Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week 6- One Weekend Two Shots

Oh my, thought I had uploaded these shots days ago. Not sure what I did... but there is no post for week 6. These are my pictures I took. I wanted to get outside and take a couple of pics of things we see every week. Nothing really exciting.. as you can see.

In this first picture I laid down under a tree and shot the pictures looking up through the tree to the sky. I've always wanted to do that and just never took the time.

This picture is taken out at the Country Club. I went to ride along with David while he played golf. The sprinklers were going and I was wanting to capture the water droplets. I guess I did... but I'm not thrilled with the picture. Of course this challenge isn't about only sharing the pictures you are thrilled with.
Look how dead the grass is. That's a common thing in Texoma... but not so good at a golf course.

I'm doing some playing around with my camera and I must say learning a few things along the way. I am determined to learn about the buttons, functions, and settings of my camera and be able to use them!


Barb said...

Glad you got to take the picture looking up into a tree. What fun!!! Isn't it fun doing the things you really want to do. I love doing that. doesn't matter if it is silly or seems funny to someone else. If it something you want and doesn't cuase anyone a problem, do it!! I think the pic is fun. No wonder dogs lay under trees on their bellies and fall asleep looking up at the beautiful sky!! It is beautiful!! LOL

How long till you move. Think about you a lot!!! It is so exciting to move. I love to move. Could do it every week!! LOL Unfortunately, Jim doesn't share in my love! LOL

Love your blog!!

Kathi said...

I love that photo of the water drops - they are so hard to capture! It is fun to just lay (lie?) under a tree and stare up. These are both great photos.

Serene said...

Oooh, how nice that pic is of the sprinkler water droplets. I really like that upward perspective of the tree shot as well. I never would have thought to do that. Keep playing with that camera, you're doing great work with it.