Monday, April 16, 2012

In a little bit.....

that's what has been going on with the no posting on the blog. I'll do it in a little bit... and then a little bit comes and it's I'll do it in a little bit... someone tell me I'm not the only one that does that! I could give you a hundred reasons why I didn't have time... but honestly, it was a effort issue... as in I didn't want to put out the effort! How sad is that? But hey, admission is half the battle right... so I've now admitted to the blogging world that I've been LAZY.

I have however been doing some creating.... the mojo seemed to return about mid Feb, and I'd have a lot more done if I hadn't been LAZY. Maybe I should title this post the admission of LAZY. It's really not my fault, my chair just is so comfortable... and my husband keeps saying we need to watch these shows, the DVR is getting full!

The DVR, ha... I need to do a layout on it! Brain storming here! David likes it to be under 40%, I'm not sure why it needs to be?? We've got a lot of shows recording right now, and we each had a fun friend trip a few weekends ago, our DVR was setting at 91% last night... I'd planned to work on my project life.... bet you can guess what I did instead!

Here are a couple of layouts waiting to go into their albums. The first from my NYC trip a few years ago... I'm going to get that completed yet. Elaine and I'd gone into Hard Rock Cafe there, not hard to believe they were full of Beatle Memorabilia. It was really cool to see all of the stuff.

I don't love this layout... but I called it done. Embrace it, put it in the album, and move on.... my new moto.

Another layout from Jessica's Dallas trip with the girls. I remember being so worried about just the 4 of them going on this trip and wanting to tell her no, just so I'd know she was home and safe. Funny, I still want to tell her she can't go on trips so I'll know she is home and safe!

I honestly can't remember if maybe I didn't use a sketch for this layout. Isn't that awful to not remember! I do know on the label, I lifted that from Melissa. Isn't it cute! She is just full of inspiration for me!

I used a kit from Studio Calico on it. I do like this layout. I really like the colors, and the filter that I misted using Mr. Hueys. Let me tell you, it feels good to be using my SC kits. I've been hoarding them way too long!

Thanks for taking the time to visit!


luv46kdz said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, life has so much going on and blogging isn't all that important.

Great attitude! Thought I love your lo's :)

AAaahhhh the dreaded 90% full dvr/ My fear with it being that full is my shows won't get recorded so I stay on top of my stuff so that I won't worry.

Melissa said...

David just cracks me up! Think it's a man thing though.. when we had a DVR, that's how Seth was about it, ha.

Your layouts are so pretty! I do like the HRC one, even if you don't! :) The layers give it so much interest and add the pops of color. And the one about Jess is too cute! The papers work well with your photos, and the label looks nice. :) Love it!

Susan said...

What is it about men and the DVR? There's 100% space available for a reason, for me to fill it up of course. Nevermind the fact that I have 104 episodes of friends to watch, that's just none of his bizznass!!!

Everytime I see that flowery Crate paper, I fall in love with it. thinking that maybe I should get another sheet of it. Shock! Gasp! Beautiful job, Lisa!!! Like that title too! Imma have to steal that one!

courtney said...

Wow, add Scott to the list of DVR freaks....I just wish he was as diligent with clearing all of the tangible spaces in our house!
I too, don't look back too harshly on finished layouts I consider ho-hum. Sometimes, those are the layouts that later become my favourites! I do like your Beatles layout though. And how fun that Jessica layout is! Love all the extras!