Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toes Toes Toes!

It's a wonder I have any! Do you want to know how many times I stumped them while at home just for lunch only? 5! Can you believe it? Talk about pain! I don't know what's going on anymore.. I seem to just walk into walls, doors, and furniture!

Soooo, I was trolling through facebook earlier and saw where my momma had posted she was married. My mom just got her a facebook page a few days ago and I think it's great! I started to go leave a cute little comment on it like saying "yeppers, to my daddy!" But before I could I noticed she had also updated her status listing her children. Imagine my shock and surprise to see that she named both of my brothers, but not me! Now what am I to do with this information? Go into a panic??? Feel sorry for myself and ask why why oh why doesn't my mother love me?? Go on a coke float binge??? Nahhhhh.... instead... for all to see.... all my cousins, all the people I grew up with, and all the people who live in the community where my parents are... (keep in mind this is Country USA where everyone knows your name) I posted in my status update.... "just found out I was adopted!" Then on her page I posted "Well then who is MY momma"? It's only been an hour and already people have commented "WHAT" so you think rumors are not flying... you think by dinner time people wont be calling my momma... perhaps even her own sister? That will teach her!

While I haven't created any scrappy goodness in the last few days... probably because I'm so upset over being a newly discovered orphan.... I did get some scrappy happiness in the mail. My SU! (thank you Melissa) order came today. Here's a smidgen of it. Let me just say, if you've wondered about getting the ink holder... I already know I am going to love it! I got it for free! Yes that's right free! It was my hostess goodies. Well, I think it might have cost me $15... but that's good!

Of course you just knew I was going to at some point get the new Tim Holtz Sizzix dies didn't you. I didn't get them all at once...don't worry. But I do have 5 so far and am sure I'll be getting some more. Do let me tell you this. When I ordered them it said you needed the special size blocks to use with them. Having to order most of my supplies online I was worried if I didn't get the blocks, that I would need them and not be able to use the dies until I ordered them.... so I spent the $6 I think and got them. Save that money for something else. The regular blocks work fine.

Do you see the new Bazzill Bling? You know when the email came in showing this new product I thought oh I've got to have me some of that! Then I saw the price. :( Quickly I knew I wouldn't be getting any... but I told David about it and his theory... it's cheaper than a burger and fries. Hmmmmmm, I don't even eat burgers and fries very often! :) Soooo, I thought ok I'll get a couple and just see. :( :( :(
While they are pretty, I just think they are way over priced. And that's just not something you can see by online shopping like I do. Not to mention how thick they are. I'm not sure I've ever used anything this bulky on any of my layouts. I'm pretty sure I wont be buying anymore of these.

As always, thanks so much for taking time to stop by. Now I'm off to see if my momma has admitted I'm hers or if I need to find a new one!


Melissa said...

Too funny about your mom.. she won't make that mistake again!

Nice goodies! Were you surprised to see that huge box? :)

I like dimension on my layouts but I'm not sure about that much! Oh well, I'm sure you can find some altered goodie or something to put them on! They'd look really cute on a special gift as a center for a huge flower.

luv46kdz said...

Thanks for the cutting pad tip!! Now I won't get em, just the timmy big shots :) ooooo look at your ink holder, I think I needs me one of those!! You are an enabler Missy do ya hear me. Oh, and so sorry to hear you're adopted :p lol!!

courtney said...

So, are you still an orphan, or did your momma claim you for the world to see? lol
What wonderful goodies, the super-sized bling is super-sized cool....hope you can find a project big enough for them!

Emma-Leigh said...

Love the ink holder! I need more ink so I can fill one up. I need alot of things.

Barb said...

Poor Lisa. If you need a mommy I will take you Poor dear. Do you feel abandoned?

Love all your new supplies. I don't think I have ever used anything quite that thick in a LO, either. But they "shor are purdy!!"

Sondra said...

Poor Lisa! I could so see that happening with my mom... she has a tendency to forget about me and mine with all of her other kid. Yep just the one other one. Oh well!

Don't you just love Tim's new stuff! I want that butterfly SO BAD... I just can't justify the price right now. Someday... and I love the buttony things too... but how could you use them and not take up half your album? I see your dilema! Let us know how it goes!

Kathi said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! LOVE that bling. I would use to alter something that I can use and look at all the time. Too pretty be on a LO in a book, stuck on shelf somewhere. Maybe even make a piece of jewelry.

I'm tearing up over your momma story. Tears of laughter! My DM had five girls - I've witnessed her forgetting at least one of us on multiple occasions. Simpatico, my friend!

Benjaman said...

Any kind of organization for this hobby of ours is worth it. But $15 for the ink organizer is excellent! Good on you. TFS!

Melissa said...

Lisa, I nominated you for the Sunshine award on my blog! However, don't think that you HAVE to do it.. just know that your blog brings me sunshine! :)