Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How many days did he say?

I know this morning I heard the local weatherman say we've now had 63 days of temps in the three digits! I believe, except for a 30 minute sprinkle on the 4th of July, that is the only rain we've had since back in May sometime. I also believe now that I have figured out my sprinkler system, my grass will not be the greenest around and my utility bill will go down! One can only hope?

Have you ever driven by somewhere and seen someones sprinkler system going while it's raining.. or just right after it rained? I used to laugh at them... thinking don't you know to turn that puppy off. Well, if it had rained any this summer... I'd be one of those people. Who knew there was an A & B section to the this puppy, and that each section has 3 phases. I set it for 6am, 3 days a week. What I didn't know is that it was also going off at 11pm, 1:30am, & 4am... 5 days a week!! We are in the middle of a drought, triple digit temps, and I've got water standing?? When I discovered that, you should have seen me trying to get it all deleted before David came outside to see what I was doing. I don't know who would scare me more, him or the water police!!!

(Note: I'm really not afraid of David... he just has a way of transforming into a growling bear when spending money is mentioned!)

(Note: I should probably also mention that I know this, that he turns into a growling bear...and sometimes I make a game out of seeing how many times in a week I can transform into that bear... and yet, he still loves me so!)

Here's another layout for Kristin's album. Remember, I'm leaving all the journaling for her to do.
This little cutie loved the food table. I think the cupcakes were her favorite...not that you could tell from all the icing on her face!

A few more supplies from my out of control stash were used on this layout. You just have to love that!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have yourself a fabulous day!!


jamie long said...

What a cutie!! I hope you get some rain soon.

Staci said...

Wow! Adorable LO! Your temps have been crazy. Yesterday we had a rain and hail storm. Totally nuts!

courtney said...

Adorable layout for an adorable little girl!
Glad you figured out the sprinkler system; now hoping you get some rain and cooler temps!

Susan said...

Now that's a lot of yucky-hot days. And can I just add, that I too enjoy seeing what it takes to turn my husband into the growling bear. But most of the time he just looks at me....like there's something wrong with me....blink.....blink..blink.

Another great layout! You're really coming along with that album, girlfriend!

luv46kdz said...

This book is coming great! What a doll, look at those blue lips :)

Yea, I know all about the heat, and heck if we ever get rain till the late fall!

Glad you like your eye doc, I have to go again, I have bifocals that I don't wear since I no likey, but I use the magnifiers and I can't even see with those anymore. Blah, getting old.

Have you been watching True Blood?

Melissa said...

Have you gotten rain yet?? Funny about the sprinklers! My apartment complex has some of them set during the hottest part of the day, which I don't think is smart! Probably why the grass in that area is dying!

Cute layout! Love the pops of pink, and the misting is very nice. What a cutie!