Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Official, I've lost it!

My mind that is! Let me tell you what a moment I just had. It's not a Sr moment either... it's a failure to engage brain moment! So, you know how on the right side of blogs it will have a list of blogs you follow.. how some just have the name of the blog, some have a date last updated, some with a title of the blog, just various different things... on mine it has the blog name, title of last post, and date it was posted. As I was reading down it I saw that one blog, two blogs, and then a third blog all said 3 days ago under them... I'm sitting here freaking out what's going on in the world that all 3 of these blogs would have a post titled "3 days ago"!!! It took several, and I do mean several seconds for it to click just what it was that was going on in the world 3 days ago!! Are any of you wondering what what?? HA! They all 3 just simply posted 3 days ago! It wasn't their post title. Talk about a Bless My Heart moment!!

It has been a long last few weeks. Work has been extra busy, springtime has hit which has caused me to be outside working in the yard, my mom has had some issues, and the last place I've been, has been in my scraproom! Sad I know, but it happens. Getting back in the scraproom was the easy part, feeling inspired was an entirely different story!

This layout has pictures from when David and I went to New Mexico with my family a couple of years ago. While there we went to the hot air balloon show. It was so cool! this layout might also look a little familiar to you, it should. I used the same sketch that was for my January month on Project 12. Why you ask??? Good Question!! That would be because as always I waited until the last minute to get January started and then rushed. Not paying attention to the rules I just picked out some pictures and started cutting them the required sizes... then I realized I was to use pictures from the actual month of January 2011, not just whenever!! So, I thought since I already have the pics cut this size, why not use the sketch! I mean really, the layouts will be in different books... and it's not like after someone has looked at 262 layouts they are going to say oh my... layout #131 is the same as # 178!

This is my February Project 12 layout. I've had it done for a few weeks, just failed to post it. (Did ya doubt me Melissa??) Thought I better get it up before next week when March is due.

Hot Air Balloon supplies came from "Paper Poppy" kit club.
February 2011 supplies from the March '11 "Little Black Dress" kit club.

YES! I'm getting over myself and breaking out all these kits I've stock piled! About time, wouldn't you agree!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Barb said...

LOL You are too funny, Lisa!! I am glad I am not the only one that does stuff like that. Glad you got your mind back!! LOL

Love your LO's! I love looking at all the close ups of your embellies. They always add such texture and interest!!

Oops. So you didn't read All the instructions. Still ended up with a great LO!! LOL

courtney said...

These are wonderful layouts, Lisa! The sketch was perfect for your balloon layout, so why not use it? Love all the little details and embellies on both layouts.
Oh, and we're all entitled to a "bless your heart" moment every now and again; thanks for sharing yours with us!

Melissa said...

I love that you still used the sketch for your layout! I'm sure no one will notice or care anyway... they'll be oohing and ahhing over your pictures, embellies and journaling! I love all of the textures and the colors and papers you used! (I didn't doubt you either! :P) Yay for you using your kits!!

luv46kdz said...

I love the embellies and colors here. Oh Lisa, don't feel bad, brain farts are all good ;)

Susan said...

Those are two very wonderful layouts! Love all your elements; and that arrow paper is fabulous!