Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm late I'm late, for a very important date!

Ok, I'm really not late, just behind!  So very very behind.  I've got layouts created and ready to post, and pictures to share, but I've no time.  When I do have time I'm just to flippin tired lazy to even log in on the computer, plus it's baseball season still!!  And the pool has been so nice during another really hot summer.  And by golly I'm busy!  There be some needy people in my circle right now!
You should see my dining room table.  There is no eating going on there, instead the cricut has set up home there and being used almost nightly, cutting out 491 little pieces of animals for Jessica's classroom.  I've even had to change my mat and blade!  That baby is getting a workout!

I went to the Lakehouse for a long weekend a few weeks ago and created the layout below.  I had been wanting to start my album of the house.  I want to document when we first bought it, moved in, and some of the changes I we make in it.  I thought I better get started on it before David puts it up for sale!

My plan is to use crumb cake as my background page throughout the whole album.  I've never done that before, so it will be something new for me.  This is my cover page, no journaling.  I enlarged my picture to a 5X7,(something I need to do more often) and just had fun misting and layering.

now, if anyone wants to find me, I guess they can.... have my address and name out there in cyberland, along with a picture of my house! good thing I'm not being stalked!

Thanks for looking!  More pages to come.


Sondra said...

Bwah-ha-ha!!! Now I have your address and can come and sort through your lovely scrappy stash! Maybe I can talk Susan into driving out with me. Oh you're in trouble now!

And I'll have to see if you have more of those little bitty wooden houses, 'cuz I just LOVE that little thing! Seriously, love the layout!!!

luv46kdz said...

ahhhh the thought of just going in the yard for a dip! I miss having a pool, especially since it's been way into the 100's!!

You are just chugging along! the cricut is perfect for class stuff, awesome. Love the lo's :)

courtney said...

A home album, what a cool idea! Love all the little details, like the little house (is that a button?) and the card with the winged thingy (it looks cool, whatever it is!).

Staci said...

Fantastic LO! Love all your little touches. Have a great day!

Susan said...

I just love that little house button. I have it, and haven't figured out how to use it. It's perfect on this layout, just perfect! Love all your layering and elements too, it all flows together so wonderfully!

Melissa said...

Oh, the little house button is perfect! I like where this album is going, a lot!

Serene said...

I'm loving that background paper and the blue title. The established date is clever, too.