Monday, January 28, 2013

A few weeeks ago

...I took a drive to Kathi's house, to spend the weekend with her and her sister Lynn.  I spent Friday night catching up with them, and just pushing my stuff around on the table.  Then Saturday I got busy and created these 4 layouts. 

I made all 4 layouts using the
Gossamer Blue  December kit.  It was my first kit to get from them, and will not be my last.  They do this thing, if you complete and upload 4 layouts from the kit, 5 months in a row, then the 6th month they will send you a album, for free!!!  I'm trying to be all over that!!  Month one, and I got 'er done!

As you can see, I am still working on my peeps layouts.  And YES Courtney, I'm doing it to purposely make you jealous so you'll come to the next one!!

Have yourself a great day!  It's a bit cloudy here, but temps, in January, we are in the 70's!  What's not great about that!!


courtney said...

I knew it! Mission accomplished, least the jealousy year, I doubt any sooner, sadly.
This paper is sooooo yummy and wonderful and fun, just like all of your fabulous layouts! Good luck with the promo!

Staci said...

You made four layouts in a day?! I bow to you. I think I have done that once.

Sondra said...

Love them!!! The papers on Suze's LO are so bright & fun and I have always loved that picture you took of me on the phone!

I love doing layouts about my Peeps too... they always make me smile.

Susan said...

I'm just loving all these imaginary friends layouts! So many goodies here! Polaroid frames, washi, doilies, flair! arrows! Mr Huey! and rockin' my favorite.....the quote bubble!

You've been on such a fabulous roll! I just have one question. What was I talking about so animatedly? If my hands are going, it's usually a doozy! haha!

Love them all!

luv46kdz said...

This is like an adventure :) I love seeing thempics of all of you together. Love it

SamSam said...

love them all! now i gotta go n check Gossamer Blue kit out!

Melissa said...

Love the layouts! Go you on the album thing - I know you can do it! I really like the washi + polaroid frames!

Kathi said...

It was such fun to have Lisa here! Court, you must come. SOON.

These LOs are even more fab in real life. Great job, Lisa!