Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello Lover

I was really on a roll there for a bit, getting several layouts completed.  I'm glad too, because it seems I've hit a bit of a brick wall lately.  Guess that isn't entirely true, I've been working on my December Daily, a couple other Christmas crafts, plus it is the holidays, so cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning. 

This layout was a fun one to do.  Photo compliments of Serene.  I really liked
the photo, so I decided to ignore the fact that I didn't have a stitch of makeup on, hey, if I went out in public like that then I might as well scrap the photo and post it on the blog. 

This was from our little trip to the LSS, and probably the only fun thing that came from the trip to the store.  I saw this guy there and just couldn't pass up the photo op.  The owner was watching, and not very pleased, but we are quick!

Didn't do any journaling, not sure I need to for this one.  Not really much to say.

Thanks for stopping by. 


Serene said...

Oh, how cute you look and having no makeup doesn't make a difference. You're lovely!!!

I like that block paper and what you did with this layout. Nice stuff!

Melissa said...

I agree with Serene! The patterns and colors you used are so fun and fit the photo!

Staci said...

The whole layout looks like so much fun! Have a great weekend!

Sondra said...

I have always loved this photo!!! Glad you decided to scrap it... love the fun and funky layout you made to showcase it.

Susan said...

Haha! I agree with this picture! You look so cozy with your new "friend"! Love the way the doiley looks with your patterned paper too! Awesome pops of color!

courtney said...

This picture is awesome! Love it! And I was so busy staring at that hunk-of-a-man you snagged there, I never even noticed your lack of makeup!