Monday, November 2, 2009

I am sending your father to you!

Has your mother ever said that to you?? The first few 100 times or so she said that to me I'd say ok... now....I'm like oh no, call one of your sons!

As you all know I've been going out to my parents on the weekends to help out while my mother recovers from back surgery. My dad's not in the best of health either and is having a few problems right now as well. Not enough so that he can not aggravate my mother!

My daddy grows vegetables and then sells them. He has done the Farmer's Market for many years. It's his thing and not only does he enjoy it, but the money's not bad either. Plus I always get free fresh veggies. When I was living in TX I'd go every Sat morning and help them at the market.... sometimes taking a child or two. It was all we could do to keep up with all the people lined up! You can bet there were some great memories made there!

A source of discord with my mother over the years has been my daddy parking a flat bed trailer in the front yard and displaying his veggies on it! I can understand that, it can be an eyesore and why bother planting flowers for them to be hidden by an ugly flatbed trailer. So now the veggie trailer sits to the south.

My daddy's newest transgression??? He informed my mother that the dirt in the front yard was better than anywhere else out there... how he knows this I'm not sure.... and he is going to plow up the front yard and plant tomato plants there! Lord love a duck... he did not just say that did he? My phone rings... I'm sending your father to you! What now? The really funny part, while she is telling me all this my daddy is coming down the drive with the tractor. Mom starts squealing...says she has to go see where he is going to plow and she'll call me back! Now I could mentally picture my mother in the front yard, using her 4 prong cane, trying to chase after my daddy on the tractor, and he acting as if he couldn't hear her. I threw my phone in the toilet!

She called later that night, never mentioned my daddy and front yard tomato plants, and neither did I!

Instead of talking about scrapbooking this post, I wanted to share with you all about my husband's project. He and a couple of his friends have been writing some songs. For those of you who do not know, David plays guitar. He's played lead guitar for many many years and is pretty darn good! The things he is able to do with a guitar might not impress you, but they sure do me. They have now completed song number 5 and I am so proud of them. I know I'm partial, but if you get a chance click on the link I'm posting and give them a listen. You just might find something you like as well. All guitar sounds that you hear, that's my hubby!
Yes, I am bragging! Wouldn't you!

I actually think you'll have to copy and paste. I haven't gotten around to learning how to do the linky link thing yet!


luv46kdz said...

Lisa, Lord luv a duck! I LOVE it!!! You really should right a book of southern anecdotes. How neat about Dad doing the farmers market, not to neat about ripping up the front yard.

To bad we don't live close to each other, I'd send MaryAnn to David to learn. Her guitar teacher up and left in Sept. so the poor kid has been without lessons. Hopefully the school owner will have someone this month

courtney said...

heehee! I liked the lord love a duck comment too!
Good luck with your parents, and thanks for posting the band's link. Would love to hear some more of their stuff!

VanHuis Family said...

Love the story about your parents!!!
Congrats to your hubby and his band. It's an accomplishment to get songs done.

Benjaman said...

Oh my gawd, plowing up the front lawn to grow tomatoes is so great! Freakin' hiliarious your father sounds like he's straight outta the hollars of Kentucky! TFS! And your hubby's guitar playing is wonderful.