Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's only paper!

Yes, you read that right... it's only paper. Not my words, I can promise you that! Those were words that my dear daughter spoke this last week while she was here for a few days. I seriously thought about washing her mouth out with soap! I mean come on, it's only paper??? When I tried to explain to her that she just doesn't get it, my dear husband sided with her and then even said he thought I needed help! To which she promptly replied that she just might become a scrapbook therapist! Now, just take a look at this picture below of the two of them and tell me who you think needs help! Me or them? I vote them!

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary. We had a good day, it was pretty much perfect. We were with family and friends, did a little fun shopping, then out to eat. I couldn't have asked for a better day!
To my dear wonderful husband, I love you, thank you for letting me be me and I am looking forward to many more wonderful years to come! 2053!

Now, on to the bug... who has been bitten by the bug. The scrapbooking bug that is. These next two layouts she created, with very little help from me. As a matter of fact the second one she made while I was at work. She came a to spend the night last week, started scrapping, and stayed for 4 days. From what I understand, she will be back this evening to stay for another 4 days and plans on scrapping the whole time!

She goes about scrapping differently than I do. She has no, and I mean no emotional attachment to any of supplies in my scrap room. She used something on one of her layouts and I was like, ummmm, I wasn't going to use that. She looked at me and said in her most mother you are crazy voice...."Mom, this stuff is to be used, not looked at!" To which I just simply sighed... knowing that she wasn't going to understand and at the same time wishing I was as oblivious as she is!

If you can tell by the layouts below... she fell in love with ink! She inked everything! And ripping.... no paper cutter needed for her...she just wants to rip the pages! She made her own flowers using Glimmer Mist.

Her title.... do you see she even inked the lower half of her letters?

Here is the second layout she created. She did a good job on paper choices didn't she. I like the way she used different lettering.... that's something that I can't seem to remember to do. One type for her title and another type to show the name of the place they were at. Again she was feeling the love for the ink.

Jessica was really clever here. She tried a few times cutting these letters out using the Pazzle. She's never even turned it on before. It wasn't working real well for her, think we needed a new matt and she didn't know that. So instead of giving up after 4 tries of cutting the letters and them not coming out... she used the parts the letters were cut out from and you see what she came up with. Pretty impressive for someone who never scraps, never looks at scrap magazines or online sites.

My little bug really did a good job on these layouts and I am proud of her. I am however worried that my stash I've been working on building this last year is about to quickly dwindle! I mean after all, it is Only Paper!

Have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit.


Melissa said...

Lisa, your DD's LOs look great! I am sure that she must be joking when she says "it's only paper"!!

courtney said...

Obviously, there's a scrapping gene you've passed on to your daughter....even if she doesn't share your fear of using pretty paper! Her layouts are great.

Elaine said...

Oh oh oh, I know I know, it's hard to share, so very hard at times, when it's "THAT" item...oh, oh, oh, and what a wonderful mother you are. Truth be told, that's what mother's do, share "THOSE" things. Your little bug really does some great lo's. Like mother, like daughter. And Happy Anniversary to you and DA. What a rockin' picture. Maybe you should hide those things...who am I kidding, she will find them!

luv46kdz said...

Looky here!!!! She is fantastic!! Lucky you I think you both will have lots of fun together in this ob...hobby of ours. Way to go Jessica!

Susan said...

Wow, Lisa!!!! I only WISH my layouts looked like that when I first started. Love those letters on the blue layout- who are they from? Like those little flip flops too.Isn't it great when the kids are old enough to bond with you over this? I'm sure she will be obsessed with it in no time!

VanHuis Family said...

Happy anniversary!!!
Love your DD's layouts too! You're not alone in getting hung up on (not) using paper. I end up buying paper that I think looks really cute, and then can never bring myself to ever use it! I even go so far as to buy an "extra" sheet just so I can keep it to look at should I ever decide to use the rest of it on a layout!

Staci said...

Wow! Your DD's LOs are awesome! TFS! :-)