Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can I get a WooHoo!!

really! seriously!! I wanna woohoo! while it is a Monday, it's also the first day of the photography workshop with Karen! woohoo! (ok, so now it is officially the second day because I didn't get this post finished yesterday!)

here's a little picture I took of just a smidgen of the flower beauty in my backyard. I seemed to play with my camera quite a bit over the weekend, and it felt good! I have no idea if the picture is correct, but I like it!

and now for a couple of layouts that I've finished. slowly I am getting back into scrapping. the desire is there, just seems to be so many other things needing my attention. anyone else feel that way?

and.... how could I not include a picture of cupcake! her momma is a big time couponer, and Sunday spread out over the living room floor cutting her coupons. miss cupcake thought her momma needed help! does she not have a look on her face that says, "do you mind??? I'm trying to read the paper". she is a hoot! and such a happy happy baby, except when she is fighting her sleep, like last night. even then she makes me laugh!

I have a feeling Karen's workshop is going to keep me pretty busy over the next 9 weeks... but I'm pumped! I'm ready! I'm excited and ready to get snapping! Have a great Tuesday!


luv46kdz said...

That pic came great, I like it :) Love the lo's, Zoey is a crack up, lol!

Well that is a pic to scrap of the little doll! She is something else :)

Sondra said...

Love the stitching and all of the layers of wonderfulness... Zoe is adorable in her sunglasses... but that little grandbaby just takes the cake!!! What an absolute doll baby!

Have fun with the photo workshop. I can't wait to see what you learn that's new; you already take such amazing pictures.

Elaine. said...

I love the pics of the flower and Miss E! And the lo, truly beautiful. Tell Miss E to send me some coupons, tee hee, she is such a lo, and that Zoey, lol!