Friday, June 28, 2013

Tomorrow will make 2 months since...

I have posted on my blog!  I wish I could tell you I'd been off doing most exciting things!   But, sadly, that is not the truth!  I have been playing with the baby, a lot.  I've been watching Ranger ballgames, a lot!  I have been on the computer, a lot, this dang laptop seems to be able to go where I go.  I've certainly not been blogging, or processing photos, nope, I've been playing Candy Crush and Farm Heros!  Someone please save me now!!!  Guess what, admitting you have a problem does not make you feel better!

I've also been working in my yard most days, until dark for the last month.  Seriously, month.  The amount of shrubs and trees to trim or weeds to pull in this yard is crazy insane!  There are 46 shrubs, that is no lie, then Crepe Myrtle trees, and flower beds that seem to never end.  What was I thinking when I said oh I must have this place!  It is all starting to look much more like I want it to.  In the back anyway, I still need to do some work out front.  I personally think that if I work the beds on the east side out back, that it should be a rule that no weeds grow back in all summer long!  You move over to the west side, and just when you are almost done, yep, weeds be growing on the east side!  That is just not right!

So, between work, baby, yard, house, dogs, Ranger baseball, and husband, when is a girl supposed to blog?  My tan is looking good though!

Now that bloggerville knows I'm still alive, I'm hitting the road.  Heading to Jessica's to help her this afternoon.   I'm not sure just yet if these kids are going to keep me young or put me in a early grave.
Guess I can rest when I'm no longer alive, right! :)

But, before I go, you know I've got to post a picture or two.  or maybe more :)

I was doing so good burning through my old kits, cranking out the layouts, then, summer.  sigh, I'll get back in there soon.

These pictures are courtesy of either Sondra or Susan, or both, from when 3 grown women went to the corn maze at the pumpkin patch. 

and because not everyone facebooks and has seen this little cutie.  This was from last weekend, she is growing fast.

and we can't forget this little diva!  She is a rockstar!
And since that little cutie in the last picture just jumped in my lap, I'd say it's time to sign off.  Have a great weekend everyone!


courtney said...

Great layouts! Love the colours; both are hilarious!
I agree on the weeds, it should be weed it once and be done. Not fair. Oh well.
Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your granddaughter and that crazy poochie of yours....share lots of pics of the latter two!

luv46kdz said...

Weeding makes me physically ill :p

Love the los! Your patterns and colors are great. You should submit Lisa, just love em :)

Those cheeks, what a face she is just gorgeous. Enjoy her you know it goes too darn quick. Oh, I like to think our kids are keeping us young ;)

Sondra said...

Love the happy colors and all of the patterns and layers! Your girls are adorable, and the memories of the corn maze made me smile. I miss you, girlie... and can't wait until our next get-together!!!