Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scrappy Do!

One great thing about being in a house with 6 or more scrapbookers.... they've all got cameras, and you are able to get pictures of yourself, that without them would never be. 

I'm not sure who I need to thank for the pictures below.  We all shared our pics online once we returned home.  I'm wondering if perhaps it's not Suze I should thank, the pictures are less than flattering and that is so something she would do and then giggle about!

It is what it is though, and normally, after we go out for dinner on Thurs night, I never leave the house again and my hair stays up on top of my head from the moment I get up until I go to bed again.

Can I just say, I love love love my scrappy time with my scrappy peeps!

Lots of layers here.  Mr. Huey misting, lace doily, wood veneer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have yourself a wonderful day!


Sondra said...

Lisa, my love.... you are always gorgeous, no matter how you wear your hair.

Now just let us take your picture, for heaven's sake!

Susan said...

Guuuurl! I have gots to get you to my hair dresser. Mat would work wonders on your wig...lol. And me thinks you just like to blame things on me. really!

As far as you LO goes... I just don't know where to start. Colors..love them all together! misting...love it! embellies...love them! and sewing too! Everything came together fabulously!

courtney said...

Another fabulous layout! I am so proud of you, scrapping pics of yourself in what you consider less-than-flattering form!

Elaine. said...

what a wonderful layout and a great hair doooooooooo,gf, you look like you are having a mighty good time!

Serene said...

I love it! Good for you using a picture of yourself when your hair is in what I call house-mode. Great cohesion in this layout as the layout fits the theme. Very nice work!

Melissa said...

Oh your hair is still just beautiful! I am jealous! :P

The title is just great! I do love all of the different details like the doily, butterflies, sequins, etc.