Saturday, August 21, 2010

One Weekend Two Shots Part 8

New kind of clothesline. This caught my eye and I thought... there's my Saturday picture.

Common sight around here, especially on the way to Mom & Daddy's. How many of you have ever been sent outside to turn one off?


Barb said...

LOVE THIS! What a great clothes line!! A lot prettier tahn most!!! You know...I miss seeing clothes lines. Down hee, some allotments you are not allowed to hang clothes out. Can you believe? I guess they are not pretty!! Some you can, but not on weekends. Well, we wouldn't want to spoil the beauty of our homes for any visitors over the weekend. Do I sound a little bent about this? I am.

Have seen lots of windmills but never asked to turn one off. Something to think about. Never thought about that.

As usual. Great pictures. Enjoyed them a lot!

luv46kdz said...

Love it! Bet those clothes smell heavenly!

Nope never been sent to turn one off, though I've seen a few :)