Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I can't seem to stand

straight or still when I'm taking pictures of my layouts! I've found the perfect spot in my house to take them... and the are level and perfectly straight when I lay them down. My house is not lopsided... we had it checked! It's me. I wiggle... not like wiggle wiggle wiggle in the song... but wiggle as in teeter, old lady style!! Not cool! It's really starting to frustrate me just a tiny bit!! Hmmmm, maybe if I have a drink before, then I'll be relaxed... or just have an excuse for my teetering! (is that even a word?) At any rate, I can not get a straight picture of my layouts... and since my word for the year is embrace... that's what I'm doing.

Here are a few more layouts from NYC. These actually have me in the pics! How awesome is that. 3 years ago I looked at those pictures and thought, oh this isn't good, oh yuck... but now, I'm very happy to have them! Thank you Elaine for snatching my camera outta my hand and saying get over there! And I scrapped them with pride... cause if I look like I was a little out of sorts... well I was! I was being drug all over the streets of NYC for pete's sake!

There's also one of Serene, standing on her front porch, eagerly and not to patiently awaiting our arrival! Had she know what was about to happen after we entered her house, she probably wouldn't have let us in! Those pics will come soon! :)

and this... this is my very shy husband (hahaha, yea right!) dancing with a GO-Go girl! She was part of the nightly entertainment we had during the annual golf tournament. My sweet husband who is usually very tired after a full day of golfing!  How can you not possibly love a man who knows how to enjoy himself!

Lots of layering going on here. Border punches... my new love! I really like the fun look that the pennants give a page.

It's funny the stages we go through.  3 years I wouldn't have used those pictures of me... can we say vain??  At some point I started typing all of my journaling, because my hand writing stinks... but now... I want the memories of what I looked like then... cause one day I'll think I was smokin' hot at that time.... and there is going to be a time I want someone to remember what my hand writing looked like.... so EMBRACE!  (I am lovin' this word!)

and can someone tell me why the word journaling isn't in the dictionary??  Come on, it has to be a word... I use it all the time!

Have a great day people!!


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Super cute layouts!
Love the layering techniques you used.
And I have to say, lately I have had a little trouble getting good photos of layouts where the sides are even.
It takes more work than it's worth!

Kimber-Leigh said...

i know what you mean about even pictures...i use picasa to store/edit my pics. there is a straighten feature that works really well, especially if you just need to adjust it a tiny bit!

luv46kdz said...

Your pics are perfect!! I love these los, seeing Serene on her stoop just gave me a pang of homesickness. What an awesome memory you have of that trip Lisa, and your handwriting is just fine. Embrace is a wonderful word and I like your idea of going freestyle with it much more : )

Why the heck isn't journaling in the darn dictionary!?! I'm sick of the incorrect line coming up every time I type that sucker!

Melissa said...

These pictures will be so important later, if not now! :) Love the layering.. you do it so well! I'm loving all the Zing-ing too.

Serene said...

Wow! What a great bunch of layouts. I love them all. The layering and all the borders are simply fab. That pic of me on my porch...oh my! What happy, funny memories that evokes of you and Elaine coming up my street the wrong way!!! I'm so glad you have these pics of your visit here and what you've done with them is wonderful. Great work! I'm so glad your mojo has returned.

Paula, I'm with you on the word journaling. LOL

Sondra said...

Wonderful layouts! And you are too beautiful to take a bad picture, so there!

And I love the border punches.... Aren't those suckers addictive???

courtney said...

I've looked up journaling myself, because I always feel it should have two l's. I think it's just us scrappers that use the word journal as a verb!
Love the layouts...and love that you're getting so much creative time!
Can't wait to see what you and Elaine did to Serene....