Monday, August 5, 2013


Can you believe it is August 5th, already! It's almost time for school to be starting back, winter clothes are now all over the stores, and we are still having 100+ degree temps, which makes it hard to think about coats!
But, I must get in the mind frame of winter/coats/holidays, for I really do plan to make some Christmas Presents this year! It's something I've thought about for a couple of years, and before the unthinkable happens, I want to get this done. So, I need to get busy!!
Not this week though, my darling husband, he's really been wanting to have a get together/cook out/pool party, and in a weak moment I said you should go ahead and plan for one. He jumped ALL over that! What was going to be about 8 people, has now turned into 16 and counting. My thoughts, if I've got to clean for 2, might as well make it worth it my time and be 20! And because I'm just a little to OCD, with an outside party, you have to do the inside and outside. This girl has been busy! The yard is looking really good though. :)
 Here's another layout I created this past week. It was for another challenge, while I had it completed by the deadline, I did not get it uploaded, and it's ok. I still posted it on thier site the next morning saying I just wanted to share. Our little cupcake, in the pool, appears to have turned her head and be fussing at someone, and this little caption just came to mind when I saw the photo. She is a mess and I'm afraid going to be really spoiled, but by her Aunt Jessica, not me. The layout, it was a lift a member challenge, and you can see the blog post here if you like along with a link the the member I lifted in the comments section.Gossamer Blue Member Lift
I really liked this layout, and now that I've lifted it, have to say I love it! So many great layers.

Wanted to include a little picture of our cupcake, to mark time, for when I look back on the blog. By the way, have you all noticed that there is not near as much traffic on your blogs as there was once before. I know people are still blogging, so we are all still out there, guess just not many leave comments anymore. AND, blogger is not my friend this morning, so please forgive everything being all together, with no paragraphs. Some exciting news for me, I've been wanting to take Karen Russell's photography class! I have such a crush on her and her style, I finally signed up. It starts next month, and I'm super excited! Wishing you all a good Monday, and great week!!


courtney said...

Great lift job!
Good luck with the party prep, hope you all have tons of fun!

Sondra said...

Why YES! I would LOVE to come to your pool party. What should I bring?

LOL! I like your take on the lift. Always love all of your layers of goodness.

And I have noticed less comments on my blog. I thought it was just me and my raging unpopularity.

Staci said...

What adorable photos! TFS.

Barbara Eads said...

Love your layout! I'm taking Gossamer's layers class---although I haven't had the time to actually look at lesson ! yet! Love the baby too!

Serene said...

You aren't kidding about lots of lovely layering. Great job on that layout. That caption totally fits the expression on her sweet face. I love it! Good luck on your class.

Kathi said...

I'm so happy for you - Karen's class will make you an even more awesome photog!

Your cupcake is precious. I love that photo and can't wait to see it on a LO.