Friday, October 14, 2016


anyone out there? 

I'm not even sure I remember how to do this!  If I figured it out once, then surely I can again.  Well except that crazy HMTL stuff, yep, that is permanently gone from my brain!

I actually miss blogging, and reading the blogs I so faithfully read a year or so ago. So why did I stop? I have no idea.  I spent more time on facebook.  I got an ipad and spent more time playing games on it.  I stopped finding time to be creative and that's normally what I posted.  Actually, I miss scrapbooking and making stuff!  I haven't even made Christmas Cards the last two years, but that is going to change this year.  Just don't remind me the year is almost over! :)

So, what is going on in my life these days?

I've joined in a year long journey with 150+ women, hosted by the awesomely inspiring Karen Russell, and I am so excited about it.  It a place for loving, caring, uplifting women to come together and form bonds.  I am so ready!  This is what has been missing from my life. I like people. I like having people.  More importantly, I like FEELING that I have people! Here, on this journey, I'm finding people. 

Everyone has gotten a little older.  Jessica is still teaching, and still loving it.  Matt should be in his last year of college. We hope anyway.  He and Kristin got married this year.  They went to Vegas, and we watched the ceremony online.  Kristin is still her goofy self.  She truly fits in so well with our family!  Evelyn is a little taller, a little sassier, a lot more beautiful!

Let's see, seems like I'm forgetting something.... oh yes....

We added Little Miss Lily to our family!  She is a spunky mess.  Where Evelyn was calm, Lily is all over the place! She is a dare devil, and I do mean devil.  She doesn't throw fits, she growls at you!

Life is busy and life is fun! My house is a mess, my yard is a mess, heck my hair is a mess most of the time.  I wouldn't trade it for anything! I was made to be a Lolli to these little ones!

That's it for now, I promise to be back soon, and by that I mean like in a day or two, not a year!

Much love!