Saturday, January 14, 2017

I thought I'd be...

back sooner than now, but hey, 3 months is better than a year or more.

It's almost midnight, and I could crawl in bed, but seems Ms. E took a late nap and now, well she's pretty wide awake.  This is going to hurt come morning since Ms. L was asleep about 9pm and she will be up early.  At least I'm making good use of my time and uploading pictures will we are still up.

We are still plugging away here. I'm still learning in my new position at work. It's different. When I think about how I've done the same type of work for 15+ years and now, it's something totally different.  I started working 2 days from home. Then it turned into 3 days, some weeks 4 days.  I've grown lazy.  My alarm will go off and I'll think if I stay home I don't have to get up and do hair and makeup.  I can't believe how lazy I've gotten in that department!

David's job is a bit unstable right now, and we aren't sure what next will bring.  It's a little stressful, but it happens.

Christmas was good.  We had it here at the house again this year.  Daddy was feeling well enough to make it.  He didn't at Thanksgiving and I'm really glad he was feeling better. 

We were late this year in seeing Santa.  As in we went to see him on Christmas Eve.  It was a bit rushed and it did not go well at all.  Last year Evelyn crawled right up in Santa's lap and was all excited to talk to him. This year, not so much!!

The girls are growing like weeds! I can't believe how fast time goes by.  They are so much fun, but let me tell you, the wear me smooth out! I can't keep up. Especially with the little L.  She is so much more active than Ms. E ever was at this age.  And mischievous! Oh this one, she is something else.  If you tell her no, this child will literally growl at you!

The things they come up with and say, sometimes I'm like what?  This afternoon Ms. E strolls in and asks where Papaw is. I tell her he is at work and she looks at me a little funny and asks... "why is your husband at work?"  What? Where did that come from?

 Little L was having Papaw hold her snack while she played.  She'd go back every few minutes for another refill.  It was like a drive by snacking.

Ms. E getting her pout on.  Apparently she wanted me to use pink play dough and was using a different color.  This is my I'm going to sit here and be mad until you do what I want!
Wishing everyone a beautiful day.  Until next time.................

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