Friday, March 15, 2013

Approach with Caution!

I really needed to be wearing a sign with that warning on it around my neck yesterday!  I truly felt for everyone that had to cross my path.  I am blaming it on the time change! I want to start a petition to do away with time change!  Who is with me??  I've been tired all week long, and not just oh it's been a busy day tired, but tired as in I need sleep!  I'm going to be early enough, maybe, it's the time change, I'm telling you!  When I'm tired like that, I don't even want to talk, I know, those of you that know me are shocked right now.  Me, not want to talk, sure you are thinking.  It's true though, and if you say something to me that is going to require and answer from me, well, you should duck!  Plus, I think part of it might be a little stress related, but I'm ignoring that part! Cause good things are a'coming! In 3 weeks, give or take a few days, we'll all be loving on a baby. Spring is on it's way with warmer temps, how can I not be happy for that. 
AND,  it's 8 weeks until I'll be at the Lakehouse for 5 days!  5 wonderful, responsibility free, no worries cause it's all good, hanging with my gals, doing what I want DAYS!
Over the last few weeks as D and I've talked about where we might end up living and all the uncertainty of what is going on, I just keep saying, "as long as you know, I'm not giving up my twice a year lakehouse retreats!"  We may not have money for food, and I might have to walk, but I'm a going to the lakehouse!!  I mean, I'm pretty sure that we signed something in blood, and it's a commitment for life, that it's just not an option to not go.  Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Here are a couple more layouts I finished up last week. They are both from my Gossamer Blue kit, that was so full of love and Valentines.  I really did struggle with them, but, they are done and I'm happy with that.  I've not been as productive this week, but I feel my mojo returning.  It's just the dogs and I tonight, who knows what might happen!

Have yourself a delightful weekend!!


courtney said...

Love the layouts! Are those gems or sequins on the first one? And is that some tricky stitching I see on the second? Wow!
The papers and colours on both are just fabulous! Great stuff!
Hope things improve for you real soon, Lisa. With a baby and a getaway on the horizon, looks like you've got some wonderful distractions on the way! Enjoy!

Sondra said...

I love all of your little bits. Layer after layer of goodness - you are becoming a master of it, for sure!!!

BUT - I love the picture of you and your hunny on the bike the mostestest of all!!!!!

luv46kdz said...

Love the penants. These came so pretty.

I HATE time change! We should be like Az, we don't need no stinkin time change ;)

Oh Lisa, a little baby, enjoy time just flies by quick so hold that baby a bunch :)

Serene said...

How fortunate that you frequently get to enjoy the Lakehouse.

Fabulous layouts! I love that banner corner and I totally agree how on great a picture that is of you and David.

As always, your layering is stellar!