Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simply Saturday!

A nice Saturday it has been. I was up early this morning... not liking it much at the time, but up I got and hit the road. Off to a photography class... and I am so glad I went. I was actually very surprised at what I already knew. Not that I'm trying to pat myself on the back...just that some of it I'd already read 100 times and it all made sense! I think I may fall in love with my camera all over again!!

Now I'm ready to do a little scrapping. Well I'm going to go outside and play with my camera for a bit first...then some scrapping. David is recording and I need to be quiet... hahahaha.

While at the scrapbook store... yes I was at the scrapbook store and I was good! For real... I didn't even look at everything...and they were having a sale on Sizzix dies! There were several I didn't have and several of the new ones that I've been thinking I wanted, but I walked away without buying a single one!! All I bought were a few pages and trim for Kristin's baby album. I am so super duper proud of myself.

To be honest, I'me feeling very overwhelmed in the scraproom right now. I have way too much stuff and I really think it's slowing me down! I spend more time looking through things trying to decide what to use than actually using it. I know many of you can relate to this! Anyway, I've promised myself...again... no more scrappy purchases until I've made a dent in the stash I already have. Well, unless I stumble across some Washi tape! I'm pretty sure I was meant to have rolls and rolls and rolls of it!!

Here's another page for K's album! My thoughts are she can journal on the tag. I just love the little owl, even if they are so last year! If it looks like the border bits of pp are not's because I planned it that way. It didn't actually turn out the way I was seeing it in my head...but then again, what does! It's ok, I still like it!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Tuesday, I think...

that if you can not obtain the speed limit while driving and eating or while driving and talking on the phone....
THEN DON'T!   This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am not blessed in the patience department... just that I've got places to go, things to do, and Move the Heck outta my way!  but, that's just my thinking!
smiley face.... smiley face!!

Here are a couple of more pages for the album I'm working on. If you are thinking hmmmm, there doesn't appear to be any journaling... that's because I'm planning to let Kristin do her very own journaling! I like that plan!

Here's wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A few things....

Happy Monday Morning!

These last few days I've spent some time thinking about all the people that have come and gone from my life over the last (I'm not going to tell you a number) years. I don't really know why I've been thinking about this...there is no rhyme or reason to my brain function. Anyway, there's been a lot! The people you know in school, then your first job through the 12th I've not had that many jobs. Different people you date and their families or friends. It really adds up when you think about it. Some you miss and are sad that you no longer are in touch, some... not so much. I blame our busy lifestyles for this...well, that and my foot that seems to always end up in my mouth! I think instead of breast enhancements we should have 'add a filter to the mouth'! I would probably benefit from that much more!!

I've not been doing much of a job blogging of late. Somedays I'm busy...somedays I think why bother, does anyone really care, somedays I'm just too lazy to take pictures or post, and somedays I can't get David off the computer. He has a new obsession...and he is slowly getting me addicted!

I must say that I'm just a little unhappy that Casey Anthony is walking the streets today. While she might be in hiding right now, she wont always be, and if she takes just one of the offers she's been given, she will have more money than most of us! There is something seriously wrong with this picture!

I actually cooked yesterday. I think that's probably about the 6th time I've cooked since I went on strike back in April. I roasted a chicken and made us some veggies. David's back on his diet and has lost 10lbs in the last 9 days I think. He's doing so great. Then we settled in our chairs and watched True Blood. Kristen is a big fan too... Matt, well he just tolerates it.

I have been doing a little creating while I've been absent from the blogging world, working on a gift album. I always get nervous and worry while making these...and have to remind myself that the recipient is going to be more focused on the pictures and having them in an album than if the page should have had more or less embellishments! This album is for a first time mommy, a very good friend of Jessica's, who in my mind is still just 14 and should be on the ball field!

I'm having fun making the pages, but worried about making them all look different. I don't want the pages to all look the same, you know what I mean. I'm not going to list all my products. Some I've had in my stash for awhile (yay for using them) and some are from kits. I am doing better about using my supplies and not just collecting them. Could be because I am so out of room, and have you seen then new releases that are coming?

Gracious, for someone who hasn't been blogging because she thought she didn't really have anything to say.... I can't seem to hush! I hope you all have a great day.... and before I go... I have to say...


note: spell check doesn't seem to be working... and sometimes I just type away not worrying about my spelling, knowing spell check will catch it...and then it comes back to bite me in the butt!  So.... if you see something wrong... well, don't let it bother you too much!

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Memory Makers Magazine Blog Bounce - VACATION!

Welcome to the July edition of Memory Makers Blog Bounce!

You should have just arrived from Lisa Pace's Blog. If not, you can click on the Memory Maker Magazine link below for a full list of the hop participants and start at the beginning!

Our theme this month is vacation! While David and I have had several really great vacations in the past, this year we've opted to have a staycation! As in we are staying home. There are a few reasons that we are staying home this summer, but the main one is the year just really got away from us before we realized we'd not planned anything. Well, nothing for the summer never knows what just might be in the works for the fall!

I had fun creating this layout. Lots of layering, some zing, and punching! I finally used my cloud punches that my were a gift from a dear friend. She may have just gotten tired of hearing me whine that I couldn't find them any rate, they are awesome!

(The title actually shows up better in person. Can you tell my photos were taken after the sun went down.)
Supplies used:
Cosmo Cricket's line - Salt Air
Bazzill Cardstock
Zing - Apricot, Lemon, Glacier & Powder
Stampin Up! Very Vanilla Satin Ribbon & Trim PomPom
Fiskars Cloud Punches
Stamin Up! Ink - Pool Party
American Crafts - Paperback Fabric Thickers
The Twinery - Lemondrop & Caribbean
Tags for hidden journaling

Your next stop is the Memory Makers Magazine blog... click here or the button below to hop on over. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a fabulous day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Been a long time, Been a long time..

Anyone know that song....
Been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time!

It's a Zeppelin tune...and not that I'm a huge Zeppelin fan... I just thought wow it's been a long time, then the words from the song were in my head...and now I've got a mental picture of the times David played this it's probably in my head for the day!

It has been a long time really since I've been blogging. It's not actually been a lonely time...although it's been a rough few months..with lots happening. But lonely... you can't be lonely with Ozzy in the house!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here and thought I'd share a little with you on what I've been doing.

Remember what the back yard looked like last year... ALL the monkey grass around the pool...
Now the monkey grass is GONE! Lots of work, but it's gone!
Big difference... huge!
HaHa! Ozzy hiding behind some of the shrubs while David has the pool vacuum out.
The back yard now.... this is what I've been doing!  With all my digging and mulch flying I've managed to murk up the pool a little so it's not clear as it normally is.  Guess now David will be a busy man!
Meet Miss Molly! Jessica & Josh's new baby... we've got Molly & Zoey while they are out of town... lots of puppy action in the house this weekend!

And Tommy! Here's Tommy the Toad in his house!

This is pretty much what I've been doing since March. It's almost finished, and I have to say I'm sure glad!

Hope you all have a fabulous & safe 4th of July!