Monday, April 25, 2011

Going to the Chapel..... and we're gonna get......

Hello Cyber friends! Hope you are all having a great morning. As usual, there's a bit too much going on and blog posting seems to be down on the list...but this morning, I'm moving it on up!

I do have some exciting news... but no picture at the moment to go with it. Miss Jessica's birthday was 2 weeks ago, and it seems Dearest Joshua worked for weeks planning out this crazy fun scavenger hunt for her. He had her going from the gopher park, to apartment entrances, a bowling alley where she had to go inside and ask for her rose and clue to the next place, out to the airport, until at her final destination he awaited her, with the most beautiful engagement ring! Can I just say that I love modern technology! While she is texting or calling me during this adventure saying where she's been... Josh is texting me telling me what's next. I was able to feel like I was a part of it, even though I was 60 miles away! Can I also just say, that not only did I keep the knowledge of the ring a secret for a month...but so did my mother! We are so excited and thrilled for them both!

I was a busy girl over the weekend. I made full use of my 3 days off. I got some much needed sleep. Two of those mornings, after DH was gone, the puppies and I stayed in the bed sleeping until almost 10am. That's late for me! With all the worries going on the last few weeks and the trips back and forth to hospitals, not much sleep was being had in my world! So anyway, I did get in the scraproom... and while I'm not so sure I'm loving these layouts... they are layouts. It may not be my usual style, but I don't really like for everything to look alike anyway! I am excited however about creating pages from the first scrap retreat that I went to!

Plus, I've got a little scrappy something I've been working on with a couple of friends for a few months now... I'm really excited about it and can't wait to tell you all!

For now... welcome to Bra Free Weekend! A wonderful place to giggle, scrap, giggle some more, and not sleep much!!

All layouts were created using Stucio Calico kits! WooHoo!

Thanks for stopping by. Have yourself a fabulous day!!


courtney said...

Might not be your usual style, but they still turned out great as far as I'm concerned!
Congrats to Jessica and Josh, what a wonderful way to propose!
Excited to hear this scrappy-good news you've been brewing up!

Melissa said...

Josh is such a keeper! What a sweet way to propose. :)

I hope things start settling down for you! I'm glad you were able to catch up on sleep!

Your layouts are lovely! I love what you did with the misting and the embossing! Cool way to use the polaroid stamp! :)

Barb said...

How clever of Josh!! That was perfect!!! Congrats to both of them and what a wonderful way to remember it!!

Oh my golly. I love this no bra weekend!! How cool of an idea!! LOL But let me tell you, when you get old and give up A's B's and C's and replace them with longs...sometimes you relish a bra!!! LOL

Love these LO's. I get all excited when I get to see the close up's!! Love that.

I still don't know how you all kept Josh's secret...better yet, how you kept remembering who you had on the phone at the time!!! Awesome!!

luv46kdz said...

That Josh did a great job! What a guy your dd is getting.

Love the los!

Susan said...

Congrats to the newly engaged couple! And can I just say, I am loving all these layouts!!! Orange and green - WOOT!!! and love that rippled ribbon; I've tried that, and just can't seem to do it without it being a big mess! Yours is beautiful!