Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome Home

  I got up a little early this morning, thanks to Sir Ozzy not being able to be still. I'm telling you, he is just like a 4 year old!  And huge, I really need to post some pictures of him.  Yorkies are supposed to be small, and he was supposed to be a tiny one like all of his brothers and sisters, tiny is not a word used to describe him.  It's not just that he is big, he is stout!  I mean thick kind of stout.  I swear him flopping on the bed when you are asleep is like someone walking in and throwing a tree trunk right smack in the middle of it! But, I love him so!!  Anyway, Oz and I got up a little earlier than normal, got some coffee while he went outside to wake the neighbors, then uploaded a new layout.

I really enjoyed creating this one.  It all just seemed to flow so easily.  Plus, and here is the best part, I was able to use items from a kit I've had for, oh, hmmmm, I don't know... couple of years maybe! Shameful I know!  What's shameful about it is that I didn't use more! 


courtney said...

My dogs, like my kids, often hear how they're lucky they're cute...and oh, is it the truth! Glad you were able to put your early morning to good use.
Your layout is so bright, cheery and yes, even homey. You always add such wonderful little details and embellies. Love, love, love the sparkly polka dot thickers!

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, I love my Zu but she drives me nuts!

Love the lo : )

Sondra said...

I really like the way your pictures are set up on this one... it really seems to flow. And the background color really lets all the bits and pieces shine.

And I LOVE the pumpkins in your pics!

Staci said...

Lisa, it's fabulous! I love multiphoto LOs. Can't wait to see pics of your dog. :-)

Melissa said...

Yes, you do need to post some Ozzy pictures! I love this, it *looks* like it flows together so easily!

Serene said...

Very nice picture placement. I love all the different views of your pretty house. The paper colors are so bright and happy and really show up nicely against the crumb cake.