Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dream Man!

This is going to be a quick post. I had uploaded this layout to the Memory Makers forum and the picture there is just so small. So by having it here, everyone can read the journaling cause they are all going
What's it say?
What's it say?

Elaine, does this guy look familiar to you? How about you Serene?

I'm not happy with my title. It doesn't pop enough... Melissa made a couple of suggestions. One was shadowing which I thought of, but forgot the font name and size I used...cool huh! Another suggestion she made was a mat I think. I may just have to see about that!

My fancy shape pages were made using my Cricut and Songbird Cart. The little circles and hearts were made with my SU! punches and think I used a Nestie on a couple of circles and the flower shapes.

As always, thanks for looking!


Kathi said...

Oh yeah, a man with a briefcase - hopefully full of successful Wall Street reports. Now that's a dream! I like this LO as is. You could add a bit of glitter to the title, if ya feel the need...

Barb said...

LOL LOve the journaling. But really, they guy seems a bit unresponive!

Love the LO. You are a real cutie, too!

BTW if those are your feet in flip flops I am so jealous. I have always wanted 2 things. Pretty feet. Don't have (my toe nails are so tiny you can't see them! LOL and they don't grow long, either. Love them painted but have none!! LOL 2. A toothy smile. Don't have. When I smile my teeth don't show...AT ALL. I just end up with a "duh" grin. Oh well. Humm. That sounds like an idea for a LO, don't you think? Might have to borrow your feet picture.

Emma-Leigh said...

I love all your little circles and flowers oh and the hearts too. And of course I love your background shape. I need that cart so bad.

Melissa said...

Thanks for posting to your blog! I loved getting a better look at it. I adore how you arranged everything, the colors.. great job!

What a hardworking man you got yourself there! ;)

courtney said...

Oh how cute! The pics are too cute, the story funny and the layout is adorable! Great stuff.
Sometimes to help a title pop a little better after I've stuck it down, I simply outline it in black.

luv46kdz said...

I love it! How about some stickles along the lettering edge? There's never enough glitter I always say ;)

Benjaman said...

:-) Those pictures are great! Lucky it was NYC, you may have gotten some questions otherwise. Really like your circle collage as well. TFS!