Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick Glance at October

October seemed to be either really busy or go by really fast or both! truthfully, I'm going with both. November seems to be moving at the same pace, and so far, I've just not been able to find a way to slow it down.

October found us in Wichita Falls, Evelyn got to meet Devia and loved playing with the chairs in the salon. really, what child doesn't! then we were off to the pumpkin patch and Uncle Josh bought Evelyn her first pumpkin.

love love love her laugh
she wasn't too sure about sitting on the straw
I spent 4 days in Louisville, KY with some good friends. we went out messing around downtown. took some silly pictures with some metal birds, under a bridge, in kiddie cars at the mall, yes, we just had a silly fun good time! it was the middle of the day, the sun was playing havoc on my thinking and my pictures, and I spent a good portion of the time more than a little frustrated over my sudden inability to remember how to operate a camera!
yes, everyone was looking at us, and we didn't care!
again we didn't care who was watching!
Suze showing her love for the peeps.  couldn't keep the sun off her face
back home, and things did not slow down. took the girls, all 3 of them, to Oklahoma City to Affair of the Heart, in the rain, but we had fun. we also spent a little too much money, but really, you know that is going to happen. anytime Jessica and I are out shopping, too much money gets spent! I did get started on Christmas Presents and bought the cupcakes holiday outfits! winning!

then off to Wichita Falls to do a photo shoot for a young family. KL and Jess have been friends since high school, the went to the same college, both with a degree in education, and even though life is busy they stay in touch. KL wanted some new family pictures, her little one is about 8 months now, and it was time. I was thrilled to go do this for her and hoping she lets me again!
aren't they sweet!
KL and her family
Halloween arrived, and the kids dressed up. M and K both have jobs where the dressing up is required, which works out great for a little family trick or treating. they only went to a few houses, the ones down our block, then came back, sat out in the driveway and started handing out candy. somehow, I didn't manage to get them to understand to not give out ALL the candy, save some from D, so he isn't grumpy, and by 9pm three huge bowls of candy was gone. all that remained were 4 little pieces of bubblegum. Jess dressed up for her classroom and I wish I'd been able to get a picture of that, I'm going to have to figure out how to be in two places at once!
everyone goes, even Fruitloop is dressed up
the little princess, ready to go
if you don't know, that is a Dallas Cowboy tutu she has on.  Her daddy is a huge Cowboy fan, and her momma is becoming/has become one.  E has her little foot lifted up, her eyes squeezed shut, and is giggling here.  I've had this tutu for some time now, been dying to get pictures of her in it, but she can't stand alone yet.  this is a chair that one of my snowmen sit in, and I thought, hey...  it's not very pretty, I might paint it, but then again, she will be standing alone just fine in a few months.  anyway, it's not the photo I have pictured in my head, but it'll work for now.  :)

the holiday season is almost upon us, retailers seem to think it already is, and the weekends will just be getting busier. that is ok, because I'm really determined to get out, create memories with the kids, and give them traditions to remember, because you just never know what tomorrow brings.

one last note, it is Nov 7th, and I still have a yard full of flowers, pretty blooms, and color. how crazy is that!