Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whole lotta more, part 3

The scraproom! Now remember, I've not hung anything on the walls yet... and this is just a first go at arranging my stash. It may very well change as I get started playing and determine what works better for me. But this is it for today.

This is what you see when you first walk in the room. I'm excited to have the computer in here, even though it takes up some space, but this allows me to have my pazzle in here also... which I know I'm going to love love love! I didn't get a picture of the pazzle, but it's on the left side of the computer.

Here's my table with my cricut, purple cow, and big shot. I'm going to love being able to have these out within reach of my finger tips.
Some of my paper. Susan wanted to see the stacks of paper. I love my storage system. It works great for me.
The two pink totes hold all of my SU! paper. I love it organized this way. The blue tote is full of kits. I'm thinking I don't need anymore.
Over here on this wall are more storage totes. The two shelves have all of my SU! stamps set, some punches, and the pink boxes are my sizzix dies.

This is inside the closet, and I'm not sure it will stay this way, but for now most of the stash is unpacked.
I think I'll eventually get cabinets and have them instead of just the tables. Or some of the cubby shelves. In my mind, that's what I see. That way I can keep more behind closed doors and the room will look neater. It just has a very cluttered look to me. Maybe after I get some things made and up on the walls, I'll love it more. Then I think who cares... it's my room. This is why I wanted a room in the back of the house, to keep this all out of sight from visitors. Besides, anyone who really knows me, they know how I love this addiction of ours. Plus, we all know how messy things can get when you are working on a project, or four!
Well that's it for now. Be sure to keep scrolling down to see the other two posts. I went at this a little backwards. What can I say.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. I'll get more up as I finish a room. Hoping to get curtains for the living room this weekend. Good thing I'm not an impatient person! hahaha

A whole lotta more, part 2

Hello, wont you come in!
Here I'm standing right in front of the house, next to the street. The window by the garage is the formal dining room, which we are not going to have. It is going to be David's music room. The door opens up, there's a small space and you see into the living room. The window next to the door is the living room. The last window is the spare bedroom. That's where you can stay if you come visit!
Still out by the street, but wanted you to see this other bed and all the flippin shrubs in it.

Can you believe it, more shrubs.
When next you see this area, it will be very different. It might not be until next summer... but that's ok.
Be sure you keep scrolling down. The last post is actually my first post. Yes, I'm a bit backwards today! Thank you for noticing.

Week 12 & 13 Plus a whole lotta more

I think I'm going to have to do this in two parts, it's not letting me upload any more pictures to this post. Either I hit my limit or the uploader is tired!

I'm not even going to pretend to know which pics I took on the weekend and which ones were taken at other times. Just trust me when I tell you... I've been taking pictures almost daily!

Some of these may be duplicates for some you. I'll be posting here, to facebook, and Memory Makers. I'm just trying to cover all my bases.

I've taken several pics so you can actually get an idea, I'm hoping, of the whole layout. One or two pics just doesn't do it!

Here goes... the back yard

This is what you see when you walk out the backdoor. It's also what you see if you are standing at the sink in the kitchen, which looks right out the backdoor.

The flower bed on the west side of the back yard. This shot is also taken standing in front of the window in my scraproom... so this is pretty much what I see when I look out the window.

Looking across to the east side of the yard. Oh do I have plans for that corner and fence row. David just doesn't know it yet!

The corner next to the back door. That window is my dining room. This is one of the beds I've managed to get cleaned out. You could tell the flower beds had been left unattended for the last month or so before we moved in. I'm not judging.. I might have done the same thing. They are just in dire need of help right now.

The one and only flower bed I've planted some flowers in. I brought these dasies over from our other house. The green barrel you see, there are two of them, they catch the rain water. While I love that idea, they aren't very pretty... so I'm going to try to think of something that I will want there to help hide them some. These two windows are my bedroom.

This shot was taken at the back end of the yard looking up at the house. We've not got a patio set yet, yes it's the best time of year to buy them... but we've had so much else to buy that we thought it could wait until spring. Ok... windows... the first on the left is my bedroom, it's corner windows... then the dining room, backdoor next, living room window, then another set of corner windows that are my scraproom.

Ahhhh... the trimmer and the cord I cut. Cool huh? Did you see all the shrubs... wait, you've not seen the front yard yet!

The dining room. The one and only totally complete room in the house. I love these curtains. Thank you J.C. Penny. If you go through that door way, straight leads to the laundry room then the garage. Take a left and you go down the hall into my bedroom.

The first plant I bought to plant in the new yard! The only plant so far to be honest. I planted this in front of the scraproom window.
My snake... make that my Dead Snake. Sorry... I had to share!
My toad. He comes out every night, to the back door, trying to catch bugs. I don't like bugs, so the toad gets to live.
Ok, that's it for now.... off to post more.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before & During... to be cont.

The MOST important room in the house! While David might not think so, I know you will agree with me... or most of you anyway!

This is the room before I started working on it. I so do not like the baby yellow walls. Our computer is in here, (thank you), which means David will be spending time in here, and that's perfectly ok... he's just not big on lots of color. He likes things plain and simple... I like them to jump out at me!!!
So.... I thought a nice neutral color on the walls, then I can spice it up with containers and "STUFF"! Thinking that might work for the man.

But anyway, here's the mess. Boxes and boxes and wheelie containers. To be honest, I don't even think this is everything. Well, I know it's not. My paper isn't in this picture, and there are a couple of big boxes missing too.

Here I moved the boxes out and started the painting. I think in this corner I'm going to put up another table and it will hold my cricut and pazzle, along with maybe the paper cutter and bigshot? Not sure yet. This picture does give you an idea of the new color I am painting it. I ran out of paint and have to go get some more after work. My goal is to have it all painted and have started setting it up by Saturday evening. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 11-One Weekend, Two Shots

Jessica cooked a chicken casserole for us. I meant to take a picture before everyone dug in, but as you see I didn't get to.

Zoey-poor thing was so tired. She played and played outside in the pool and then would run and run and run.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Slowly But Surely

That's my new saying for the week. Slowly but surely it's all coming together. Furniture has been delivered, appliances as well. Power is on, cable is hooked up, now all that is left is the gas company. They were to have been here Monday, ummm, never showed... and now will come today sometime between 7am and dark. They weren't here at 7am! Don't ya just love that window they give themselves! I have almost 3 rooms painted, with my scraproom left. I want to paint it before I unpack everything. But let me tell you, I am so itching to get it set up!

We still need a dining room table along with a coffee table and end tables for the living room. Think we will be done after that, for a few months anyway. We may possibly go in search of those tomorrow, it just depends on what flight David's in at the tournament. Since it's Labor Day Weekend we might just find some great sales!

Here's a few pics of Matt & Josh with Zoey in the pool. I so can not wait to get some flowers added to the beds so there is bursts of color around the yard! All greenery is just not my thing.

Needless to say, after they let Zoey out, Kiara wouldn't go near them! They'd call her and she'd just turn her back to them... like the spoiled little princess she thinks she is!

I must get back at it. Would be sad if I'd taken the entire day off and accomplished nothing! Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!