Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sing with me, sing for the years

sing for the laughter....sing for the tears..... Dream on Dream on Dream until your dreams come true. Try getting that song out of your head today!

 I'm sitting here watching a Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler concert on CMT. Never would have thought of them together, but I haven't moved. And that's what I've done with my morning so far! Another week done gone by, can you believe May 1st is Tuesday! This year will soon be half over. I'm not sure why it seems to be going so fast, but it is.

Went to TX yesterday for some cake tasting. It was yummy good. Had lunch with Jess & Josh. Then went and bought myself a dress for my date tonight! Love new clothes!! Went to pick up a few flowers to finish out my front bed and discovered that hanging baskets were half off. I picked up this huge Boston Fern, there were no prices around, thought it's prob $20 and I'm not getting it if it is. At the register I said to the young man, "before we get started can you tell me how much this plant is"... he said "well they are half off, lets check". $3.97. I said "SHUT UP!!" I thought, hmmmm, I'm going to get another one... and for some reason I felt the need to tell everyone I encountered that these plants were $3.97! Bet they sold a lot of hanging baskets yesterday!

 Here are a couple of more pages done for the Blow Out of 2010. I need to get busy, 2012 Blow Out is just a few weeks away. This guy, Vince Vance, he had us laughing all night long. You never knew what he was going to come out wearing!

Love the gold stars. Thanks Melissa! She showed me the gold Mr. Huey... and yikes! It is most amazing! The pennants with the Epiphany Craft Punch were just the right touch. Planning to use that little tool much more in the future. Used some washi tape on both pages, never get tired of it.
Have yourself a great day! I'm off to get a few plants in the ground!


Staci said...

Love the stars! Have a great week!

Susan said...

I am really digging that zigzaggy paper, and I love that little banner and trim up in the corner! Mr H. is the bomb!

Melissa said...

Oooh, I like how you've been using your new punches! And I just love the gold stars.. thinking I'm going to have to use them a lot more! I may have to stock up on gold MH!!

courtney said...

Lovin' the layout and awesome deal on the hanging baskets....I'd be telling the world too!