Thursday, December 15, 2011

They are...

 the air around me, the laughter inside me, my heart, and my soul

they are....

good, kind, loving, and important

they are.....


and when something happens to one of them.... when they are in trouble and need you
when there is nothing you can do.... when you just don't understand how or what
when you are praying it's a bad dream and you will wake up

the air is gone... the laughter a distant memory... your heart physically hurts... and your soul feels empty

I'm remembering the disbelief and shock of the last few days
the pain and fear
the feelings of helplessness
how things are more vivid when you are scared
how it feels when your world comes crashing down

today I'm asking God that He replace the anger with gratefulness.... because there is much to be grateful for

we are together... we are loved.... and we will face this... as one, with the strength and courage that He gives us

hug those you love


Melissa said...

I am worried about you. :(

Here if you need me.


luv46kdz said...

Reading this makes me feel a lot of concern. Not sure what's happening, but hoping everything is going to be ok.

The picture of you all just made me smile...

Serene said...

What a poignant post and oh so very true! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Sondra said...

Big hugs.

courtney said...

Hugs to you!