Saturday, June 30, 2012

at the Shuttle Stop

Have you guys noticed summer is here?  I know I told you a few days ago... but have you noticed?  It's still some kinda hot here! 

I realized about 1am this morning that after 2 years I still do not have our sprinkler system figured out!  I wasn't having much luck sleeping.. four dogs in the bedroom was not helping.. as I was trying to take at least one dog back to it's momma.... I hear it... the water hitting the window... which means we are in zone 3 of the system.  Might as well let it finish at this point!  I'd planned to water this morning anyway, but, that is not the point!  The not having this thing figured out yet is the point!  It's about to tick me off!  I KNOW that I'm smarter than a sprinkler system!  Moral of this story..... do not wish for things that are going to cause you frustration!

I think today is going to be a busy day, so I'm enjoying the quiet right now. I should be at my table pushing papers around... I seem to have my best creativity before the caffiene kicks in. Is it because I'm not awake enough to over think things perhaps? ANYWAY, we are going to an auction this morning. Trying to buy a washer and dryer for David's mom. We are moving her back in a couple of months and she doesn't want to bring hers. Then think the bug and I are going to see Magic Mike. They aren't showing it here, so we have to drive to the next town over. After that, maybe a swim... I've got a room I need to strip wall paper in.... there's always laundry! Jessica is here for the weekend... she says she is staying until Monday morning... so not sure I'll get much scrapping done. I hear we are making homemade icecream tonight!

Hard Rocking @ The Shuttle Stop.  Another layout for the Vegas book. 

This is our dear sweet Hippi.  He was always looking out for Emma and me.... always.  If we ventured very far, we could look over our shoulder and see him close by making sure we were ok.  I know this because we tested him a few times! ha  It's hard to believe that in the last 8 months we've lost them both.  Looking at this picture, it just makes my heart smile.  Think I may have to hang it up in my room for a bit!

Lots of layering going on here.  I think I'm going to take my sewing machine and stitch across the letters in the title.  The two original pieces of paper I started my layering with...they are covered up.  Funny how that works.  Little bit of punching.  Hey look, I used some buttons!.  Of course, the wood veneer!

Journaling reads: not sure if Hippi is holding up the sign or if the sign is holding up Hippi.  This shuttle is not quick. At least an hour wait. :)   Seriously, we did wait for the shuttle for much longer than an hour.  Somebody really really really wanted to go to the Hard Rock Casino.  I'm not saying who.....  but lets just say he loves the music. :)

Wood Veneer People - Studio Calico
Shipping Tag
All other supplies from Studio Calico April 2012 kit - City of Lights.

Can I just say, I've lost track of how many layouts I've made from this kit... thinking I got maybe 2 add-ons, must have, but I still have a lot, and I mean a lot left!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Life

Hiya Peeps!

Here's another one for the Las Vegas, boy and girl marry, live happily ever after book!

The mojo is still flowing, and I'm buring through the ATG tape!  It helps that David is busy at night with his music.  I just go back to my room, turn the Ranger Baseball on, and get busy! :)  Ozzy & Kiara curl up in the floor for a nap.... and all is right in the world.

I'm trying to do a better job of keeping up with the supplies I use.
Studio Calico - City of Lights - April 2012 Kit, includes Dear Lizzy Embellishements, Crate Paper/My Minds Eye/Sassafrass papers, washi tape. Canvas Camera-Studio Calico, mist-Bluegrass Mr. Huey. Flair Button-a flair for buttons etsy shop.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peace Baby!

If you were wondering... summer is here.  Temps the last few days... 106.  Temps expected over the next week 110.  Just wanted to share!

I had so much fun with this layout... and it came together so quickly!  I've really been working on my letting go.... to let it flow.... and stop with my obsessing over actually using something!  I've caught myself a few times picking something up I like, then putting it back down because I like it too much.  My brain, it just doesn't work right sometimes.   I'm getting better though....  and my mojo seems to be in high gear.  It's not only flowing... it's gushing.... and I'm here to tell you, I am taking advantage of it!!

Photo taken Downtown Las Vegas.
April Studio Calico - City of Lights - kit used
Stampin Up ink
Tickets & $0.25 tokens - stamps

Thursday, June 14, 2012


days are good days!  Wouldn't you say!!  The sun is shining here.... we've had a couple of nice rains this week.  Jess came and stayed Fri night with us... and brought the grand-pups which was a nice surprise... Matt came by for a short visit Tues. on his way out of town.... AND.........

the pool seems to be working!  Which is awesome... seeing as for a couple of days the pump wouldn't come on and I was scared! really really scared!  It's working now, we think it was from all the rain.... at least that is what the internet said????   The water is clear.... and we've not even changed the sand yet!!  PLUS.... I had a baby frog in it.... and yesterday.. I'm not sure what this thing was... David said a lizard, but it had spots and didn't look any lizard I'd ever seen.  I'm thinking it was a Salamander... and no, I'm not totally sure... but I did look it up on the internet and it looks just like what was in the pool.  I just wasn't sure if it was poisonous or not... so I didn't get a picture, because I had to guard it and not let it out of the pool until David got home... and yes.... that is exactly what I did... I sat there with the net in hand, watching, ready to put it back in the water... and that is how David found me when he came in at lunch!  While I may not have gotten in the water yet... and have no idea if I can still remember what little of swimming I learned last year... it has been entertaining already this year.  Of course, it doesn't take much to entertain me!

Here are a few more layouts from the golf tournament.  I'm noticing that I've not been using much in the way of embellies lately.  Just paper.... and we know how I love patterned paper!  I think right now I'm just really trying to make some progress.  I've so many pictures, so many I want to scrap... and I'm just focusing on get them done.  So for right now, the less is more is really working for me.

Here's another one that I didn't put hardly any product in.  I did a little stamping on it, and I really like that part of it.  I couldn't get the title placed in a way that made me love it.... decided I was spending way too much time on that part of it, and just put it on there.  I figure in about 5 years, I'm not going to even remember I didn't really like the placement of the letters.  It all works out in the end, and the important thing is to get the memories down.

This photo is really important to the album.  Dinner is provided for the golfers and spouse each night during the tournament.  Each night we had to go to this board with all the scores posted, before we went in... and when we came out.  Each night!  Not to mention, I'm sure David stopped and looked at it when he arrived for his round and when he completed his round, after he loaded his clubs, and a few other times through out the day.  It just really tickled me, because we'd stand there for what seemed like an hour looking at this.  Ok, it really didn't tickle me... it drove me nuts.  But, loving someone means standing in front of a golf score board for an hour twice a day!

Wishing you all a great Thursday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's the "IN" thing....

honesty.......   you see it all the time... people say, I'm just being honest.  perhaps they are....  but honestly, I think it's just an excuse for rudeness and cruelty!  there's honest, and then there is hurtful... and sometimes it's a very fine line that separates them.  and....   that's all I gots to say about that!!

now, on to more important things... like this sand for the pool..... called the pool people back
my first call was 12 days ago...
they couldn't find my ticket...
must be in one of the guys trucks ma'am...
no ma'am, we can't tell you when we will be there, the boss decides.
will it be this week???
can't really say ma'am, the boss decides, but I hope it's soon since you called over a week ago.
can I talk to the boss....
he's not here.
ok, when is he there.....
usually about 7:30am.
can you leave him a note to call me??? 
we can ma'am, but he doesn't always read our notes.
ok, how are you going to let him know I've called again?  
we'll leave him a note ma'am.
ok, then, can you tell me someone else who performs this service???
what service is that ma'am?
** banging my head on my desk**   where is Sheldon when I need him?
changing out the sand in a pool filter.
you mean you'd call someone else ma'am???
no, I was just wondering!!!!   have your boss call when he can.
ok ma'am.

what can ya do.... just say Bless Your Heart and move on!
my next move.... texting David he better find someone else!!  after only have answering machines answer several of his call..... he googled how to change the sand in your filter..... seems it requires the cutting of pipes.... wish us luck! and the speedy return of a phone call! because we for realsies do not know what we are doing! David has brought home the sand, he says he can do this....
I'm wondering how much this is going to cost!

Jessica seems to have gotten all settled in her new house.  I'm not sure what she did with all of her clothes... she sent me a picture of a full closet and still lots of clothes left to put somewhere... next time she tells me she needs new clothes I'm going to send that picture back to her!  haha

Here is another layout I completed at the lake house a few weeks ago.  One more down for the golf album!  I'm making progress!!  Didn't use much in the way of embellishments... just misting, paper, and a few buttons.  The title.... a few years ago you could not have paid me to mix the fonts... it's one of my favorite things to do now!

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Road to normal....

Does it even exist?  This normal?? haha.... it does indeed, and I believe it is making a return to my house!  This last month, and I mean month, has been a bit of a struggle....  stress and worry do not mix well in my world!  I say this because some people really crave these things in their life.... love the drama and upheaval of it all..... they don't see it as stress, but as excitement..... I don't understand that!  It makes me nauseous!  I can't function... go to bed at night with your mind heavy.... wake up in the morning and your mind is just racing.....   I'm really a happy person, and most days my glass is half full.... so stress, sadness, worry, drama... it just has no place in my life!  And since it's on the way out the door......
I've slept better the last few days than I have all month.....  I created a few layouts over the last few days.... my yard looks better... my flowerbeds are almost completely weed free.... normal is returning to my flippin' house I tell ya!  Now, if we can just get the pool under control!  Hopefully this week, they are coming to change out the sand.  Sand?  Yes,  who know??.... certainly not me....  sand in a pool sounds absurd.... but the pump takes sand...... high dollar, 250 pounds of sand.... that needs to be changed every few years.  Our sand, it's apparently got some funky dirt in it... (isn't all dirt funky??? that's why it's dirt!)  My brain just can not process how we use sand to filter out the dirt, but because there is too much dirt in the sand, and we need to run the water through this sand, to take out the dirt, to cycle it back into the pool... the water being filtered is not clean and therefore, we need a few hundred dollars of clean sand!   When I try to explain to David how this really makes no sense.... I just get the blank look from him.

The things you learn in your 40's.... speaking of, I just had another birthday... and I've got birthday money and have no clue what I want to spend it on!  Now there's a first!

I did get to spend a wonderful 4 days at the Lakehouse in May.  No kids, dogs, house or yard work... just late night laughing and lots of scrapping.  I actually think it was a very productive 4 days for everyone!

I worked on some of the pictures from the first Blow Out Golf Tournament David was in a couple of years ago.  This layout is one of them..... as I sit here and type and I see a couple of things I wish I'd done differently... funny how that works!  Kelly is always David's partner, and they both play really well together.  Both calm, really want to win but don't sweat the small stuff, type of guys.   Kelly is the type of golfer who lines up most of his shots by holding up the golf club and eyeballing the line.  It tickled me for some reason and I just had to scrap it!

This layout is from out trip to Vegas in 2008.  Yep, I'm a little behind on my scrapping.  I'd started to scrap them, then we lost a couple of the people who went with us, and I just didn't want to look at them for some time.  Hippi, the man in the hat, he had a heart of gold... would do anything for anyone, sadly, we lost him.   Now though, I can look through the pictures and feel the memories... and they make me smile again!

In this picture..... this is the day we've arrived....  we've gotten checked in, luggage in our rooms and about to hit the streets!  Out the door we go and there stand the gold naked ladies of the Riviera!  David, while normally a quiet man, is never one to pass up a photo op, or an opportunity to get a chuckle from those around.... he has no shyness about being in front of a camera, and most often is a very willing subject!  These looks on his face, he is hamming it up for me and the camera.... kind of a "uh-oh, did I get caught" look!   There were many more pictures.... I'm sure people we don't even know took pictures of these guys being so silly.  Dennis, he was a little uncomfortable I think, but Hippi, he loved it.... even got out his credit card as in saying he was going to pay for some ladies of the night for David before he got married!

This layout was created for a friend's challenge, using a color scheme and a Pagemaps sketch.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm wishing you a happy and normal week!! ha