Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October what?

someone please tell me how it got to be October the 8th already? little miss E is going to be 6 months old on Friday, summer/pool season is over, if I lived farther north, my trees would be turning, and wasn't it just Easter yesterday???

maybe time seems to be going so fast because life is crazy busy?? I don't know, but I feel as if I should be doing something as the days speed by, something other than playing Candy Crush! :) kidding!

I have been taking a lot of pictures, David informed me 2 weeks ago that I've taken over 5000 pictures of Little Miss in 5 months time. I said "is that all", he thinks I'm insane, I think he just doesn't understand. and the photography workshop, I'm loving it, but it is kicking my rear! I should have taken a leave of absence from work, grandma duty, and hired a maid before signing up. the forums are fast paced, the information makes my head spin, and I have discovered there is a lot of info out there that not only I didn't know, but I needed to know!

I was thinking about my blog this morning, and how a group of us all got started, think there were maybe about 10 of us... of the 10 only a couple still regularly blog themselves or even visit the blogs anymore. It's a bit sad, because it used to be a great way to keep up with what everyone was doing... and now, it's pretty much just me rambling about a whole lot of nothing, which I understand I'm pretty good at.

gotta run.... work is supah supah busy..... have my girls retreat next week! woohoo! and the workshop which has taken over my life, at least I'm not saying I'm bored! :)

here is Mr. Neurotic, A Giant Among His Kind Oz! This is one of the photos taken for the workshop... I excited to read Karen's critique later this week.

Have a super great Tuesday!


courtney said...

5000 pictures in 5 months? That sounds about right!
Glad you're learning lots in your photography workshop! I took a general interest course years ago at the community college. It was really for DSLR users, but translated well for point-and-shooters like myself. There was a LOT of info, the vast majority I've forgotten with seemingly little hope of ever recovering it. Sigh.....
I was also thinking of our little blog group not that long ago, and how I haven't posted on my own blog since March....I think it was March anyways....So many projects I meant to post, but didn't, yet, likely ever.
Double sigh.......
Keep on posting, I love to keep up with ya, Lisa! Maybe I'll even get back into the swing of things and let you know what I've been up to lately too! ;)

Elaine. said...

so cupcake has all the photo attention these days eh...that's a great pic of oz, hope Karen likes it, I do and that's all that matters, ha ha, lol. I'm going to start writing in my blog and posting soon, just finishing up cleaning the studio to start working...and when the new camera arrives...great job hanging with the blog

Sondra said...

I'm hoping to pick up something vicariously from your class.... so if you learn anything I can use for my point and shoot, let me know.

I miss reading everyone's blog too. I'm so glad you keep it up. I post every project that I do, but I haven't been "doing" many lately, just getting things together for our Retreat.

And David should be happy that you aren't still using the 35mm and printing out EVERYTHING!!! See how helpful I can be???

courtney said...

Sondra, I had that same thought about the 35mm....after I'd posted! Can you imagine?
David should be really thankful for digital photography!

luv46kdz said...

Could you imagine if we all still used film!?! I'm not surprised at the amount of pics you've taken of that precious Little Miss :) I love that photo of Oz! You're taking a photog course, that is fantastic! Time does go way to fast Lisa, I feel like I just picked the kids up from their last day of school. Before we know it, BAM Christmas will be here. I can"t wait to see the shots you get then!

I never thought I'd like blogging but I do. I love reading yours, I wish we all kept at it more, I love reading about our lives :)