins. Lots of layers!

This is the cover of my December Daily 2012 Album.  Don't you just love that paper!
Having fun getting this ready.

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting in the holiday spirit!